Are your leaders prepared to deal with differences?

How can I improve my team's results?

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The current reality requires leaders who have not only technical skills, but behavioral skills to know how to lead groups that are increasingly heterogeneous in relation to origins, culture, gender, among others. How up-to-date is your company at this point?

When thinking about diversity, race and sexual orientation immediately come to mind, but differences between people go much further, such as appearance, age, beliefs and personality, and this set of attributes needs to be respected equally among all employees so that everyone has the same opportunity and engagement.

Those responsible for human resources in organizations must create internal practices that show how differences strengthen work and bring gains for everyone. Investment in diversity has been one of the main concerns of companies today, as this directly reflects on productivity gains. Employees who have the perception that they work in an environment that has ethics and respect among its professionals as one of its pillars, without discrimination, are demonstrably more efficient and perform better, as they are open to performing their duties, developing their skills and Contribute new ideas and business decisions regardless of color, race, gender, sexual or religious orientation.

The main challenge for managers and, above all, for the companies' human resources department, is to eliminate any disparity that may exist in the treatment of their employees. Everyone should have equal chances of development, career path and salary and growth opportunities.

It should be noted that the role of the HR is fundamental, as it is he who will prepare its leaders so that they know how to manage increasingly heterogeneous teams.

In recent years, with the popularity and importance of the subject, organizations have become more concerned with being socially responsible, not least because they have understood that differences add growth and sustain the future of business. Therefore, leaders must be worked on to model their management according to the scenario. They need to know how to value cultures, age groups, different genders and personalities. This broad vision is disseminated to the other employees and certainly brings better results.

These changes in thinking have already reflected in results for many companies. Good examples that we can cite and that are working are policies of equal pay between men and women and the choice of blacks for executive positions. These are small changes that positively affect the company's culture of insertion and respect.

Izabel Araújo is a Talent Management Manager, has been developing Career Guidance and Transition work at an executive level for over ten years.


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