Bad habits to lose to better manage your emails

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For many English people, the mailbox has become the n ° 1 work tool. Some kind of better enemy. So that email management does not become your main activity, here are the bad habits to get rid of, and quickly.

The frantic consultation of his box

Checking your mailbox every two minutes is a global scourge that affects both professional life and peso. “We must fight against addiction to emails,” warns Aline Nishimata, professor and expert in e-communication. She recommends “knowing how to pick up and avoid consulting your box every quarter of an hour because it is a great source of deconcentration and waste of time. ” According to her, most trades do not require more than one to two daily visits. But the good news is, there are tools that can help you fight this bad habit. “It is possible to configure Outlook to receive emails only at certain times,” indicates Luc Demaret, author of the book. Manage your emails efficiently. It's a good way to avoid receiving notifications every five minutes via your smartphone. And don't forget that email should not be used as a substitute for other means of communication. “Sometimes a problem can be resolved in two minutes with a phone call rather than ping-pong emails,” notes Luc Demaret.

“Get used to having an explicit headline. This allows you to know the content of the email before you even open it. What to avoid spending too much time consulting emails that have little interest. “

Several topics in the same discussion

“Too many people will respond to each other and deviate from the initial subject without taking care to restart with a new message”, observes Pascale Belorgey, in charge of the “Learn to manage your mailbox” training at Cegos. Result: two engineers on a site may find themselves talking about a Z site in a discussion initially talking about the Y site, resulting in a great impression of clutter and difficulty in finding traces of the emails in question thereafter. The trainer's advice? “Devote a dedicated topic per discussion thread. »Organizational question.

The absence of clear objects

In an email, the subject is sometimes just as important as the content. “Too many emails lack a clear title, or have no title at all,” observes Luc Demaret. Result: an accumulation of emails starting with “not applicable” or, worse, “re, re, re”. His recommendation: “Get in the habit of having an explicit headline. Which allows know the content of the email and its urgency before even opening it. »What to avoid spending too much time to consult emails which have little interest.

The systematic “answer to all”

Consolidated sending is a habit that must be definitely gotten rid of, advises Luc Demaret. “In some companies, it has become systematic to send a copy of an email to everyone because it allows you to avoid getting tired of looking for who is really affected by the subject of the email. “In the end, this reflex is very harmful because it pollutes mailboxes and leads to a great waste of time: you spend more time sorting the mails that really concern you than thinking about when to target the sending. ” It is a collective effort to be made to correct this problem within a society. Everyone can do their own ”, Believes Pascale Belorgey ,. How to cure it ? “”By having the reflex to select the people to whom you will respond to an email,” she says. Of the ten who received it, perhaps it is only the person you are talking to who is ultimately affected by your response. ”

Subscription to useless newsletters

The last recommendation is to avoid polluting your professional mailbox with advertising emails or information that is not directly useful to you. “All these newsletters to which we sometimes subscribe without realizing it by forgetting to uncheck a box weigh down your receptions, make you waste time deleting them and can interfere with reading much more essential emails », Observes Aline Nishimata. To fight, Luc Demaret created a special box, in addition to his personal box and his professional box, in which all the commercial links and newsletters arrive. “A good way to gain clarity”, according to him.



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