Actions for LGBTQ + Pride Day at the company

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Actions for LGBTQ + Pride Day at the company

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June 28, 1970 has historically been marked as LGBTQ + Pride Day in response to a violent police action against the community in the United States in the previous year. Since then, Gay Pride has strengthened itself as a movement to unite and exalt diversity. Something that can – and should – be organized within the corporate environment as well. And some actions for LGBTQ + Pride Day at the company have everything to add this feeling of closeness between all, without distinctions.

O LGBTQ + Pride Day at the company it is a way to raise the flag of diversity, internally and externally, and to strengthen this feeling of union without distinctions.

After all, we still live in a moment of borders, in that sense. And nothing more cohesive than taking a position on the subject, so that these barriers are gradually removed.

To contribute with the inspirations of your HR sector, for the next LGBTQ + Pride Day in the company, we have gathered some interesting tips. Check it out, and see how to celebrate diversity and, with that, engage your employees more and more!

What does LGBTQ + mean?

The acronym is used to bring together the class of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and queers. A movement based essentially on three issues:

  • making people proud of their respective sexual orientations and gender identities;
  • reinforcing the certainty that diversity is a gift;
  • consolidate the notion that sexual orientation and gender identity are not issues that change intentionally. In other words: it is intrinsic to the individuality of each person.

However, a number of reasons influenced the corporate environment to think about how to plan actions for LGBTQ + Pride Day in the company – and we will understand that below!

What is the LGBTQ movement?

Through LGBTQ + Pride Day, people started to celebrate diversity as a way to value love and, also, as a means of protest.

All because, in 1969, a strong wave of discrimination and the persecution of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and transvestites affected the United States, culminating in a violent invasion of a bar by the police force: the Stonewall Inn.

After the episode, a formal fight for the rights of the LGBT + community began. With that, in June of the following year, the first Gay Pride parade was organized, with New York City as the stage.

In Brazil, the struggle to value diversity only had the same impact effect since 1995 – the time when the first stop occurred. And as much as many achievements have accumulated in the period, there is still a long way to go.

What to consider on LGBTQ + Pride Day at the company?

The LGBTQ + Pride Day at the company should be a celebration. A way to take a stand against the adverse ideas that still linger around, and segregate any and all types of valuing individuality.

Even a organizational culture it is a code of conduct focused on diversity has more corporate attractions, you know? For example: this shows an open awareness to new ideas and a welcoming environment, capable of promoting respect for all.

For that, the organization has to build its institutional pillars not only in theories, but in actions as well. Prevent any type of harassment and bullying, for example, is a fundamental practice – as well as the alignment of professional profiles with the company's identity. This helps to reduce the wrong hiring, for example.

But this is the first part of planning a LGBTQ + Pride Day at the company. Check out other suggestions for your company to embark on the subject once and for all!

Promote inclusion

How does your HR sector deal with diversity today? Make a preliminary assessment and be sure to extend this question to the entire company, as the performance of a professional should be tested based on your performance, and not in particulars of their personal lives.

Make everyone aware

Awareness campaigns are relevant in all types of environments: even those that already work, actively including everyone. After all, there are always new approaches and issues that raise the issue, and some professionals may not be aware.

And that goes for not only internal actions, but external ones as well. From messages of support to public positions against repression actions against the LGBTQ + community. In this way, your company shows that it is, yes, putting itself ahead of an issue that is still a synonym of struggle and resistance.

Use marketing to your advantage

There is no problem using the social networks to celebrate LGBTQ + Pride Day at the company. Just pay attention to the tone of voice, approach and even the humor used in the campaign.

After all, the message must be clear, objective and true, but it must also preserve the company's DNA; your identity. Any type of artificial positioning can be easily perceived, which minimizes the power and authenticity of your message.

Extend LGBTQ + Pride Day at the company for the rest of the year

Inclusion, support and resistance: these are the great synonyms of actions for LGBTQ + Pride Day in the company. However, more important than applying these actions in the month of June, it is essential that these valuation situations extend to the rest of the year.

In other words: not to transform a subject of such importance into a seasonal campaign, but in a structure inherent in the company's DNA, the profile of employees and, finally, in the whole routine and productive flow of the organization.

And, if you still want to know a little more about the subject, extending to the actions seen here about LGBTQ + Pride Day in the company, understand how important diversity is in companies!



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