Attractiveness rate: how to measure if your company is attractive

Attractiveness rate: how to measure if your company is attractive

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The attractiveness rate is the index that measures the relevance of your company, when posting a job opportunity, complemented by the degree of alignment that the candidates have compared with the expectations for filling the opportunity in question.

Within the immensity of its process of recruitment and selection, it is important to assess whether your company has a good response when job opportunities are posted in the appropriate media. And this we call the attractiveness rate.

More than that: it is the positive return you get when you publicize an opportunity based on the alignment of profiles and expectations for filling the position.

If you have not yet understood the importance of analyzing the attractiveness rate in your company, follow this reading! In the next topics, you will understand how much it interferes (positively or negatively) in the time taken to choose the ideal candidate for your company!

What is recruitment and selection?

It is important to talk, before the rate of attractiveness, about the recruitment and selection sector – an area that encompasses two complementary, but quite distinct activities. Do you want to see it?

What is recruitment?

Faced with the updating of the talent bank or, still, from the search for talents in the market, the recruitment sector you must roll up your sleeves and make yourself available to the company to offer the best results.

For this, a careful look at the market trends and the best tools and techniques of attraction should be used. All because your HR specialists must first understand the needs, objectives and requirements for filling each position in the organization.

In addition, the candidate filtering process must be done in a thorough comparison with the profile of the professionals who were interested in the opportunity.

What is selection?

Responsible for the company's own selection process, the selection sector has the objective of conducting a eliminatory system, gradually maintaining the most appropriate profiles for each opportunity.

In general, your experts can make use of the most diverse ways to test the skills and competences of those selected, such as:

In other words: this area must be perfectly aligned and in tune so that the your company's attractiveness rate be as large as possible.

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What is the attractiveness rate?

Within the aforementioned item, it is important to highlight the attractiveness rate, which is nothing more than the market's response to the professional opportunities announced by your company.

Realize, here, that it's not just about getting a high number of resumes in your email inbox. The attractiveness rate must also be considered based on the expected profile alignment for the opportunity in question.

Otherwise, there is no point in accumulating hundreds of resumes with inadequate profiles for your company. This only consumes the time of its professionals, prolongs the selection process and can even hinder the search for candidates who are truly qualified for the position.

This is where, in order to improve its attractiveness rate, HR must play a harmonious role in all stages of the recruitment and selection process.

How to improve the attractiveness rate through HR?

For the whole process to be integrated, with defined objectives and planning that can be monitored by everyone – thus increasing the attractiveness rate -, you may want to start with your HR.

And, below, we have gathered some elementary tips to qualify the sector and, thus, improve the workflow in all areas!

Invest in technology

Good management software, for example, contributes to all the functions we have mentioned so far. Especially, in the compilation and organization of curricula to streamline and optimize the selection process.

That way, your attractiveness rate can be increased from the extra time your team will have. Something crucial for its specialists to plan an attractive description, better filter the results obtained and think about tests directed to the needs of each position in the company.

Assemble specific selection processes

We talked about this, but it is worth reinforcing: knowing the needs of each vacancy, your HR can plan a distinct recruitment and selection process, and not generic for all opportunities.

This generates a higher rate of attractiveness, yes, because it has repercussions on the market. It shows that your HR sector knows the company's opportunities, knows well what it is looking for and what are the most effective means to achieve the goal with mastery.

Empower your team

Do not think that technology is the only investment to be made. The qualification and training of your own team can help to improve all activities related to the human resources sector.

Over time, processes improve, errors are reduced and results appear – directly and indirectly – in the company's day-to-day activities. In fact, in improving the attractiveness rate in the processes.

Monitor all data related to recruitment and selection

Ultimately, it is important to have the appropriate tools to monitor the selection processes and the performance obtained in each of them. Something that can be used, also, in the elaboration of impactful HR reports!

For example: the time of a cycle of contract it's important to find out the impact of its attractiveness rate. If it is low, the selection process will probably take longer.

It is also worth noting the proportion of resumes received and the percentage of usable profiles. This helps to ascertain the filtering performed by your recruitment and selection specialists. Once misunderstandings are diagnosed, the tendency is for their attractiveness rate to be higher and higher.

Now, we want to hear a little more about your experiences. Is the attractiveness rate a constant concern for your team? Based on what you read here, did you understand how to improve your company's selection processes? Share your opinion with us in the comments field!



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