Benefits of the home office for the company and how to implement it

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Benefits of the home office for the company and how to implement it

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The home office is a current practice adopted by many professionals and known as the work of the future. But which ones are real home office benefits for the company?

In its literal translation, the term means “home office”, that is, the one in which the employee carries out his activities at home, eliminating the need to travel to the address of the company for which he works.

However, despite its literal translation, home office does not necessarily mean that the work is carried out at the employee's home, but rather, in a alternative location to the office from the company.

A person can therefore develop their home office work from:

  • hotels;
  • airports;
  • From home;
  • cafeterias, among others.

Other terms related to this type of work are known as: remote work, distance work and portable work.

The home office has become more common among companies in Brazil, mainly due to the change in innovative organizational culture, which is increasingly valuing the quality of life of its employees.

It is believed that by 2021 almost 90% of corporations already offer their employees some distance work modality.

In addition, the world we live in is very much linked to technology and productivity – companies that fail to reach their maximum potential, cannot survive the current competitive market.

This has caused companies to become more flexible and start betting on new ways of working and on the advantages of the home office.

What are the benefits of the home office for the company?

With the adoption of the home office, both employees, how much companies can earn.

The practice allows for greater flexibility, which generates greater productivity in activities and cost reduction, without a drop in quality.

Do not stop there, among the benefits of the home office for the company, are still:

  • Economy with social charges;
  • Offering better products and services and with reduced costs;
  • Benefits tax;
  • Optimization its activities;
  • Talent retention, after all, the home office is part of the company's benefits package;
  • Increased productivity with the reduction of interruptions at work;
  • Waste reduction of resources;
  • Hiring experts and talents without the worry of distance;
  • More structured labor laws.

Better understand the regulation of the home office with the exclusive article; “Remote work and labor reform: impacts on the home office model”.

These are just some of the benefits of the home office for the company. But, for employees, what are the advantages of the home office?

How does the professional benefit from the home office?

Thanks to the popularization of the internet and the development of several information technologies, which allow mobile work, it has become much easier and more comfortable for employees to develop their activities with the home office.

1. Flexibility

Being able to rely on flexible working hours is one of the advantages of the home office most sought after by professionals today.

To be able to define and organize the time you will work, perform your tasks in the moments of greatest concentration and reconcile them with personal commitments. Which employee wouldn't like that?

The home office has allowed greater flexibility in schedules for employees, which has contributed significantly to increasing the productivity of professionals.

2. Convenience

Don't worry about catching traffic or using public transport to get to work, especially in large cities, has been one of the great benefits of the home office.

The convenience of not wasting hours in traffic is a determining factor for the success of this modality.

3. Quality of life

The time saved with the home office can be reversed in moments that the employee will spend with his family, will play sports, study, take care of his health or even solve personal matters.

The improvement in the quality of life at work is an essential factor for employees to look for this type of work.

4. Reduction of expenses

It is not just the company that will save money, the employee will also be able to cut expenses, such as transportation and food in restaurants, for example.

But what about home office regulations and labor laws?

The home office is already recognized and regulated by the CLT and offers guarantees for both employers and employees.

There are established rules that provide for the same labor and social security rights as CLT for those who do remote work.

After the 2017 labor reform, with the regulation of the home office, it is necessary to establish some points in the employment contract, such as who will bear the costs of infrastructure and equipment for the development of the activity.

About the workday, there are no limits on hours worked, nor overtime pay.

There must be an agreement between the parties on the number of tasks. As long as the CLT vacation rules and 13th salary, they must be maintained.

Thus, there is no differentiation for the rules applied at work within the company and the regulation of the home office, as long as employment relationships are characterized in the contract.

The employee then continues to be entitled to all the benefits provided, with the exception of the transportation voucher, which will only be mandatory on the days when the employee needs to go to the company.

How to deploy a home office in your company: 4 steps (with pictures)

Now that you know the benefits of the home office for the company and the advantages for the employees, it's time to learn how to implement the home office in the company.

If your organization is thinking about joining this type of work, it is essential to prepare yourself to be able to reach the goals better results.

A good alternative is to implement the modality little by little.

HR can make a pilot program to assess how your employees will perform, what will be the productivity and performance of activities.

read more: Know the different types of performance evaluation and optimize your team's performance.

For effective success and guarantee of the benefits of the home office for the company, it is also necessary for the organization to adopt a high performance organizational culture.

Check out a step by step that will help HR in the implementation of the work model:

1. Selection of professionals

The home office is a modality that attracts most people, however, not all professionals are prepared for it.

It requires commitment and organization, so it is important to assess the behavioral profile of employees before defining who will be able to perform the home office.

Establish clear rules that take into account all the complexity of the work that must be carried out, in addition to the risks of security that information of the company will be exposed outside the work environment.

It is important that the employee is aware of the responsibilities he will assume.

2. Provide systems and software

In order for the employee to be able to carry out all his activities as he would in his office, it is necessary that he has all tools and software at your disposal from the company.

Therefore, before releasing the home office, the company should talk to the IT team to assess what can be done remotely and which accesses should be allowed to the employee.

3. Set real goals

Just like internal employees, those who work in the home office must also be analyzed by HR in order to be able to measure their results. Therefore, set real goals so that employees know what the company expects of them.

Find out how to do it in the article; “Performance Evaluation: discover secrets and make the perfect evaluation!”.

4. Evaluate the results

To find out if the modality is bringing the benefits of the home office to the company, it is important to measure the results of the employees.

The company must, therefore, adopt mechanisms for constant monitoring and provide continuous and periodic feedbacks to always seek the best results.


The home office is a modern practice and many companies are still afraid to implement it in their business.

However, as you can see, this modality can bring many benefits for your company and contribute significantly to resource savings and quality of services and products. In addition to helping your company to get ahead of the competition!

If you still have doubts about how to implement the home office in the company and the difference to the traditional model, check out our post on how to control employees' working hours.

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