“After 7 years as a sales representative, I resumed my studies to become a back end developer”

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A 37 ans, après une formation de technico-commercial, Sébastien Pelissier est devenu développeur web chez Zol.

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“At the end of my initial training, I embarked on a training course at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) in the evening to do web development. But it turned out to be difficult to follow the lessons diligently, alongside my work.

As I have always loved tech, I got my first job in 2005 as a sales representative for Microsoft. Responsible for large-scale distribution over a fairly large territory, I sold hardware, software and all the gaming part, notably with the launch of the Xbox 360.

After tech, beauty

I am then on the move every day, with a turnover to achieve. After four years, I decided to join the Beiersdorf group (Nivea, Labello… Editor's note). Same type of post but the sector is quite different (hygiene and beauty) and the geographical area more restricted (Bordeaux region, then Charente, then Toulouse). I will stay there for seven years.

In parallel with my professional life, I took care with a friend of the management of a website, named xboxlive.fr (fan site and news about the Xbox). It was then only a hobby, but 2015, following a personal questioning, I wanted to invest myself in it much more.

Until 2017 I professionalize the site, I deal with data and partially with development (my first loves), which is above all the part of my partner! With the help of Microsoft, we are looking at what can be imagined as a partnership, but not everything goes as planned. And for various reasons, the project does not come out of the ground.

“My Pôle Emploi advisor is doing a crazy job”

The deadline I set for myself has been reached. I then decided to resume my training in development. At the same time, my wife is transferred to Lyon and there everything starts.

My Pôle Emploi advisor did a crazy job in a few weeks and I did a first three-month training course, without being convinced that one would become a professional developer in three months… But this is the confirmation I was waiting for: i love development!

For a few moments, I regret not having caught up in 2005 with the CNAM. After the moods, I finish my training at the end of which a Symfony labeling must take place on the sole condition of finding a company that will co-finance the training. I take the selection tests that I pass. Several companies then contact the students to integrate them into their team.

In 2019, he joined the start-up Zol, and since then he has taken evening classes in addition to his initial training in web development.

In 2021, he joined the start-up Zol, and since then he has taken evening classes in addition to his initial training in web development.DR

In 2021, that I make THE meeting that gives a new springboard to this emerging career change: the managers of Zol, a technical digital agency, Eric the CEO; Christophe, CTO and Kevin, in charge of the business. Their vision matched my way of thinking, and very quickly, we took the bet to move forward together after the training even if my level of development is average.

“I would have finished in 2023! “

At the same time, I am leaving the Xbox site, because this time I have come to the end of the story, including with my partner. Not judging me to be of a good enough technical level, I am taking courses at the CNAM over a long cycle that I would probably have finished in 2023.

Today I clearly found my way and it gives me the potato to reconcile professional life, evening classes and family life. Looking in the rearview mirror, I tell myself that I could have been a developer much earlier.

But I would have missed out on a lot of experiences and situations in which I learned a lot. Life has made me take a different path, I'm only 37 years old and a whole career as a developer ahead of me! “

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