Animals in the workplace. Is it worth being pet friendly?

Animals in the workplace.  Is it worth being pet friendly?

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Animals in the workplace have become an issue for many companies in recent years.

Especially those that seek increase the atmosphere of relaxation and decrease stress of space, like the Google. This, which is one of the biggest brands in the world, is Pet Friendly in Brazil since 2013.

There are several researches on the subject of animals in the workplace. Today we bring some of them to analyze this alternative.

The big question is: How do I know if it is interesting for my business to have animals in the workplace? And to help you get to that answer, we bring you all the pros and cons that you should reflect on before making that decision.

Now let's understand the advantages of animals in the workplace.

Advantages of animals in the workplace

More oxytocin, less cortisol

Translating: more love, less stress. That's right, studies of Azabu University in Japan indicated that dog owners have released higher level of oxytocin (also known as the love hormone) after interacting with him.

Bringing delicious sensations of well-being, is a substance also linked to family ties. In return, it can help lower cortisol levels (which is related to stress).

So the presence of animals in the work environment can be something that improves the mood of the team in general. Releasing this hormone that relieves tension.

Increases productivity

Research by Virginia Commonwealth University has revealed this fact. The study was done with 76 employees of a company in the USA.

Based on the analysis, people who took their pets to the site reported a increased productivity. This improvement also occurred in 25% of those who did not take animals to the work environment.

So, it seems, this pet relationship with employees can be very positive in the final result. Increasing the focus, instead of being a distraction.

This may be related to the fact that pets make everything more relaxed. Besides the affection of the owner with the animal, being a relief and fun during the day.

Improves interaction

Also revealed by the study of Virginia Commonwealth University. Second Barker, professor at the head of the research, dogs were an impulse for communication between workers.

“People who typically didn't talk to each other became more engaged”He pointed out.

This is a very positive aspect of having animals in the workplace. Increasing team interaction helps in approximation and creation of a sense of belonging. In addition to make the routine more fun.

If, like those studied, you also love the subject of little dogs, need to check That list of dog stuff. In it you find the more varied and creative things related to dogs. Really wide 😉

More collaboration

Another benefit pointed out by the VCU study. It was perceived a increased cooperation between employees.

One of the reasons may be the feeling that the company cares not only about its professional development, but also about its personal well-being. Some owners of pet who participated in the survey indicated this possible relationship.

This feeling is very interesting, being a way for employees to feel most loved ones on the team. The consequences of this are good, bringing an alternative to maintain the team's motivation and excitement.

If you have serious problems with your employees' spirits, take a look at our post on engaged team. In it we have 5 strategies to create a true team.

What should I consider before making the decision?


Before bringing animals into the work environment, it is necessary to carefully analyze if there is a structure for that.

Despite the several advantages, it is something that requires a study to see if it is feasible in its reality. Is there enough space for the pets? Is it possible to account for the hygiene of the place? Is it logistically possible?

Remember to offer a comfortable environment for both employees and employees. pets. Otherwise, what was supposed to be positive becomes a frustration.

Personality of animals

This is a very important issue. It is necessary to get to know the pets' personality well before making the situation real.

The ideal is to have a docile, friendly, adaptable pet that is used to walking. This varies a lot depending on the species.

For example, dogs are generally more receptive to changes in the environment than cats. Felines have a tendency to be attached to the routine and run the risk of causing stress on him, making it difficult to task of how to calm a cat.

Another point that has a certain weight is the difference in races. Golden Retrievers are usually more playful and friendly dogs, while Rottweillers they can be more aggressive.

Of course, the breeding itself also influences these factors and each pet has its own personality. In addition, there are a few options, how to train the dog at home.

So look at each case carefully if you are interested in bringing animals into the workplace.


Finally, you must pay attention to health. Both animals and employees. The welfare of any of those involved should not be jeopardized.

So remember to make a conference on vaccination of pets, if it is up to date with the wormers. Preferably, take it to a vet before.

Also remember pet feeding. If possible, always choose natural dog food and cats. It is an option so that you do not run the risk of him becoming ill.

In contrast, see also the opinion of all employees on this issue. If you also receive customers, it is important to notify them of the presence of the new partner.

This is because, despite all the benefits, some people may feel bothered. Whether because of being afraid of a dog or having a cat allergy on the skin, each has its reasons.

Then, make sure that the presence of animals in the work environment will not be negative in any way.

Is it worth being pet friendly?

As we have seen, there are many positive and interesting points on the subject. It is a trend of companies and still has studies that confirm its benefits. At first, it is not something that brings disadvantages and should be viewed with good eyes.

The big question is to check the reality of your company. It will be possible to take every care to ensure that comfortable and efficient the presence of animals in the work environment?

Think carefully about the points we mentioned in the previous topic and do not risk becoming an inconvenience.

It is necessary to have affection, patience and attention. There are many benefits, but it is an extra responsibility. So remember to weigh the scale before making the decision.

An idea that has been widely adopted is also the Pet Day. Select a day in the week or month to allow employees to bring their pets.

This can be an alternative for those who do not have the structure to have a pet on a daily basis. It is a viable solution to still enjoy the benefits of animals in the work environment.

So tell me: would taking animals in the workplace be a positive thing in your reality?

Well, at least you can't deny that it's a good idea, right? If you already have an experience with this, let us know in the comments what you think.

This post was written by Crushpets, a news portal about the animal world, in partnership with our blog!



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