Automation of invoices: how to implement in the company?

Automation of invoices: how to implement in the company?

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In a country whose diverse invoice types accumulate, throughout the month, and we have to take comprehensive care to avoid problems with inspection agencies, the solution may lie in the digital transformation – again.

Through the automation of invoices, for example, your business acquires more security, alignment with government requirements and, moreover, generates more productivity for employees. Not to mention the relief of mechanical, bureaucratic and repetitive loads.

In other words: the automation of invoices is a job that can be done efficiently, in the short term and with innovative results for your company to develop more and more!

Stay on top of the steps we will list, below, on how to implement invoice automation:

Why consider invoice automation?

What are the benefits of invoice automation?

  • More productivity;
  • Alignment with current legislation;
  • Fewer errors;
  • Integration with payment methods.

How to implement this technology in your company ?;

Good reading!

Why consider invoice automation?

Whether you have a physical company, an e-commerce – or both – the issuing invoices it is a necessary process for any organization. And that goes for both those who choose the Simples Nacional, the Presumed Profit and also the Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs).

This method happens whenever a sale is made. In other words: the greater the volume of sales, the greater will also be the process of preparing an invoice.

Once invoice automation exists, it adds diverse positive aspects (and with security) and allows a larger organization for its management, it is to be considered the use of this technology so that you focus more and more on analytical and strategic aspectss of your routine.

But, disregarding the role of digital transformation in the corporate environment, this digital transition can be of great value to any company (of any area and size) because:

  • the accumulation of tasks can make us forget to issue the invoice;
  • much of the tax and fiscal issues can be delegated to an automated solution;
  • filling in data is done automatically. This avoids that, when done manually, misinformation gets in the way.

It is worth mentioning that these mistakes, when accumulated, can cause serious problems for your company. Even with regard to tax evasion.

And if you believe that you are still at this stage of the process and have many questions about the subject, take the opportunity to check out another article of ours, which talks about the great fiscal doubts that every type of entrepreneur can have throughout his career!

What are the benefits of invoice automation?

In the topic above, we have already explored the advantages of this type of solution applied in your corporate routine, but it is worth reinforcing. With invoice automation, you can have a powerful ally. Take a look at some of these relevant aspects!

More productivity

Automating does not necessarily mean replacing human work with digital tools. In the case of invoice automation, you are reducing the weight of your employees with mechanical tasks, repetitive and bureaucratic on a daily basis.

This, as we mentioned before, increases productivity by adding more free time to employees. What can make them more efficient with strategic actions and that require planning and interpretation of information also generated in an automated way – such as management software.

Alignment with current legislation

In addition to the aforementioned productivity, it is worth knowing a survey conducted by the World Bank that points to Brazil's leadership among the countries that consume the most time in the calculation and payment of taxes per year – 1,958 hours and £ 60 billion annually.

Imagine how much this is reflected in more convenience to deal with other tasks and avoid problems with the inspection agencies? Let's face it: moving away from this statistic is something to be celebrated.

Fewer errors

We have already pointed this out, also, due to the automation of invoices: your team will not be wrong with filling in data or even when issuing and sending this very important document.

It is a powerful ally that will go through your routine discreetly, but that will significantly impact the routine of your professionals.

Integration with payment methods

Issuers responsible for the automation of invoices, when integrated with payment systems, only have to add to their routine.

After all, this process becomes even more efficient and accurate by automatically generating the document as soon as a sale is made. Your team depends even less on this type of activity and can focus on the essence of their respective jobs because of that.

How to implement this technology in your company?

The time to invest in this type of solution is now. Even if the volume of invoices is not high – say, five units a day – you will still generate an average of 100 documents per month.

Calculate, now, how much this is configured in time invested in the issuance and sending of invoices.

So, let's understand a little better how you can implement this great ally of your productive routine. Here are some tips:

  • analyze the structure of your business;
  • search for the best solutions on the market – translating into personalization conveniences to align with your demand;
  • meet with those involved in your company and make sure that everyone understands the changes in the routine based on the automation of invoices;
  • evaluate the reputation and services provided by the company itself.

Based on these tips, it is easier to understand how much automation of invoices is a short-term solution with equally fast and effective implementation.

And, to make a qualitative leap of innovation in your company's routine, take the opportunity to share this post on your social networks and mark those responsible for tax management! Thus, you start with more fluidity from the planning stage to the practical application of this type of solution!



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