Back Market, Cardiologs, Singulart… 5 start-ups recruiting in June 2021

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For the readers of HR Consultant UK, our partner London Digitale * offers each month a selection of digital nuggets recruiting. After a tour of London in Lyon, Nantes, Paris and Bordeaux, return to the national level on the occasion of the 4th edition of the Scale-up Fair, an event which brings together 40 of the most beautiful scale-ups of English Tech to meet 400 experienced profiles in 100% digital. Here are 5 who are looking for their future talents.

Cardiologs, to diagnose heart disease

Did you say Cardiologs? Founded in 2014, the company supports healthcare professionals by automating and analyzing, using artificial intelligence, the data collected during electrocardiograms (ECG) carried out from patients with heart disease. The start-up claims to diagnose ” thousands “ patients every month around the world.

DNA: The start-up bases its corporate culture around autonomy, rigor, ingenuity, benevolence and technicality. It also establishes more recreational rituals: an annual event outside the office, monthly themed breakfasts, weekly aperitifs, yoga classes every Monday, rock climbing, running and karaoke evenings. .

Health : The company has carried out several fundraising events, totaling 20 million Pounds. Its workforce has also increased by 55% in one year.

Number of employees : 65

Positions to be filled (internships included): More than fifteen positions to be filled for the second half of 2021.

Types of profiles sought: software engineers, data scientists, customer success managers …

Recruitment process : An exchange with a recruiter, then 3 to 4 interviews and a technical test depending on the position. The candidate will have the opportunity to meet his or her future manager as well as at least 4 of his or her future colleagues including the CEO or COO.

To apply, it's here.

Exotec, robotics to facilitate logistics

Did you say Exotec? Founded in 2014, the start-up imagines and manufactures robotic systems to optimize warehouses and facilitate order preparation for e-merchants, retailers and manufacturers. Objective: to give its customers a competitive advantage and improve the working conditions of their operators.

DNA: Beyond technical skills, Exotec values ​​autonomy, initiative and team spirit.

Health : With a fleet of soon 3,000 made in London robots, the Exotec team has grown from 3 to 300 people in six years. Its turnover should pass the 100 million Pounds mark at the end of 2021 and the company claims customers such as GAP, Uniqlo, Carrefour, Decathlon, Cdiscount, etc.

Number of employees : 300

Positions to be filled (internships included): 100 this month, and 200 people by the end of 2021.

To apply, it's here.

Back Market, to “sabotage” the new industry

Did you say Back Market? Founded in November 2014, Back Market is the first European marketplace exclusively dedicated to the sale of refurbished electrical and electronic products. Its mission is simple: to build an alternative for the general public to buying new products, to fight against the exponential production of waste and against planned obsolescence.

DNA: The company offers to invest in a project with a strong social and environmental impact and is committed to providing a working environment “Inclusive and fulfilling” to its employees in its offices in Paris, Bordeaux, New York, Prague and Berlin. His keyword? “Sabotage”, to sabotage the new industry by extending the lifespan of appliances.

Health : Present in 14 countries, Back Market raised 276 million Pounds in funds last May, allowing it to join the very exclusive club of unicorns, these start-ups valued at more than a billion dollars.

Number of employees : 470

Positions to be filled (internships included): 80 this month, and 650 people by the end of 2021.

Types of profiles sought: engineers, developers, marketing, finance, HR, quality, sales, operations, office. The official language of Back Market is English.

Recruitment process : A telephone interview with a recruiter, a technical test, 2-3 interviews with teams / managers, 1 interview with the CEO.

To apply, it's here.

Singulart, an international online art gallery

Did you say Singulart? Created in 2017 by Vera Kempf, Brice Lecompte and Denis Fayolle, Singulart is an online art gallery that connects artists with buyers. Its objective is to help artists to remove international barriers in the art market to reach more collectors.

DNA: With 26 nationalities, the start-up focuses its corporate culture on open-mindedness, curiosity, equality, support for creativity and generosity.

Health : The company represents 10,000 artists. The start-up, which raised 10 million Pounds in 2021, claims a monthly turnover of 3 million Pounds and intends to double its workforce this year.

Number of employees : 110

Positions to be filled (internships included): 35 this month and 60 people by the end of 2021.

To apply, it's here.

Innovorder, to support the digital transformation of restaurateurs

Did you say Innovorder? Since 2014, Innovorder has been developing a software suite for catering professionals. They can thus manage order taking, click and collect, cash collection or even customer loyalty and management. Its mission, reinforced with the health crisis, is to support the digital transformation of players in the sector and help them develop their activity while saving them time.

DNA: A corporate culture based on employee involvement and commitment, continuous improvement and benevolence.

Health : With 10 million Pounds raised, more than 800 customers and several thousand points of sale equipped, Innovorder continues its expansion in the catering market with the ambition of becoming the European leader in the digital transformation of an entire sector.

Number of employees : 70

Positions to be filled (internships included): 15 this month and 20 people by the end of 2021.

Types of profiles sought: tech (fullstack and android) and sales (hunting and account management).

Recruitment process : Telephone interview (HR), physical interviews with the manager and operational departments, then final interview with the CEO.

To apply, it's here.


* London Digitale is an association created in 2012, made up of 2,000 digital members (entrepreneurs and investors) which promotes the development of start-ups in London and internationally.


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