Behavioral mapping: what is it and how to do it?

Behavioral mapping: what is it and how to do it?

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Behavioral or personality mapping is a process that consists of identifying people's skills. Companies use it to apply to employees and discover their skills.

Each person is unique and has his / her own own characteristics and ways of acting in a given situation.

However, in the work environment it is necessary for everyone to respect the differences for a better coexistence.

This is necessary to generate harmony between employees, ensuring more affinity and productivity.

But, to ensure that this happens, it is necessary to carry out a behavioral mapping of employees and even the candidates in the recruitment and selection processes.

This process is part of the tools of the sector responsible for people management – HR.

This type of instrument is widely used by companies to analyze whether a particular professional is qualified for a possible position in the organization.

Testing is essential for choosing the best candidates, as many professionals may even have the necessary training, but do not have the appropriate behavioral profile.

Because of this, it is necessary to carry out analyzes to identify what are the profiles of the professionals and which fit best in your business. Only then, it will be possible to assemble a unified and productive team.

However, when carrying out the analysis, many companies do not know how to act and the data collected ends up not being used.

Does your company already conduct employee behavioral mapping? Do you know how it works? To help you define the best behavioral analysis strategies, we have prepared this article. Check out!

What is behavioral mapping?

The mapping of the employees' behavioral profile is a process that involves several techniques, such as tests, group dynamics, interviews and even simulations.

Through it, HR is able to map the profile of the professionals, considering various aspects, such as mental model, preferences, motivations and restrictions of each one.

More than just putting a label on employees, this tool helps corporations to approach your team, understanding their needs and difficulties.

When performing the behavioral mapping of employees, it is possible to identify different skills and preferences, as well as the main personal characteristics of each professional. Such as:

  • emotional intelligence;
  • maturity;
  • power of communication and persuasion;
  • productivity levels;
  • creative thinking;
  • ethics and honesty;
  • degree of collaboration;
  • decision-making and leadership skills.

In this way, companies are able to carry out a more strategic people management, assembling a team with high potential.

How to do the mapping?

It is accomplished through structured questionnaires which must be answered by the employees themselves according to their preferences, perceptions, values ​​and priorities.

The mapping should be applied in three steps:

  • Note;
  • application of questionnaires;
  • and consolidation of results.

Thus, from the identified behavior, HR is able to detect what are the skills and competencies of the evaluated.

After that, HR collects the information and performs a detailed analysis, identifying possible patterns. He can identify several traits and competencies when mapping the profile of employees, such as:


Seen in a positive light, it shows the propensity of people to not easily give up on their goals and objectives.

People with this profile usually demonstrate a greater capacity for ttransform goals into personal challenges, achieving greater results.


This trait demonstrates ease of dealing with adverse situations and is also an important competence.

The employees who have it, have a greater capacity to face change and adapt.


Whoever possesses this characteristic can be seen by the company as a next leader. This professional tends to take responsibility in difficult times and guide others.


People with a high level of concentration can perform complex and difficult tasks. This trait must be present in those employees who perform critical tasks for the company.

However, for the results to be assertive, it is necessary to have a trained team.

When interpreting the results correctly, it is possible to use them during the selection of new employees, in the planning of training and even in the identification of talents.

How to use it?

O behavioral mapping of employees it can be applied during different processes and for certain purposes. Follow along to find out what they are:

1. Recruitment and selection

O recruitment and selection it is an extremely important process for companies and must be carried out with care.

HR must find the right people talented and competent for the new position.

However, this is not enough, so the behavioral mapping assists HR in finding people with profiles that best fit their needs organizational culture from the company.

2. Improve the internal relationship

Understanding employees' goals and difficulties is essential to improving the relationship between company and employees. Through the behavioral mapping it is possible.

In this way, the company can assist its team in the face of their needs. Therefore, employees realize that they are an important part of the organization and start to become more satisfied and motivated in your work.

3. Team integration

In order to have a unified team that works in harmony, it is necessary to invest in employees with common values, preferences and profiles.

Thus, by knowing exactly the behavior of each person, it is possible to adapt people into functions and groups that are more likely to develop their potential.

4. Self-assessment

The questionnaires of the behavioral mapping it also helps the professionals themselves to evaluate their profile and personality.

This way, they will be able to see better if they are developing their skills as they should.

Now that you have realized the importance of behavioral mapping and how to do it with your employees, it's time to get to know a tool that can help you with this task. Follow us!

Can tools help profile mapping?

Most people are not used to going through any kind of automap exercise, ignoring processes like therapy, coaching and even behavioral analysis.

Therefore, the use of mapping tools can assist the process. They provide subsidies so that HR can really understand the evaluated and they can express themselves better.

Usually, people are afraid to answer profile analyzes, especially at work, thinking that they have an evaluative nature.

Therefore, to enhance the mapping and evaluations, it is possible to use the DISC methodology in the process.

DISC Methodology

DISC is a feature of behavioral analysis which helps the company to understand how its employees relate to other people, their reactions to certain situations and other points.

His method is based on four factors. Are they:

  • dominance: related to the way people deal with challenges and difficulties;
  • influence: refers to the person's ability to influence and relate to others;
  • stability: it consists of the way professionals deal with moments of diversity and unforeseen circumstances;
  • compliance: it concerns the way that each one sees and reacts on the rules to be followed.

The DISC methodology was created by the American William Moulton in the 1920s, with his theory that explained the people's emotional responses.

According to her, there is no better or worse professional, everyone has the potential for success.

However, each one is more likely to succeed when they are in professions that are compatible with their behavioral profile.

Through DISC, your company can perform:

  • mapping of teams with greater assertiveness;
  • develop the leadership potential of certain employees;
  • relocate people from positions;
  • manage internal conflicts;
  • motivate the team, etc.

The benefits of carrying out the behavioral mapping of employees already hired and also of the candidates in the recruitment process are great.

Your company may be able to develop the potential of each employee by understanding what he needs. Thus, you can build teams with a high potential for success.

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