Attention to knowledge development as a sign of good leadership

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kennisontwikkeling leiderschap

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We already wrote about it in our previous blog: how big and how fast your business grows depends on the extent to which your people grow. As a good leader you stimulate the growth and development of your people in a structured way. In doing so, you also invest in the growth and development of your organization.

But how do you actually put this into practice?

Knowledge development on the strategic agenda

If you want to grow, you have to put the growth and knowledge development of your people high on the strategic agenda. You have to dare to invest in a long-term vision. That requires leadership. Without it, people just mess around a bit, and in the end little will be achieved by training staff.

This can have quite a few consequences; neglecting knowledge development is like a true assassin. Has a stagnating level of knowledge of your people negative influence on customer and employee satisfaction, customer loyalty, efficiency and ultimately also on your turnover.

In a learning culture, on the other hand, employees are challenged and feel at home. Employees therefore have a growing appreciation for employers who see the importance of (knowledge) development and who create an innovative corporate culture.

HR Consultancy requires continuous attention

Growing your employees and offering them the opportunity to learn continuously does not stop after one training. HR Consultancy requires constant attention. Have a training plan in place that works. This means that the training needs of the employees and the strategic goals of the organization are properly aligned.

Once that training plan is in place, it is a matter of continuous follow-up. Integrate continuous learning into personal development plans, performance interviews and evaluations. Make clear agreements about this.

Here too, a long-term vision and strong leadership are essential. The agreements made must also be fulfilled. This applies to the employee to the organization, but also from the organization to the employees. A leader must stick to the set course.

leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses. – Mitt Romney

Create an appropriate learning culture

This means that in addition to practical matters such as money and learning materials, sufficient attention must also be paid to creating the desired learning culture and embedding it in the organization.

However, that learning culture did not come out of the blue. After all, it is different for every organization what a good learning culture looks like. There are a number of preconditions for this.

We discuss the preconditions extensively in this blog, but in short it boils down to the following: provide the right facilities, ensure appropriate remuneration, guarantee knowledge development in a structured way, make people aware of the why, and give it correct example.

A good leader sets a good example

Of course, as a leader, you can easily leave the preparation of such a thorough training plan to your HR people. But don't forget your own role. If you, as a leader, claim that the knowledge development and personal growth of your people is important, then you should do it good example to give.

Descend from your ivory tower

Good example is good to follow. Make sure that you can see your people as well as your good example. Don't hide in your ivory tower, but meet your people. Do as Cees' t Hart, CEO of the Carlsberg Group, and move – for example for a day a week – from the executive floor to one of the desks in an open office. Share how you ensure that you continue to grow and show that you keep up with the changes in the world.

Besides sharing your own experiences, listening is perhaps even more important. Ask your people about their development and listen. As Jessica Stoel of Spring Today explains in this blog, there is a difference between actively listening and hearing what is being said. No good leadership without active listening, she says. Have an open mindset, have a genuine interest in your conversation partners and their different perspectives and experiences.

Of course there is a major role for HR when it comes to knowledge development. But a strong leader sets the course and ensures that the organization embraces it.

Knowing more?

Need help to put continuous learning on the agenda and ensure that knowledge development takes an even more strategic role? We are happy to help you!



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