Are you defining the right skills for the professionals you are looking for?

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In 14 years working in human resources, I have already developed hundreds of executive recruitment projects at different levels, areas, segments and sizes. I have already recruited CEO, director, manager, and in several projects I have experienced different factors impacting their deliveries, which are often related to the company's positioning with the recruiter.

The success of a project is directly linked to a well-defined scope.

Among the critical points that determine the success (or failure) of an Executive Search project, for me, the alignment of the profile, or rather, the personal values ​​and the real competences that the company seeks in the professional, is the main one.

A professional profile that is properly aligned, with clear expectations and objectives in relation to their performance, will increase the chances of assertiveness in the process of finding the right professional.

But what is a well-aligned profile?

In addition to making it clear to the recruiter what their expectations are in terms of performance, it is necessary to define the fundamental behavioral skills for the organization and for the position in which the professional will work.

And when we talk about behavioral skills, the champions for use in R&S processes without a doubt are Communication, Interpersonal Relationships and Focus on Results. But are they mandatory? Are these skills that will bring a distinguished candidate to your company?

In fact, these are extremely important skills in the profile of any professional and that have a direct impact on the results they present. However, I realize that when describing such competencies, managers end up surrendering to common sense, to the basic description of such skills, which does not add much value to the recruiter and to the process, since, if at the time of alignment such needs are not well understood and assimilated by the recruiter will not be evaluated as differentials.

The ‘Focus on Results' competency for company X is different from the ‘Focus on Results' competency for company Y.

The profile alignment exercise can seem tedious and repetitive, however, if we dedicate due attention to this process and really understand what it means for that manager and that company, the chances of success will surely be greater.

In addition, it is worth pointing out that if you want to make a difference in your recruitment, you need to avoid the obvious. Identify in these executives characteristics that respect the company's values, but that can add to the business, add new concepts and build a new scenario together with the team that contributed a lot and sustained the business until then. In addition, dedicating time, reflecting on what is really expected of the executive being hired and translating this need into competencies and behavioral skills will make the manager himself more confident to hire and develop the professional.

I recently heard from a client about a new skill that caught my attention, the INTRA ENTREPRENEURSHIP. For the manager, such competence refers to the executive's ability not only to assume the posture of “business owner”, but to really put himself in the entrepreneur's shoes, feeling responsible for the process of change in the organization, for innovations in the business. and for transforming ideas into goals and consequently into results. I realized that this skill is highly demanded by organizations, but many professionals have not yet absorbed the real need for it. It's different behavior for both sides.

You don't need to “invent the wheel”, nor bring into your organization professionals with such different skills that they may be completely out of step with the company's mission and vision; but it is necessary to pay attention to market movements, trends, and attract professionals who have the behavioral capacity to follow this scenario.

Rúbia Pereira is Coordinator of HR Consultant UK's Executive Search division for the South region. For more information, visit


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