Are your employees aligned with the company’s mission, vision and values?

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In a company, mission, vision and values ​​are always powerful phrases that are fixed in strategic places for everyone to see. But not always all employees are aligned with all these characteristics, which can harm the success of the business and also the professional's career.

First of all, it is worth mentioning what each of these terms means. The mission consists of what the company is and what its purpose is to exist. In other words: who she is, what she does, for what and for whom. The vision translates the company's future objective. How it projects itself in a few years or decades, where it wants to go, what its purpose is. And the values ​​are the principles that will guide all the decisions, strategies, way of thinking and business of the organization.

That's why mission, vision and values ​​shouldn't just be well-written paragraphs with impact phrases inserted in the footer of employees' emails or fixed on boards on the wall. This set of words translates the entire essence of the company and it is from this that employees, suppliers and customers will be attracted to it.

And for all of this to be real and put into practice, it is first necessary that all employees have synergy with these guidelines and want to adopt them as goals in their professional routine.

Above all, it is up to the Human Resources area to outline plans and actions so that the team follows the proposed principles and that there is a consensus between the direction that the company and the employees want to follow. But the managers themselves can and should actively participate in this process of transmitting the organization's values, mission and vision. With proper alignment, it is possible to guarantee the commitment of the employees and the good results of the company, so that everyone walks towards success.

It is important that companies establish as a priority the practice of what they preach. Many professionals end up going to work in the organization by chance, simply because they participated in a selection process, while others already had the goal of being in that place precisely because their expectations were aligned with the values ​​of the new job.

Therefore, what the company passes on to both its employees and the market must be strictly followed on a day-to-day basis, through its actions, speeches and goals.

One of the best ways to ensure that business principles are absorbed by employees and applied in all areas is through leaders. It is in them that employees look up to them, so if the manager knows how to be firm in his way of thinking, put into practice in all his tasks and ensure the execution of such postures by his subordinates, the team starts to work in a single direction. and with a single purpose.

When leadership places the company's mission, vision and values ​​at the forefront and expresses these guidelines in all its actions, from an informal conversation with a subordinate to the signing of an important contract, it is motivating and inspiring its other peers and employees to that also practice the principles that make the company successful in business.

Celia Batista is a Psychologist, with more than 20 years of professional experience in Human Resources Consulting in Outplacement projects.


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