Assessment is a tool for organizational restructuring in companies

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The process of Assessment, also known as potential assessment, is extremely important in the current job market scenario.

In the context in which we live in constant transformation, knowing the potential of each employee is a way to facilitate operations and position people in the appropriate places, where they can surrender and feel happy.

One of the biggest challenges for organizations, which is aggravated by their growth, is the lack of information about the potential of employees.

Qualifying the workforce based on analyzes that point out the profiles and skills of each talent brings numerous benefits to the organization, as we will see below.

In this post we will present what Assessment is and how this tool collaborates in the organizational restructuring of companies.

What is Assessment?

The term Assessment in english it means assessment, but in the corporate environment that word goes further and deals with professional management.

It aims to carry out an assessment of the potential of an organization's employees, where it is possible to identify each employee's talents and improvement needs.

The tool offers the mapping of behavioral trends, enabling the optimization of each person's internal resources and developing actions aimed at the application of this knowledge in each corporate situation.

Avoiding layoffs and creating opportunities

Many layoffs can be avoided if a potential assessment process is carried out with employees to identify possible internal relocations.

New opportunities can be offered to people who are not happy in their positions making them better used in other occupations in the company.

In addition to the costs involved with the dismissal, recruitment and training of new employees, excellent professionals may be being dismissed without observing their potential.

How the Assessment Process Works

The Assessment process is carried out by trained professionals using appropriate tools, gathering information for the construction of the detailed mapping of each employee.

With this map in hand, the company's management can assertively work on promotions, transfers and opportunities within the corporation, significantly reducing the risk of failure.

From the assessment of potential, it is possible to generate individual development plans and organizational development plans.

These two tools make it possible for each employee to know what needs to be improved, in order to obtain promotions and opportunities in the company, as well as to present what the organization must accomplish to optimize its internal processes.

Assessment Consulting

Hiring a consultancy specialized in Assessment brings a series of advantages, providing the contractor with excellent results and a new vision based on the work carried out.

A team of professionals specialized in the subject has know how to identify among employees those with the possibility of assuming leadership positions and exercising functions compatible with their skills.

The consultancy also allows an external view, not directly involved in the corporation's daily processes. This favors the work because it presents an exempt and unprejudiced view of the corporate scenario.

In addition, work in this area tends to create an environment of motivation among employees, who perceive the company's interest in knowing the potential of each one.

Assessment is the ideal tool for your company's organizational restructuring.

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