Benefits and organizational climate: understand the relationship!

Benefits and organizational climate: understand the relationship!

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Every HR professional must understand very well the relationship between benefits and organizational climate. A quality environment is fundamental to the success of the business, and benefits play a very important role in this, as they are highly valued by employees.

With that in mind, we explain in this post everything you need to know to understand the impact of benefits on your company's climate. Want to know more? Check it out below!

What is organizational climate?

O organizational climate it is an indicator of employee satisfaction with the quality of the work environment. It directly influences various aspects of the company's day-to-day activities, such as productivity and the level of employee engagement, being essential to ensure good results for the business.

As it is a subjective concept, it is not so easy to measure the quality of the organizational climate. One of the most effective ways is to make a climate research, with questions related to the company's atmosphere.

Another good strategy is observe the behavior of the team day to day. See if people get along, how teamwork is going and if there are a lot of complaints. All of this will be very useful to assess how the climate is and what measures can be taken to improve it.

There are several factors that affect the organizational climate, such as interpersonal relationships, office structure, systems, processes, culture and policies HR. One of the most important aspects is the benefit plan, as we will see below.

What is the relationship between benefits and organizational climate?

Currently, benefits are among the top priorities for professionals when evaluating a job opportunity. This happens because of the positive effect they bring to the quality of life and for the welfare.

Many initiatives focus on directly improving the physical and mental health of employees, while others facilitate personal life, bringing more tranquility to the day to day.

This is where the relationship between benefits and organizational climate comes in. Because they have access to these advantages, workers become more engaged, motivated and improve your relationship with colleagues and customers, aspects that make all the difference in the work environment.

On the other hand, when the routine is stressful, employees become more susceptible to mood swings, depression, anxiety and even chronic illnesses. Under these conditions, it is impossible to build a positive climate in the company.

What benefits influence the organizational climate?

To improve the organizational climate, it is necessary to go beyond the obvious in choosing the benefits. After all, every company offers transportation vouchers, meal ticket and health plan.

Not to be one in a million anymore, be creative and seek differentials that the eyes of the collaborators shine. Only then can you truly increase satisfaction and build a positive environment in the company.

In other words, it is necessary to implement Additional benefits, which are usually offered by companies in a spontaneous and strategic way. The focus should be on improving the physical, mental, financial and social well-being of the entire team. Below are some examples of how this can be done.

Recreation Area

Many companies that are a reference in the organizational climate, like Google, have offices with personalized, colorful and relaxed environments. In addition, they offer privileges such as pools, courts, beauty salon, break rooms, video games and free snacks.

If your organization can implement at least some of these benefits, they will certainly bring great results to people management. Making the working environment more comfortable is an excellent strategy for increasing the team happiness and helping employees to renew their energy.

Pet friendly environment

Nowadays, pets play an important role in the lives of many people, who treat them like real members of the family. Some employees have fear of leaving pets at home during office hours, worrying about them all day while they are at work.

Why not solve this problem by turning it into a pet friendly company? Some companies allow employees' dogs and cats to roam freely around the office. Others have special spaces for employees to leave pets, as if it were a day care center.

In one way or another, the measure is quite valid. Have animals close by improves mood and makes employees more relaxed, in addition to reassuring the pet owner, who will always have him close by. Therefore, the pet friendly environment is a great example of the relationship between benefits and the organizational climate.

On-demand salary

Facilitating the financial life of employees is a great tip for improving the organizational climate. But how do you do that? In recent years, an interesting alternative has appeared on the market: on-demand salary.

In this model, the employee can withdraw his salary at any time, without waiting for a fixed payment date. Everything is done through apps like HR Consultant UKy, which is responsible for advancing the values ​​proportional to the days already worked in the month, becoming a true business partner.

That way, employees earn more freedom and control over money itself, making it easier to organize your budget and schedule your spending. With less financial stress in the team, the organizational climate improves exponentially.

Massage and yoga

Relaxing mid-day activities, such as massage and yoga classes, also prove how important the relationship between benefits and organizational climate is.

Initiatives like this demonstrate that the company sees employees as human beings, who need a break to rest their bodies and minds in the midst of everyday stress.

After the activities, the employees return to work much more concentrated and comfortable, which helps to keep the indoor climate always high.

As we saw throughout the post, benefits and organizational climate are directly related to the company's routine. That is why, be creative and relevant when building the benefits package, choosing advantages that meet the needs of employees. This is the best way to guarantee positive results for the business and for the management of people.

Did you like the article? Tell us in the comments how you use the benefits in favor of your company's organizational climate!



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