“After makeup and luxury, I co-created a second-hand clothing business”

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De gauche à droite : Céleste, Victoire (son amie et associée) et Tara (sa soeur, également associée)

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Posted on Nov 24, 2021, 1:00 PM

“For my very first internship, I am a salesperson at Séphora for the makeup brand Bobbi Brown. I spend my days doing makeup for my clients when I have never touched a brush in my life. But I am like a fish in water, I manage my stand with ease and fun. From there was born a passion for cosmetics and sales. So I found myself quite naturally in an end-of-study internship at L'Oréal as a digital project manager.

I was hired after my internship for the luxury brand Lancôme as a digital project manager in the international division where I stayed for four years.

Back to makeup

Then, the desire to see something else starts to itch. In this kind of group, we are lucky to be able to see other facets of our profession, other brands, other countries… I therefore choose London to have a more operational experience. Two years spent in a first position, then I was offered to become e-commerce manager for the brand that I had left two years earlier: Lancôme. I then become the saleswoman at Sephora's again. Instead of brushes, a screen and a keyboard as a tool and a virtual stand to rotate. Small business is doing well, and even very well.

But the little voice begins to tap me again, this time on the meaning of the job: Is there any real use in all that? Do I have to feel a little bit responsible for the plastic I sell and which pollutes our beautiful planet?

After eight years, I decided to leave the group to start my own project. L'Oréal then offered me leave for business creation. I accept, and I go into this new experience of entrepreneurship.

To understand the project I'm embarking on, you have to go back four years earlier. It was a month of April in the middle of spring cleaning, I filled my 2nd bag of clothes to give / throw away and I said to myself:

1- That I have to stop compulsively buying clothes

2- How unfortunate it is to give them away / throw them away because I have only worn them very little. But I have neither the time nor the inclination to sell them myself.

That evening, I have dinner with a friend who sells a lot on Vinted and loves it… I have the solution: I give her my bags of clothes and we share the profits!

A business between sisters

The idea is there, but what do you do with an idea? Nothing… three years later, at a party, another friend asks me if I don't have a business idea, she would like to launch a useful project. So I told him about my idea, without really believing it. She loves it and wants us to launch it together. I then talk to my sister, innocently, at a family dinner. She finds the project fascinating and also wants us to launch it together.

On March 1, 2021, the three of us therefore embark on the crazy adventure of wanting to climb Reusses (sisters in verlan). In this word, there is also re-use, because we are committed to giving a second life to as many clothes as possible.

Our project is to launch a concierge composed of women experts in the valuation of clothing. Our Reusses come to collect, from our customers, the clothes which encumber them and they sell them in their place. Six months later, we launched a first version of the site with more than 100 Reusses available in London and its inner suburbs.

I completely let go of the makeup brushes, but a new (virtual) stand was born and it's off again for a new and beautiful family adventure in which I feel useful! “


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