Birthday Day Off: understand WHY your company should offer this benefit to employees!

Birthday Day Off: understand WHY your company should offer this benefit to employees!

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O birthday day off it is an easy measure to be implemented and aligned with the managers and the rest of the team. After all, through day off on the anniversary, the employee receives a well-deserved rest that will be planned in advance, allowing the work to be anticipated, and the level of employee satisfaction increases considerably.

The birthday break is usually an unqualified desire of employees – and often mentioned in team meetings (and even informally requested from managers).

Why not take your employees' orders seriously? For that, it is enough to align with the HR sector some rules for the implementation of the day off on the anniversary!

In this post, you will see how this measure does not require much planning to be put into practice. Especially, when you notice its benefits, in the company's day-to-day, and how it can enrich the list of benefits and the organizational climate.

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What is day off in the company?

The day off is the English term for a paid time off for employees.

In general, it has been applied as a way of offering a benefit to professionals, but it can also be used as a type of awards to employees simple and simple, but with a positive impact.

Why offer a break on the employee's birthday?

Often, the rest of a day is mentioned as a motivational element, so why not use it in a versatile and wide way within the company?

The birthday break can serve as a kind of gift to employees, with low cost and impact on the workflow. After all, just ask birthdays that they have no pending issues for the day.

In addition, through the day off on the anniversary, companies are able to obtain some tangible benefits from their employees. Some examples:

And it is important to highlight that these qualities, together, have everything to add more impactful results for the organization, and also to strengthen the brand through the attraction and retention of talents.

Therefore, it can be a good trend that promotes benefits for both sides of this equation and can be an easy measure to implement, at a very low cost, the anniversary day off is a good strategy for companies to motivate their employees.

If you find it hard to believe, think only of the reduction in absenteeism that can be achieved with this, if the main reason for absences in the company is associated with a lack of motivation.

With everyone more satisfied, the absence level falls and the birthday break becomes an even more affordable investment.

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Which companies have adopted this benefit?

Are you looking for inspiration to find out which companies have adopted the anniversary day off? Below, we highlight some of the main international cases on the subject!


A marketing affiliate, Awin applied the anniversary day off. In addition, it invested in other actions to engage employees and make the work environment lighter, with happy hours, among other actions.

Click Travel

The company also bet on the birthday off! The result of this was the positive response from employees, with more satisfaction and motivation to achieve the results expected by the company – and for them, as a consequence.


A large international retailer, with more than 150 stores, the company bet on the anniversary day off and, in response, obtained better results measured by the productivity indicators of employees – who also gain time off on the children's first school day.


Insurance company based in Newport, Wales, Gocompare offers a series of corporate benefits to its employees – among them, the anniversary day off.

The organization has stood out for promoting well-being in the workplace, which shows:

  • collective work;
  • high productivity;
  • positive results over time.


One of the big auditing companies, KPMG also invested in the anniversary break. In addition, he stresses that he intends to focus on the balance between the personal and professional lives of his employees.

Virgin Media

The large conglomerate of broadcasts, telephony and TV is also part of the large companies that bet on the day off of their employees' birthday.

This helps to create a productive and collaborative organizational culture. Not to mention that engagement and motivation are larger, making the company able to stipulate continually bigger goals – and count on the support of the employees in reaching them.

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What other benefits can your employee delight?

In addition to the benefit of granting your professionals' birthday day off, there are other ways to ensure a more complete employee experience.

After all, the advantages of investing in these stocks are varied, as we have already highlighted. And you can build a market reputation that will help to strengthen your brand and attract talent to your company.

Read more at: What is employer branding: benefits for the company and how to implement [passo a passo]

Check out, below, what other alternatives can be included in the repertoire of benefits focused on the well-being and quality of life of its staff:

Did you see how there are several ways to make the anniversary day off the starting point for building – and maintaining – an incredible company?

Implementing a financial well-being program in the company, with policies such as salary on demand is one of the most modern benefits for your employees and an investment in your company and the results you expect from it. This is because one of the biggest causes of stress at work it is the indebtedness or the lack of money to pay for any unforeseen event. The result of financial stress among employees is a lack of focus, decreased productivity and a drop in income.

HR Consultant UKy is a HR Consultant UK tool that offers salary on demand. By registering in the system, your employees can withdraw their payments whenever they want in a simple and instantaneous way. Find out why the company invests more in financial welfare programs? Good reading!

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