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[Publi-rédactionnel] In full development, Autogrill, the operator of Starbucks Coffee, Brioche Dorée, McDonald's and Burger King, among others, is looking for new recruits. And its recruitment policy is committed to the integration of people with disabilities. Laurence Thines, HR manager, tells us more.

Can you briefly tell us about your company?

The Autogrill Group ® is the world leader in catering and dedicated traveler services. For nearly 70 years, Autogrill® has built its development on perfect mastery of its business, catering and dedicated passenger services, on highways, airports and shopping centers.
Autogrill® in London has 54 sites, 219 points of sale, 2,000 employees spread across London and a turnover of € 187.1 million in 2016. In addition to its own brands, Autogrill operates well-known brands such as Starbucks Coffee, Brioche Dorée, McDonald's and Burger King.
Our worlds are constantly evolving: concessions, brands, concepts, things are on the move!

What are the sectors in which you are looking for candidates?

Autogrill® offers a wide range of professions, so that everyone can find their place and flourish!
At Autogrill®, each site, made up of around fifty people on average, is on a human scale. Autogrill is the benefit of working within a large group while preserving well-being in close proximity to the teams.
Autogrill manages more than 35 brands around concepts of cafeterias, fast food restaurants, sandwich shops, bars, shops, etc.

What is the nature of the positions you offer?

To deliver these services, Autogrill recruits several trades: sales, preparations, administrative and management, and this everywhere in London, in urban areas as in rural areas.
Some examples of geographical areas: Île-de-London, Rhône-Alpes, Center, Aquitaine, Paca, Champagne-Ardennes, Alsace, Burgundy, Languedoc Roussillon.
Examples of jobs: versatile catering employee, manager, department manager or point of sale manager and all support positions.

What are the qualities required to integrate your company?

At Autogrill, it is above all personality and desire that make the difference : sense of service, taste for contact, pleasure of selling… .. The only driving force is competence and not diploma. Through its integration and training programs, Autogrill provides the necessary foundations and advances those who have never worked in the restaurant industry. We are of course open to any recruitment of disabled workers, whether at our head office or on our sites, this being in line with our HR policy.

What actions have been taken to promote the integration of people with disabilities in your company?

Since 2010, Autogrill® has worked with various organizations such as Agefiph. Autogrill® is therefore committed to recruiting and integrating Workers with Disabilities into its teams.
To support managers and disabled workers, persons in charge of disability missions are identified within our company. As every year, Autogrill is committed to the implementation of actions during the week for the employment of people with disabilities.
Thus, through communication, awareness-raising, job retention and skills development for people with disabilities, Autogrill® is committed to developing the employment of people with disabilities.

Find us on our Facebook recruitment page and on our website dedicated to recruitment.



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