“As a student, I created my watch company which has a turnover of nearly 2 million”

Hugo Durantet, 20 ans, est étudiant en école de commerce, mais a déjà son business de montres en parallèle.

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“I have always been passionate about the world of watches. From the age of 14, I got into the habit of looking at people's wrists to recognize the brand of their watch, then research it: where does it come from? how many copies was it sold? Has it increased in value since?

In this way, I spent hours on the internet to learn about the market: what are the different brands, their specificities, models, prices. It has become a real passion! After high school, I quickly knew that I wanted to start my own business specializing in luxury watches.

But, I first groped, trying my hand at another activity. During confinement I created a first business selling caps with protective visors. Thanks to the money I earned, I was then able, financially speaking, to create with a friend of my age also passionate about the world of luxury watches, an SAS (simplified joint stock company).

A value multiplied by 4 in a few months

We were then able to buy our first watch, a Rolex worth 8,000 Pounds which we sold a few months later for 17,500 Pounds to our first customer. The machine started.

Ten months later, I took over the business on my own, transforming it into a SASU (simplified one-person joint-stock company) and I managed to make contacts across Europe of professionals specializing in the sale and resale of watches luxury.

What I find fascinating about this industry is how much value watches can increase in a matter of years or even months. Some customers who bought a watch from me recently are already seeing its value quadruple.

” I work during the night “

In September 2021, I returned to Essca with the objective of acquiring useful skills in the management of my business. But it's not easy. My activity as an entrepreneur has turned the organization of my life upside down, between trips to the other side of the world to meet clients and night work because of jet lag. Moreover, I work alone.

Today, the turnover of my box LM Horlogeries is precisely estimated at 1.67 million Pounds. In almost a year, I have sold 50 watches at an average price of 54,000 Pounds. A great reward for me. I was able to invest in communication, by creating a site and accounts on social networks.

On these aspects I am helped by a professional agency, their work allows me to reconcile my life as a student and as a business manager. But, on a daily basis, juggling between the two hats remains the most difficult. In the future, I do not want to open a physical store. »

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