Big brother is… helping you!

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Big brother is… helping you!

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Dashboards and reports give you a grip on the progress of your employees. For some people this may feel like control, but if you use it as a means to coach your employees, it will yield something for everyone.


A modern learning platform offers the possibility to view extensive progress information. ‘That can feel like' Big Brother is watching you ‘, but you can also see it as a tool,' says Arjan de Knegt, our online marketer. ‘As an employee, you can not only see your own progress in our platform, but you also get reminders. For example, I follow various Google training courses myself. Our system keeps an eye on the deadlines for me. Because before you know it you will be a week further. When I get a message: ‘Hi Arjan, you haven't learned anything new for a week!', It stimulates me to dive into the virtual books again. ‘


In the HR Consultants UK platform, employees see their own progress, while a manager gains insight into his or her entire team. With the reports you can easily map things such as the number of study hours, when employees were last logged in and the individual progress per course. But no one says that you should always focus on that. Marit de Haas, Personnel & Organization manager at publishing house Sdu in The Hague: ‘A number of our people indicated during the pilot that they had difficulty with the fact that the manager can see exactly how active they are. We have therefore agreed that in principle we will not watch. It is a fixed item on the agenda in regular work meetings, but we trust that the employees truthfully indicate where they stand. ‘

Own responsibility

Patrick van Aalst, technical manager at IT service provider IeTee Solutions from Oosterhout, does use the dashboard to monitor the learning performance of his employees: ‘Employees draw up a study schedule themselves in which they indicate how much they study and when. I can keep track of the actual progress on the HR Consultant UK dashboard. If someone does not make the appointment after a year, he or she will have to repay part of the training fee. That is your own responsibility. Employees must keep the initiative themselves and make their own planning. ‘

Watching while coaching

Chiel van Geelkerken, HR manager at IT service provider Conclusion from Utrecht, is also enthusiastic about the dashboard: ”In the HR Consultant UK platform, the manager can see exactly which training courses his or her people are following and how that is progressing. An important functionality. Not from a kind of ‘Big Brother is watching you', but to talk about it together and take a coaching look. ‘

Knowing more?

Would you like to know more about creating learning paths and other smart features of the HR Consultant UK learning platform? Need help to put continuous learning on the agenda and ensure that knowledge development takes on an even more strategic role? We are happy to help you! Feel free to contact us without obligation.



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