ATS software for recruitment and selection: what is it, features and how to choose

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ATS software for recruitment and selection: what is it, features and how to choose

Table of Contents

ATS software is a technological tool that facilitates the recruitment and selection processes.

It is estimated that more than 60% of organizations have a recruitment ATS in support of HR processes, according to a survey by Bersin (Deloitte).

If before, everything took a long time between résumé screening, analysis and selection, nowadays everything has been optimized by technology.

Through the ATS software, managers are able to optimize the search, streamlining the process with automatic screening and even the pre-definition of criteria and skills needed to fill the vacancy in question.

In this article we'll detail the main advantages of the ATS software, how it actually works, and why it makes recruiting processes more streamlined. Go ahead with this article and enjoy reading!

What is ATS software?

ATS software is short for Applicant Tracking System or Candidate Tracking System. ATS is a digital tool whose objective is to meet the needs of organizations in relation to recruitment and selection processes.

Through this software it is possible not only to store different resumes, but also to organize and classify them.

It is more efficient than a traditional process, as it allows for automatic screening, clears the formatting of resumes for analysis, and even automates the sending of emails to candidates.

Describing the ATS software in a few words, it mainly serves to consolidate all the data and information of the applicant, generating a great saving of time and making the selection processes more effective.

Features of a Recruitment and Selection Software

The ATS software is a dynamic and agile system in the recruitment process thanks to its features that range from standardizing the workflow to customizing the selection for a more assertive screening.

Among the main features of ATS recruitment we can highlight:

  • Monitoring the selection process in real time;
  • Standardization of all stages of the process to facilitate dissemination, screening, interview and selection;
  • Possibility of posting the vacancy in several channels in an automated way and in a few clicks;
  • Vacancy customization with keywords, descriptions of required skills, etc;
  • Automatic screening according to the indicators you created for the vacancy;
  • Personalized feedback messages for candidates;
  • Notices to candidates about the day of the interview, via reminders or alerts;
  • Integration with social networks.

What are the advantages of ATS software?

Selection processes in the UK take around 39.6 days, according to a survey by Glassdoor, a website specializing in recruitment. According to the same study, the UK is among the three countries that take the longest time to complete the selections.

With that, the ATS software comes as a support to reduce this time. Below we select this and other advantages for those who adopt it in HR.

generates savings

In the US alone, more than 3 trillion are lost every year due to bureaucracy, revealed a study by Management Lab specialized in the management market.

Due to the reduction in time to perform tasks, the ATS software can cover a large part of these expenses.

After all, the selection and hiring will have fewer steps and labor than when the process is manual and requires a full dedication of sectors such as HR. This dynamism generates savings since much of the process will be automated.

Reduces complexity

Selection processes have always been very complex and time-consuming, whether on the recruiter or candidate side. On the part of HR, there has always been a great dedication to finding the ideal candidate.

This painstaking work required a large workforce for screening, interviewing, and final selection. In many cases, Excel spreadsheets were allies, but at the same time it took the industry good days filling in data.

With the ATS software there is an integration of HR with the technology which automates this entire process. If before you needed lynx eyes to “hunt” for the perfect résumé, today ATS software does a lot of the work and syncs everything in one place.

This reduces the complexity of the selection and recruitment process and offers greater dynamism in accessing resumes and profiles that have to do with the vacancy, increasing the chances of a correct choice.

We talked about the importance of eliminating bureaucracy in HR in the article: “8 tips on how to optimize processes and reduce bureaucracy in the company”.

Allows quick feedback to candidates

Who has never participated in a selection process and has not even received a return from the company, even if it is negative? Unfortunately this is common in the market, but ATS software can solve this problem to maintain a positive image of the company.

It is possible to program the recruitment ATS with pre-defined answers, whether they are positive or negative, maintaining a fairer communication with the candidates. This type of return prevents, for example, someone speaking ill of your company out there.

