Anywhere work: the trend that has been revolutionizing companies

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Anywhere work: the trend that has been revolutionizing companies

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Anywhere work literally means that an organization's employees can carry out their activities from anywhere – and at any time. A benefit that can bring savings, productivity and innovation to corporate culture!

Technological solutions allow companies more mobility, flexibility and agility in the execution of tasks.

Management software, for example, can be accessed remotely from anywhere – which offers an increasingly popular modality in the market: o anywhere work.

Do not think, however, that the concept is new: the extremely popular home office has already invaded corporate routines. In the UK alone, there was a 47% increase in remote work over the past 3 years.

If you are still unable to understand the reason for this exponential increase and the benefits of applying the anywhere work, continue this reading.

Throughout the article, we will talk about this trend (already quite consolidated, including), its advantages and which are the corporate profiles that best fit it!

What is anywhere work?

As we have already explored, the concept is closely related to the idea of ​​remote work. I.e: the possibility to perform your professional activities from anywhere.

For many company profiles, this looks like a dream come true. For others, an inapplicable reality – we will see the reasons below.

But the central fact of this discussion also comes up against a key point: market demand. A survey by Ibope highlights that 96% of respondents seek modern environments to work. Reflection of millennium generation applied on a daily basis.

As a result, companies are looking for technological quality innovation and a positive response from its employees.

For this reason, it is important to plan, from end to end, the objectives of implementing the anywhere work, the metrics to be followed and project positive results.

When this happens strategically, the concept can offer a number of advantages – for both organizations and professionals. Let's see what they are?

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What are the advantages of implementing anywhere work?

As we pointed out above, the anywhere work it is an asset that adds positive values ​​for the company and also for its staff.

In order to make this very clear, below we will highlight these qualities for each one of them. Check it out:

Benefits for the company

Through this strategic planning, the company makes a variety of gains, such as:

  • The no geographic boundaries for your performance. Anywhere work facilitates contact between employees, promotes human relations with practicality and added more quality and speed to the activities at a distance;
  • innovation it is also an immediate benefit of anywhere work. Professionals earn by having the possibility to carry out their activities where – and the time – when they respond best to their obligations;
  • flexibility to compose productive structures according to the needs of the company – and aligned with the perspectives of its employees;
  • productivity increased as well. In a survey conducted by Polycom, 85% of respondents stated that they have become more productive through anywhere work;
  • attracting and retaining talent, since the organizational culture of the company is in line with market trends, showing an innovative character in its DNA.

And this, in itself, already allows for a dazzle of the benefits for employees – but which we will reinforce, right after:

Benefits for professionals

For professionals motivated by this flexible schedule, the anywhere work can generate perceptible advantages on a daily basis, such as:

  • more quality of life, provided by the flexibility with which the employee will plan their routine. This can, consequently, add a valuable balance to your personal and professional life;
  • cost savings, whether with displacement or feeding;
  • less stress, since the daily routine is planned according to the employee's professional commitments and responsibilities;
  • more freedom to manage your own career and also to be able to focus on other issues in your life – such as professional qualification.

Indirectly, the anywhere work it is a very interesting modality for the social development of cities.

After all, people who work at home avoid peak hours – which reduces everyday traffic – and the environmental impact is less.

If all of this, therefore, seems too tempting to be added to your company's daily life, ask yourself, based on the next topic: would it be possible to implement anywhere work?

Which corporate profiles accommodate anywhere work well?

Before we start the topic, a consideration: this business model is best spearheaded by companies focused on the branches of innovation, technology and communication.

Not exclusively, of course. It turns out that these companies are already born with a Versatile, flexible and moldable DNA.

Unlike, for example, companies that routinely demand face-to-face meetings. Or those that deal directly and in person with the public.

What cannot happen is the extremism of ideas: the perception of “8 or 80” does not match this business model. What then allows you to create a more malleable routine.

How anywhere work gained momentum

To get an idea of ​​how this was gaining strength in the market: the pioneers who opted for the home office – with great fanfare – were the Yahoo and IBM.

IBM itself retreated with the concept, years later, no matter how positive the results were.

The justification, at the time (in the mid-2000s), was that the distance generated hindered employee motivation.

In the case of Yahoo, what was perceived was a low force in innovation. The reason? The best ideas came from the moments of relaxation, but within the company, as in the popular coffee hour.

Therefore, it is advisable to evaluate which departments of the company can make use of the anywhere work and take on a period of analysis.

This facilitates the evaluation of the results – although this monitoring should continue periodically, and not be extinguished after the first analyzes.

Not to mention that you don't have to follow the extremist line. As we have pointed out, remote work can be a choice, for example, or even on alternate days.

Align the idea with the reality of your company. This only tends to benefit those involved, who will work according to what has been previously established.

Now, it's up to you: how about making an assessment of the possibility of implementing the anywhere work in your company?

Don't forget, just, to return in this article to share – in the comments field – the results obtained and the challenges encountered. So, we can expand the discussion in this post!


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