Agile Methodology for HR: what it is and how to implement it in the company

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Once popularized as an efficient method for developing software, the Agile methodology expanded to other sectors, such as the human resources area. Thus, their best practices started to be considered to develop the team's routine and innovate in the way the work is done. Not sure what Agile methodology for HR is? Let's explain to you!

In the digital age, the HR sector needs, more than ever, to align itself with the great technological trends to assume a more analytical and strategic role in organizations. For this, the Agile methodology for HR has been considered a differential when it comes to aligning itself with the big changes in the market.

This is because the knowledge acquired by following the concept and its best practices makes the sector organize itself, understand its demands and know how to anticipate them for the future.

The greater the alignment with technological innovations, more prepared is yours human resources sector. Therefore, we will explain in this post the role of Agile methodology for HR in this process. Check out!

What is Agile methodology?

Part of the Agile manifesto, applied in 2001, the Agile methodology became known as a series of best practices to make software development more successful, without major unforeseen events during its elaboration process.

Over time, experts realized that these basic guidelines served not only for technological development, but for practical application in other corporate sectors.

No wonder, terms similar to Agile methodology started to pop up in the vocabulary of technical terms of human resources professionals, such as HR agility or even, agile HR.

What is Agile methodology for HR?

In case you don't already know What is Agile Methodology for HR, understand how this technique focused on software, initially, also gained space in the attention and care of your company's most valuable assets.

For that, the Agile methodology for HR it has borrowed the basic mechanics of the original workflow optimization concept. Then, the resources traditionally applied were metamorphosed to the needs and characteristics of the sector.

For example: By mapping out the company's recruitment and selection process, you are no longer using it as a reactive sector — usable only through an open position in the organization.

Consequently, the Agile methodology for HR helps in the realization that you can compose a resume bank, for example, keeping in touch with talent in the market and constantly updating your database.

Thus, any situations of need are met with agility and precision. The time interval with the team absent is shorter, as well as the replacement by a professional already familiar with the DNA and organizational culture of your company.

This allows for a presentation about what is agile for hr, it is necessary to understand how much your sector can benefit from the best practices implemented in your team's day-to-day activities.

Advantages of Agile methodology for HR?

If you can map the entire HR workflow, the Agile methodology has everything to offer a series of improvements in your everyday production. Check out the great benefits of your planning below!

#1. work optimization

With the simple application of Agile methodology best practices for HR — which we'll look at later — your industry is able to identify workflow improvements, minimizing bottlenecks and unforeseen issues.

As a result, your team gains in productivity. The example mentioned above, of selection and recruitment, already shows how much your team can produce more and better, in less time.

#two. Autonomy to your team

Segmenting the workflow into a detailed mapping allows your management to define each work cell independently but integrated.

So its experts assume more analytical and strategic roles, obtaining autonomy for faster decision-making and aligned with the entire workflow.

An example: through the results of the company's performance evaluation, its HR professionals are able to accurately assess which are the major problems that interfere with the low productivity of a particular team.

So, the specialists responsible for training employees already know which directions to follow to compose relevant good practices and, thus, minimize the major problem that has affected the productivity metrics in the company.

#3. Alignment with major HR trends

Have you ever heard of the concept of Smart HR? It is a already consolidated trend of the sector, so that your company's human resources use technology for the benefit of the collective development of employees.

The above mentioned example of productivity can be better explored here. Imagine that with the help of management software, your HR specialists are able to analyze the data with more agility and breadth for decision-making through indices registered in quantifiable data.

With this, your personnel department assumes a more analytical role, its professionals have more basis for assertive choices and errors and unforeseen events are gradually minimized.

Agile Method Techniques for Human Resources?


If you think the Agile methodology for HR has everything to do with what you are looking for for your company, follow us in a quick explanation of the great practices used in this process optimization method.


Popular work optimization method in which those involved define the completion of a specific project within a stipulated timeframe. — normally 30 days.

In addition, there are shorter deadlines, within this context, which are called sprints. Thus, the main objective is fragmented so that the team can focus on carrying out fractional steps that contribute to the greater focus on accomplishing the task. For this, responsible delegates who will take the lead in each of these stages are delegated.


Another well-known technique from Agile methodology for HR, Tribes is summed up in organizing the team as if each cell defined for a project assumed its role as tribal leaders.

Thus, everyone knows the best way to do their part, at work, with specific functions in the whole set of the great objective.

Let's say, for example, that you need to analyze the ideal profile for each team in the company. Thus, you define the tribes, who are the professionals responsible for analyzing each sector. Autonomy and flexibility to put in place an accurate and speedy model of task completion.


THE Squad technique is used in a metaphor for teams — or, from English, squads. Each team focuses on goal fragmentation, defining the responsibilities of each employee so that their team can act individually, but in an integrated way.

Imagine, for example, that you can split your HR, even if it's a small team, in those responsible for selection and recruitment, others for training and others more in strategies for retaining employees, for example.

How to implement the Agile methodology for HR?

Now that we've talked about the concept and the differentials of relying on the Agile methodology for HR in a company, check out our step-by-step directions to have it included in your next goals:

  1. Establish an industry-wide goal plan;
  2. Identify the best method, within the Agile for HR methodology, to be used;
  3. Distribute the responsibilities to each leader of the split activities;
  4. Meet with them constantly to assess the development of each stage;
  5. Offer support and assistance so that communication remains objective and transparent, as well as your leadership role continuing to be an inspiration to employees.

With this work of Agile methodology for HR, you start to value your professionals, giving them autonomy and flexibility to act in favor of unique results for your organization!

Want to know where to start using this strategy? Then, Also check out our tips on how Smart HR can be the first step towards implementing the Agile methodology in your company!

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