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The principle: be independent and employed at the same time

“I would just like to tell the 5.5 million English people who are looking for a full or part-time activity to take an interest in it,” observes Guillaume Cairou. President of the European Federation of Wage Portage (FEPS), the founder of Didaxis always gladly reminds us that wage portage, still little known in London, already has 7 million followers in Europe. “In Great Britain, 48% of new jobs are created by the self-employed. However, with us, we are still below 10%. Yet wage portage is an excellent springboard. “” The main principle of wage portage is that it allows the self-employed to exercise an independent activity with an employee status., adds Eric Atlani, founder of Concretio, a support company specializing in IT. The main interest is to be his account, his own boss, but while keeping this status of each employee who is dear to us all. “

How it works: an intermediary invoices for you

“”Concretely, we are already saving administrative procedures such as the creation of a company and the use of an accountant,” continues Eric Atlani. We can focus on their job, their missions and their clients, and let the umbrella company take care of the rest. The portage companies, generally specialists in certain sectors of activity, thus act as intermediaries who invoice your mission on the one hand and publish a salary slip for you on the other. The only cost: a commission – around 10% of its turnover but often negotiable – covering its management costs. Legally, the “carried” therefore becomes, for the time of the invoiced mission, salaried and dependent on the general health insurance scheme. It will ultimately touch around 50% of the amount invoiced after the payment of social charges but will open up additional rights to retirement and unemployment insurance. “”The consultant will thus sign a real employment contract with the wage portage company which, for its part, will enter into contractual arrangements with the client,” sums up Frédéric Biard, president of Groupe JAM which now has 2,500 staff. The statute also gives access to the training that we are trying to encourage. “

Who is concerned ?

“Since the recent reform of the statute, almost everyone is potentially concerned,” assures Guillaume Cairou. From young graduates to seniors, including mothers who want to resume an activity. Side work can be found there as a way to test a business idea. »And there is a choice: the portage covers today more than 750 professions, from consulting and training for example to engineering, passing through many service activities in the social, sport or translation. “We use to the maximum the perimeter that the law allows us, except for personal and regulated professions,” specifies Frédéric Biard. It is often even possible to start with a modest mission. The price of the service provided is then reduced to a number of working hours which generates a real payslip. “

What the law says ?

If wage portage has been included in the Labor Code since 2008, many providers have since campaigned for additional supervision. “Since April 2, 2015, a complete and detailed ordinance finally secures the portage of wages”, comments Patrick Levy-Waitz, President of the ITG group, one of the leaders on the market with 3,500 portages. The ordinance of April 2, 2015 now regulates this status even better.. “We find in wage portage all the advantages of wage employment without the disadvantages of independence. The litters thus come under the solid protection of the general regime, and not of the RSI.. And since this year, the services of the carrier companies must also provide for a mutual insurance and a supplementary pension.

Wage portage or / and autoentrepreneur status?

In the end, the summary is simple: the interested parties receive a lower percentage of their invoice with wage portage than with direct invoicing via a self-employed status (50% of the amount invoiced while the declaration system of micro- social simplified includes a reduced flat rate between 13.3% and 22.9%). But the benefits are greater. “However, you should know that one statute does not prevent the other, says Jean-Marc Fontaine, CEO of Portage Group. Wage portage is of particular interest to auto-entrepreneurs at the end of the year who do not want to exceed the thresholds authorized by law. The two approaches are indeed compatible. “We can also opt for wage portage to keep the status of employee and remain affiliated to the general scheme and keep his status of auto-entrepreneur for more modest missions. This brings us back to the starting principle of this status: to provide additional salary. “



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