Benefits of developing talent in the company

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Benefits of developing talent in the company

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Attracting and retaining talent in the company is one of the great challenges of the current market. Whoever manages to build an environment of continuity is always ahead of the competition. However, it is extremely necessary develop talent for the company to evolve.

Especially because developing talents reflects a potential for skills and competences so that performance is higher every day.

The adoption of development programs it can, for example, increase productivity, improve the quality of work and engage employees more.

In addition, companies that are able to apply good people management practices, such as actions to develop talents, increase the productivity of their professionals by up to 51%, according to Top Employers Institute survey.

Knowing the importance of developing talents, we prepared a list with the main advantages of adopting a development program in companies. Check out!

Talent development programs: discover 6 advantages

Developing talents in the company is part of a constant challenge of maintaining skills and abilities. Companies that recognize the need for the evolution of their professionals are more likely to obtain results.

In Brazil, talent retention is still taking slow steps. O Global Talent Ranking, from IMD, placed Brazil in 57th place, in a list of 61 countries, with the capacity to retain talents.

Given these numbers, we will present below the main advantages that a good talent development program can offer companies. See some of these benefits below.

More engaged and motivated employees

Developing talent is closely linked to the possibility of offering employees opportunities for them to develop in the company. Whoever achieves this reality will have employees who are more engaged and motivated.

Since the professional development, coming through professional growth actions, makes the employee feel relevant to the company. A closer and more just relationship is created, which goes beyond the protocol of completing tasks.

In fact, 49% of employees value the growth opportunities in the company. GPTW study. In other words, this is a determining factor for retaining talent.

Increased productivity

With engaged employees productivity can grow up to 147% indicated a Gallup study. The sales volume also suffers positive impacts and can increase up to 20%. For this reason, more than half of HR executives (53%) prioritize talent retention in the creation of new strategies, Xerox consulting.

For that reason, developing talent can be the key to productivity success. Not only because, through these actions, employees will feel happier with the company, but because will be better prepared to perform their duties.

Higher quality in the execution of tasks

With the practice of actions to develop talents, the qualitative part of the execution of the tasks is much greater. This is because professionals will be better prepared to perform their functions in the right way.

Not to mention that when developing talents it is simpler to align the goals and objectives of the company with that of employees. Thus, the employee and the company go together in search of results, and the quality of the work is much higher.

Significant improvement in team performance

Teamwork can contribute to an increase in individual performance of up to 64%, pointed out a study at Stanford University. For this reason, it is essential that everyone within the team is prepared to face the company's daily challenges.

In this sense, with strategies to develop talents, there is a significant improvement in the teams' performance.

Because, when talent is trained, it starts to feel important to the company and starts to recognize that teamwork is crucial to its success. Becoming even a mentor to those professionals who most need help.

Correct targeting of employees in relation to positions

Developing talents in the company not only allows competences and skills to be enhanced, but also that company to find the ideal professionals for the specific functions.

Thus, the jobs and their due executions are adjusted correctly and the potentials of the talents can be fully utilized.

The author Mario Sergio Cortella says that: “It is not enough to have information, you need to know what to do with it“. We can use this phrase as a basis to say that a talent in a wrong role, no matter how skilled he is, will be an ordinary professional.

Thus, a good talent development program must also be able to realign functions and direct employees to the right positions.

The consequence of this is the enhancement of the skills and performance of the professionals involved.

Cost reduction

When the turnover rate It's from absenteeism is high, the tendency is for the company to create a vicious cycle of capital loss. The more employees leave, the greater the costs of dismissal, admission and loss of intellectual capital.

Within this reality, the results are completely affected. Therefore, developing talents can be an excellent option for your employees style=”font-weight: 400;”> be satisfied and think twice before accepting another job.

Based on the assumption of continuity, the company will be able to save resources that would be destined to terminations and new hires. Investing money correctly in people management style=”font-weight: 400;”> and talent retention.

The tendency, in this case, is that the investment in talent is more advantageous and assertive than a professional replacement process.

Developing talent is a priority

Developing talent should be one of the big priorities in the programs of people management style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Since companies that manage to retain a talent are more likely to get good results.

Because, by giving opportunities for professionals to develop, the company is not only contributing to the growth of its employees, but it is also forming a team of stronger and better trained professionals.

As we can see, the strategy to develop talents also brings several advantages to the companies' daily routine. Benefits ranging from an increase in productivity to higher quality of execution in the delivery of tasks.

This is because employees will be more satisfied with the company, happy and committed to the goals that have been set for them. Thus, the rate of turnover and absenteeism is reduced.

And what has your company done to develop talent? Leave a comment in the post and tell us.



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