Additional benefits: an out-of-the-box valuation

Additional benefits: an out-of-the-box valuation

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Organizational success is certainly achieved when employees wear the company's shirt and join efforts to achieve increasingly better results. However, many leaders they end up neglecting the fact that, for that to happen, it is necessary to keep the workforce motivated. And that is where the different types of advantages offered come in.

In addition to those provided by law, the world's largest companies such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Embraco, Unilever, offer extra benefits to ensure that your employees are always in the best physical and mental state to optimize productivity.

The additional benefits are differential privileges offered by the organization in a spontaneous and strategic way, in order to retain its talents. Created to offer a better quality of life, these advantages involve physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.

To better understand what these advantages are and how they work, follow this post. Good management of additional employee benefits can be transformative. Check out!

What are additional benefits?

Every worker in the labor force, that is, registered under the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws) regime is entitled to benefits provided by law. Among them are the FGTS (Time Guarantee Fund), the 13th salary, paid vacation and the transportation voucher.

The additional benefits are the advantages that go beyond these mandatory ones. In order to retain talent, enhance team commitment, stimulate personal and professional satisfaction and increase productivity, companies around the world are offering special privileges.

Leisure area, flexible working hours, free meals, extended leave, psychological assistance, legal support, among other numerous benefits that we will address later.

Why provide additional benefits to employees?

Offering additional benefits impacts the quality of life at work not only for the employee, but also for the managers.

An organization that has an efficient benefits system that is compatible with the needs of employees, consequently generates:

  • the improvement in employee engagement;
  • the increase in productivity;
  • the improvement in the execution of individual and collective tasks;
  • increasing individual and collective responsibility;
  • satisfaction in being part of the company;
  • the improvement in organizational climate;
  • innovation in organizational culture;
  • the reduction of absences and delays;
  • the improvement of the organizational image;
  • the increase in trust between the company and the employee;
  • the improvement in workers' health.

Aiming at all these improvements in people management, companies are increasingly concerned with offering additional benefits to their workforce.

In addition, it is a strategic way of retain differential talents and attract new qualified professionals. The benefits count a lot when it comes to choosing whether or not to stay in a company, especially for workers who have children. Therefore, they must be offered intelligently.

What are the additional benefits that world leaders offer?

As important as selecting and hiring professionals is to retain them in the company and keep them motivated. Check out some of the most interesting additional benefits that world leaders offer their workforce.

Gyms or weight rooms

With a view to the health and well-being of workers, many companies such as Ericsson they offer gyms or weight rooms in their internal structure. Thus, employees can enjoy the additional benefits before or after working hours, facilitating their routine and optimizing their time. Companies like Forbes, HBO and GE offer yoga and stretching classes, also prioritizing mental balance.

Others such as Facebook offer the reimbursement of a percentage of the monthly fee of gyms attended by their employees, encouraging the practice of physical activities even outside the institutional space.

Recreation Area

Another interesting benefit is the infrastructure. Companies like Google offer a personalized, colorful, relaxed work environment, closely linked to their organizational culture. Thus, the collaborator's professional experience goes beyond the theoretical to the practical.

In addition to the decorative apparatus, some companies even offer privileges such as:

  • pools;
  • sports courts;
  • saunas;
  • beauty salon;
  • rest rooms;
  • pool tables;
  • video games;
  • refrigerators with free food;
  • pet friendly.

Unlimited holidays

Holidays are one of the most desired and awaited benefits for employees. With that in mind, some companies like Virgin Group offer unlimited vacations. Thus, the rest period can be used by reconciling the employee's personal commitments and needs.

The energy to resume activities is renewed, optimizing the worker income and reinforcing the commitment to the demands of the business.

Extended maternity and paternity leave

As we mentioned earlier, the additional benefits are even more important when the employee has children. For this reason, companies such as Adobe, Netflix and O Boticário, offer special advantages for parents. check out some:

  • extended maternity and paternity leave;
  • maternity leave of up to one year without salary discount;
  • nurseries in the workplace;
  • courses for pregnant women with specialists in childhood and youth;
  • home visit of a nursing professional right after delivery;
  • breastfeeding rooms;
  • kids space;
  • delayed entry time;
  • early departure time;
  • extended lunch hours;
  • babysitting assistance;
  • childcare assistance.


Another very significant benefit in the professional scenario is mentoring. Companies like Unilever allow employees to choose their own mentor, directing your professional experience in the company to achieve your biggest goal.

Flexible working hours

In order to offer a more comfortable and stress-free workday, many companies offer the benefit of flexible hours. This allows the time of departure and entry of employees to be variable, as long as the remaining hours are duly fulfilled.

In addition, companies such as 3M and Philips offer and encourage the condition of the Home-office. Thus, regardless of the work environment, the company retain the talent and you earn with the quality of your craft.

Legal, financial, social and psychological advice

One of the most interesting additional benefits is offered by Brookfield Incorporações, a legal, financial, social and psychological advisory program.

Whatever the problem situation, illness, debt, divorce, therapy, the program offers extraordinary support to the employee. In addition, everything is done confidentially so as not to compromise the image of the worker.

More than advantages such as health and dental plans, today, workers are looking for companies with organizational cultures creative, dynamic, concerned with the well-being of the employee, conducive to new ideas.

The profile of this new generation of professionals brings this demand for innovation, so it is necessary to awaken the pleasure of working in the company offering additional benefits.

The secret of organizational success is to unite productivity and well-being, it is to value its employees by offering incentives so that their work yields with quality.

Did you like it? Tell us here in the comments what additional benefits you find most interesting!



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