Black Friday 2021: learn how to prepare your company

Black Friday 2020: learn how to prepare your company

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Many people are looking forward to one of the most anticipated periods of the year and with a promising percentage of sales: it's Black Friday. Your customer may also be expecting an offer or promotion, regardless of whether you provide products or services.

But what about your company, is it prepared for Black Friday 2021? At this point, it is important to activate creativity and agility to understand how to enjoy the season in favor of your business!

If you have not programmed, rest assured that there is still time: we will help you with this article full of unbeatable tips to not miss the unique possibility of improving your recipe even before Christmas!

sexta-feira Negra

sexta-feira Negra means black friday and, according to theories circulating on the web, the term was first used in 1869, when a group of investors tried to control the gold trade, causing a sharp drop in prices and, consequently, an intense economic recession .

Despite the unproven origin, the good news is that Black Friday has gained positive proportions globally, and thousands of companies around the world are aiming for their advantageous share of profit on the promotional Friday chart.

And yours, will you stay out of this?

Consumer demands real discounts

However, to increase sales at this time, the ideal is to adjust in advance, in order to define which goods or services you can apply a fair discount.

This is because the consumer is increasingly experienced and demanding, since most of the purchase decisions are made after searching on the screen of the cell phone itself.

And if he has the power in his hands, literally, it means that he can distinguish what is really on offer from what is often considered or denounced as misleading advertising – as with somes e-commerces, for example.

Therefore, in addition to acting ethically to optimize the recognition of its brand and revenue, the sexta-feira Negra it is also a good opportunity to rethink the type of business management that has been practiced in your establishment.

How to prepare your company for Black Friday

But before you even think about plotting your showcase, spreading balloons at the headquarters or welcoming the customer to the office with confetti during the sale, continue reading and understand some decisive aspects for good management:

1. Organize your Stock

Exercise one inventory control effective is usually one of the most critical points for entrepreneurs, managers and administrators. It is not for nothing that the expression “Has, but it's over” became popularly known.

To provide a good shopping experience, perform an effective management of all merchandise that enters and leaves your business: this is the first step to prepare yourself to receive the increase in demand efficiently.

2. Capricious in disclosure

Marketing comes as a great ally of micro, small and medium-sized companies that want to take advantage of the date to sell more.

If the big brands already established do not measure efforts, smaller organizations also need to be aware to attract a greater number of people willing to benefit from the excellent cost benefit practiced in the period.

In this regard, having a customer base impeccably structured helps you to design competent actions and marketing campaigns that reach the public really inclined to buy from you.

3. Prepare your team

However, there is no point in specializing in flashy decoration, graphic pieces and highly seductive signs that encourage acquisition, without thinking about the human side of the thing, which is to empower its members with high motivation!

For this, a relevant detail is guide your employees so as not to drop the shuttlecock when the demand increases a lot.

It turns out that a typical Black Friday action, especially for shopkeepers, is to extend the workday, betting on working shifts to keep the trade available at unusual times – all for the convenience of the public!

But nobody wants to be surprised negatively by a stressed consultant, who can't take the consumer's doubts or work with maximum excellence, right ?!

So don't neglect the importance of taking care of your team, checking whether it has enough staff or whether it is recommended to seek new hires, or even temporary labor.

With this care, it is possible to make a fair and healthy promotional period, where everyone wins: company, customer and employee.

Otherwise, there is a risk of falling into the opposite objective, and having a Friday full of problems, lost chances and irreparable complaints!

4. Expand payment options

You are accessing essential tips for a successful Black Friday. In addition to inventory, marketing and staff oriented, varying payment intermediaries can also make the customer choose your business, rather than the competition.

After all, settling means not only reducing prices for the buyer to pay in cash, but also providing easy payment alternatives.

5. Monitor the results

Aware of this, take advantage of the opportunity, but be sure to measure the results with managerial data, sales reports and commissions, or vouchers that indicate necessary improvements for a more assertive preparation in the next editions.

Among some assessments, consider the usefulness of a consultancy specializing in human resources to keep management flowing smoothly and a satisfactory organizational climate.

6. Consider ERP Software

As you can see, these details go far beyond the day of the discount, on the contrary. Improving productivity, avoiding rework and automating your tasks are key requirements to boost sales in the next year, and not just in Black Friday 2021.

To do this, choose one enterprise management software which has the ideal plan according to your firm's priorities: Gestãoclick fits your budget and helps thousands of small and medium-sized companies to expand their potential!

For invoice issuance, inventory control, opening tickets and generating invoice quickly, bet on ERP system and surprise your clientele effectively. Discover a series of other features and optimize your business management not only on Black Friday!

So, what is your perspective for Black Friday 2021? leave a comment telling how you are preparing to earn more in times favorable to your industry.

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