Accountability in HR: understand how this practice can develop your business

Accountability in HR: understand how this practice can develop your business

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Accountability in HR it is still a recent concept for the sector, but it has already attracted the interest of specialists in the area since it highlights the relevance of having more ethical and transparent processes within companies.

As a consequence, the work environment obtains a means of more positive control of the actions taken, guaranteeing the need for accountability and also for the responsibility of people to comply with what was proposed.

Do you want to know more about the topic then? Keep reading and understand what accountability is in HR, its main benefits and the most efficient way to implement it in your company's day-to-day activities.

What is accountability?

Before we talk about accountability in HR, let's go to the basic concept of what accountability is.

In summary, your idea is linked to accountability (which is the closest translated term), control and commitment.

This helps to promote the aforementioned transparency in the processes based on the accountability that those responsible for the area will have to achieve these objectives.

In general, accountability is structured around four pillars:

  1. See it: which translates as the recognition of the problem;
  2. Own it: that is the responsibility assumed for the problem and also for its results;
  3. Solve it: which is guided by the formulation of solutions;
  4. Do it: which is the decision making about accepted ideas.

Within the HR sector, this idea gains even more significance and relevance for the development of the company, as we will see below.

In the video below, the author and consultant João Cordeiro explains more about the concept of accountability:

How HR accountability works

HR is a key department in any organization. No other area has so much information about each sector, contributing to a complete view of the organization's work.

Not to mention the entire cycle of employees that occurs internally and passes through its human resources specialists such as:

All this flow goes through professionals in the sector and, therefore, accountability in HR allows a more assertive posture to ensure accountability for processes, goals and results on an ongoing basis.

With this strategic work, the company can grow organically, sustainably and with less risks and unforeseen events in the process.

Benefits of accountability in HR

With a culture of accountability in HR, it is possible to accumulate multiple advantages that extend internally and can also reach the service with the company's target audience, such as:

  • more transparency in carrying out processes;
  • creates a culture of trust and respect among everyone involved in the activities;
  • promotes clear and objective communication;
  • improves team management;
  • more clarity and focus on results;
  • continuous improvement in decision making;
  • minimization of errors and unforeseen circumstances, speeding up the necessary adjustments.

And that is where HR actively participates in each of these benefits.

The role of the HR sector in accountability

With the involvement of HR and the forefront of this strategy, it is worth understanding in what ways your specialists will guarantee the benefits mentioned above!

Crisis management

When delegating those responsible, knowing the goals and challenges, understanding the whole process, accountability in HR makes those involved known, allowing them to be charged.

This takes time off management to find the culprits and work around the problem, instead of solving it promptly. Consequently, the accountability implemented already reduces the preliminary steps, ensuring that the situation is resolved quickly.

In this regard, it is also worthwhile to learn about the different types of crises that can affect the organization. To do so, also read the article ‘The types of conflicts in companies that HR can resolve ‘which explains in detail on the subject.

Public trust in your company

When you have the company's HR accountability policy, these effects are perceived, in the medium term, by your consumer and potential customers.

After all, the better the company's production process, the better the experience consumers. Thus, the company's employer branding is valued as well as the confidence of its target audience in purchasing its services and products.

In addition, of course, the promotion of an ethical, fast relationship and defined processes with the client.

Distribution of responsibilities

Accountability in HR also provides departments with an broad standardization of work.

As we pointed out, HR takes on the part of delegating tasks, demanding results and understanding any problems in order to quickly point out the solution.

This standardization adds – and a lot – throughout the company. This large-scale organization minimizes inconvenience and problems, creating a culture of results, more focused on resolutions.

How to start the work of accountability in HR?

Let's see now how to start this transition and create accountability in HR free of unforeseen events from the beginning? For that, it will be necessary:

  • clarify all expectations, pointing out the objectives and sharing with all employees all the work that will be done;
  • evaluate the resources to achieve the feat, serving as a mapping to ensure that planning and implementation proceed as expected, on time and without extrapolating costs;
  • have defined forms of assessment, maintaining the monitoring of indexes and metrics to ensure, in real time, that everything is in accordance with the forecast;
  • grant and request feedbacks so that accountability in HR is a process in constant growth and not stagnant.

This work, however, must be favorable so that it does not wear out or overload its professionals. An interesting way of doing this is through automation of HR processes.

With management software, your HR sector can focus more on analytical and strategic activities and less on mechanical, bureaucratic and repetitive processes.

Innovate in HR actions

O HR accountability also involves creating consistent measures in relation to employee benefits. These actions will guarantee satisfaction and motivate the team.

Aiming this objective, cknow the HR Consultant UKy, a tool that allows your employees to be able to anticipate part of their wages when they want to.

The system is changing the way employees deal with their wages and generating more satisfaction and motivation from the team with the company.

HR Consultant UKy can be one of the most valued benefits for those who work at your company. Talk to an expert and learn more!

And in your company? Is accountability in HR a type of work that can generate continuous improvement results? Share your opinion with us in the comments field of this post!



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