Are you made to work in a start-up?

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Apparently there is often something to celebrate. “We celebrate successes, birthdays and departures,” says Rémi Campet. For the director of human resources at Marco Vasco, an online tailor-made travel specialist born in 2008, there is a time for everything. So that its 240 employees work hard, but also to release the pressure. “Once a month, we even organize an after work, festive evenings with karaoke or game consoles, for example. To avoid spoiling the matter, the – pretty – premises, bathed in light, are located in the heart of London. Cool, right?

“There are fewer advantages than in a large group […] however, we offer stock options to all our employees. If we succeed, together everyone will be a winner. “

Take part in a new adventure, with no guarantee of the future

“There are a lot of misconceptions about start-ups,” observes Guillaume Colein, president of Cabinet Victoire. But besides, what is a start-up? This recruiter defines it above all as a start-up company. “Start-ups are not necessarily limited to 15 people,” he explains. There are some, like, that can employ more than 500 people. There is often emulation, but working in a company that is launching is not trivial. ”
“”The financial crisis of 2008 is there,” warns Olivier Darras. Manager of DB-Développement, a firm specializing in the recruitment of BtoB sales representatives in the field of new technologies and telecoms, he recognizes that some start-ups are having difficulty recruiting. “Since September 2012, candidates in office are less and less mobile. They taste the stability of where they are and wonder about the sustainability of the company that covets them. For an SME or a TPE without a great seniority on the market, it is complicated. ”

Take the risk … to hit the jackpot

Olivier Piscart does not agree with him. Founded in June 2011, Salezeo, his start-up, launched the first community network dedicated to business development. But despite a recent fundraising of 1.5 million Pounds, this entrepreneur assumes a share of uncertainty. “I don't think so, but maybe in three or four years the company will no longer be there,” he admits. A candidate who goes to a large bank will be safer: despite a billion dollars in fines, the company will still be there in ten years! ”
But this uncertainty also has some advantages for employees. “We try to counterbalance the part of the risk,” he continues. In a start-up, there are clearly far fewer advantages than in a large group: no works council, no reduction for the cinema or holiday vouchers. However, we offer stock options to all our employees. If we succeed, together everyone will be a winner. ”

A demanding, but collective adventure

Simon Vandendriessche could have joined a large group. “I did internships there and I got bored there. Whether we are there or not, we do not have the impression that it changes much. We do not see the result of what we do, we do not participate in decisions, he sums up ”. This is why he decided to set up his start-up, Incenteev, which offers a motivational application for sales forces. “”My classmates think I can get to my pretty office at 11 in the morning… I think I work more than them, I maybe earn less, but at least I'm having a great and different adventure.” “”

The typical candidate for a start-up
The typical employee of a start-up no longer has anything of the young graduate in jeans-basket without family responsibilities. “It's a received idea, assures Guillaume Colein. Many young people are looking for stability and will not find themselves in a start-up. In fact, the start-up is now popular in all age groups. But they are candidates whose number one criterion is to join the brand or the sector of the company. Then there is a criterion of alienation at work and a pyramidal structure of management which are less and less well supported. In a start-up, the close link with the manager and colleagues are real assets.
Whatever their age, these candidates especially want to get rid of an overly rigid managerial line and put meaning in their work. ”



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