About a hundred coworkings open their doors for free (or almost) to students

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Pour lutter contre l'isolement, une centaine d'espaces ouvrent leurs portes aux étudiants durant la pandémie.

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Posted on Feb 23, 2021 2021 at 7:00Updated 23 Feb. 2021 at 9:48

The idea was born after Emmanuel Macron's speech, shortly before the second confinement. It was October 15, 2021, which gave rise to the now famous “It's hard to be 20 in 2021”. To respond to the growing isolation of young people, the start-up Deskapad has just launched a map that identifies coworking spaces and third places in solidarity with students. Concretely, those who offer access to their premises for free, or at unbeatable prices. “But most of the spaces open their doors for free, assures Archibald Loheac-Derboulle, the founder. For the others, we have set the limit of 5 Pounds for one day. “

The opportunity for these young people to have a change of scenery, and to leave their student room for a day. According to the recent survey by the National Observatory for Student Life, which questioned the young people during the first confinement, half of them said they had suffered from loneliness and isolation. In total, almost a third showed signs of psychological distress. And the situation hardly gets better with the courses still mostly remote and the successive curfews.

In total, around a hundred spaces are present: big names like Startway or Multiburo, but also independent companies, which, during the pandemic, are making their offices available. In most cases, it is sufficient to register online and present proof, such as a student card.

For its part, Deskapad supports companies in their teleworking strategy by being an intermediary between them and coworking spaces to optimize their use. The start-up plans, once the health crisis is over, to focus more on the student target, rather neglected by coworking spaces. “”It's a great opportunity for them to discover the world of work and for companies to create links between populations”, underlines the entrepreneur, who has around twenty client companies.



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