Also because companies that maintain this fair relationship with all candidates, always concerned with giving a position to everyone in their selection processes, are always well regarded in the market and this influences the attraction of new talent.

Facilitates résumé screening

Everyone knows how difficult it is to find the ideal candidate for the position presented. In the manual process, many selected resumes have nothing to do with the company's profile and don't even follow the recruiter's requirements.

With ATS software, this point of difficulty is remedied, as you can detail what is required in screening. The system itself will make this selection automatically to give you the best results.

The idea is that this way the choice is made assertively, where candidates can meet the requirements to take the position offered.

It's like smart recruiting with a filter that automatically follows the orders you give. Saving of course time and money.

Standardize the process

Many companies are lost when starting a recruitment process, because they do not follow a pattern and each selection is made in a way. Be it disclosures in different media or even interviews carried out in a different way.

With the ATS software there is a standardization of how everything should be done in the organization's routine. Thus, all steps are easier and faster regardless of the area you are hiring.

Because, the process of disclosure, interview, selection, exchange of messages with candidates and the choice follow the same pattern.

The standardization of HR processes is one of the great allies of successful results in the routines of this sector.

Establish a visual brand standard at every step

One of the most interesting parts of the ATS software is related to the employer brand. This means that you can customize the tool to your brand's look.

In other words, the entire process is customized in each company so that general communication at all stages of selection is built based on the organization's profile. This is done through a system that is completely personified with the company's visual characteristics.

That is, you will build a recruiting and selection process that is just like you.

How to choose the best ATS software?

As any type of automation in HR processes performed in the company, there is no general rule in choosing and it all depends on the organization's needs.

What attracts you most about this technology:

  • Tool customization with your brand?
  • Resume screening?
  • Creating forms for candidates to fill out?
  • Sending personalized messages to those who have passed and who have not passed the test?

The important thing, before choosing an ATS software, is to verify why you need it and what benefits it would bring to your company. If possible, try it out with companies that offer a few free days to try the tool before investing in it.

The fact is that those who have this type of system optimize time in the recruitment and selection processes.

Another important point is to plan the training of the people who will be responsible for using it. Anyway, it doesn't make sense to have a state-of-the-art system if employees don't know how to use it in the best way.

What are the best ATS software options?

The market is filled with ATS software options. Below we have selected five systems that are among the most used by companies and that are successful when it comes to making processes more agile and assertive.

Remembering that of course it all depends on what you are looking for in a recruiting and selection software:

Has digital transformation reduced bureaucracy?

The digital transformation consumed a good part of the manual processes and allowed companies to acquire different systems to make their day-to-day easier.

It's no different with ATS software. With it, organizations were able to eliminate several bureaucratic steps from the recruitment and selection processes, making them faster and more efficient.

Currently, companies that do not reinvent themselves, especially in their HR sectors, end up losing space in the market and falling behind their competitors. Since those who bet on technology can eliminate bureaucracies and enhance the strategic capacity of the sectors.

As we could see throughout this content, if used correctly, the ATS software not only facilitates the selection process, but offers more chances for the company to attract the ideal candidate.

This is because its customization, according to the profile of the position and the company, and its automatic screening, allow the manager to select who has the characteristics and skills necessary to take on a certain position.

In addition, with an ATS software there is greater organization in the recruitment processes due to the standardization of steps, regardless of the vacancy that will be advertised.

Thus facilitating the management of the process, as the manager will have a real-time view of what is happening until the choice of the best candidate is made.

Salary on demand: savings for the company, well-being for the employee

If optimizing your recruiting and selection processes with ATS software helps you to select the right talent, salary on demand is a benefit that will keep them in your company longer.

Get to know the HR Consultant UKy tool and find out how the system that implements payment on demand works, that is, employees of a company can advance part of their salaries when they need it.

This tool is changing the way employees handle their salary and generating more satisfaction and motivation at work.

HR Consultant UKy can be one of the benefits most valued by those who work in your company. Talk to an expert and learn more!


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