Balance between personal and professional life: why should your company worry about that?

Balance between personal and professional life: why should your company worry about that?

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What is work-life balance? This concept that is so in vogue lately, reinforces the importance of balance between personal and professional life and the need to devote due attention to all sectors of your life.

Many professionals understand that their quality of life is closely linked to the balance between personal and professional life, and prioritize this.

However, some companies end up overwhelm your employees. This brings a number of complications to your own growth.

In this post, we will explain:

  1. the concept of work-life balance;
  2. list the consequences that work overload causes;
  3. what HR can do to make it easier for employees to have a more harmonious life.

If you are interested in work-life balance, continue reading the post!

What is the balance between personal and professional life?

The definition of work-life balance, that is, what harmony between sectors of life is, can be totally individual and more than that, cultural.

Countries have different conceptions of what the balance between personal and professional life can be.

However, we can affirm that this ideal point occurs when the worker has time and willingness to take care of other aspects of his daily life, such as:

  • health;
  • family;
  • relationships.

All of this without feeling that you are at risk of being fired.

Currently, there is a metric called the Better Life Index, which compares the balance between personal and professional life worldwide.

This index takes several factors into account when it comes to calculate the quality of that proportion. Among them are:

  • the number of hours worked per week;
  • the number of working mothers;
  • the time people spend on personal activities, such as leisure and hygiene.

Within this research, the Netherlands presents the better quality of life, with less than 0.5% of the population having to work for long periods.

O Brazil has 7% of the population working long hours. However, the average income is lower than the general income found in other countries, and only 64% of UK citizens have a paid job.

Consequences of the lack of balance between the different sectors of the worker's life

Every day, more people dedicate themselves to work and end up leaving their personal lives in the background.

This can be motivated by wants and needs such as:

  • build financial security;
  • having achievements that are only possible with money;
  • the passion for work.

Regardless of the reason, it is essential to find the balance between personal and professional life. O excess of work can bring a lot of negative consequences, among which we can highlight:

Mental disorders

Stress, depression and burnout syndrome are diseases caused by excessive tasks or pressure in the workplace. They can incapacitate the professional, making him unable to carry out his activities and being forced to leave.

These problems have some characteristics in common, such as:

Treatment involves therapy and medication intake.

Wear and tear on family and social relationships

With the high dedication to professional life, love, family and friendship relationships are compromised, since the individual does not invest more time in his affective needs.

It is common for these connections to be deteriorated, which can aggravate a picture of depression caused by overwork. In some cases, this exaggeration is used precisely to mask problems in these sectors.

Pains in general

Low back pain, tendonitis, headaches and muscle aches are also common symptoms in people who have no balance between personal and professional life.

These symptoms can appear in those who work in offices, or in workers who perform more manual and repetitive functions.

Drop in productivity

Overwork can lead to a drop in the results of productivity indicators.

The state of extreme tiredness and apathy affects the ability to perform tasks with dedication and excellence. All of this has negative effects such as:

  • limitation of creative skills;
  • difficulty in reasoning on issues that the professional would easily resolve if he were in full condition.

How can HR solve the problem and propose a better balance between personal and professional life?

The HR sector must pay attention to the health of your company's employees.

The department needs to pay attention to people who used to have a good income and suddenly demonstrate:

Some actions can be proposed to increase the balance between personal and professional life, promoting greater well-being at work.

Meet them all below!

1. More flexibility

The use of technology for work means that many functions can be exercised in a remote, just that the professional has a good computer with internet access.

It is worth the company to think about which functions can be released and which benefit from the home office, which will help the professional to spend more time with the family.

The importance of flexible working hours should not be ignored and it is also an excellent alternative, so it is possible for the professional to avoid rush hours and rest a little longer.

Read more about these aspects in the article: “Best practices for managing remote workers“.

2. Overtime limit

Establish an overtime limit for employees.

Managers must also bear in mind the importance of quality of life for employees and avoid very tight deadlines or excessive charges.

If possible, also study the possibility of the office hours not occupying the weekends. This way, workers will have a little more time to take care of their personal issues.

3. Programs focused on financial well-being

Concern about bills to pay is one of the factors that most stress employees.

Try to promote financial education programs in the company, so that your employees are able to manage well what they earn and do not need to work more.

This will also prevent this type of concern from affecting income and requiring work to be carried out after hours to complete.

Read too: Discover the benefits of financial well-being for employees

4. Promote benefits that add to the quality of life

Companies can promote actions that help in the quality of life of their employees, helping to keep them healthy and willing.

You can think of including some benefits in your organization's benefits package. For example, discounts at gyms or health plans, so that the worker has specialized care if he starts to develop any symptoms. Other initiatives are:

  • sessions of quick massage in the company;
  • labor gymnastics;
  • healthy eating programs;
  • decompression rooms, among others.

The company can, and should, provide the means for the employee to be able to find a balance between personal and professional life.

As much as the focus on results is important for the development of the organization, it is worth remembering that an exhausted or unhappy worker will produce less and with poor quality.

Are you curious? Law too; “Does a happy employee produce more? Find out here! ”.

Before we close, it is important that the Human Resources department has time to focus on analyzing and identifying problems with its employees. For this, it is important that some tasks in the sector are optimized with the help of technology.

Meet HR Consultant UK, a Human Resources platform that will transform the way your company manages people.

With our system you will:

  • reduce the time in your employee dismissal admission processes;
  • have a clearer and safer process;
  • avoid penalties, fines or any risk related to legal issues and information management of the company.

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