Blue November in companies: 5 ideas to join the campaign

Blue November in companies: 5 ideas to join the campaign

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Conceived in 2003 in Australia, initially, the Blue November is a campaign that aims to awareness of prostate cancer – one of the most popular and dangerous for the male population. Hence, the importance of aggregating ideas for the Blue November in companies, helping more people to become aware of the risks and learn how to prevent and help others.

Increasingly, organizations are working on alternatives to generate more health, well-being and awareness for their employees. This is where the good action ideas for the Blue November.

After all, after the Yellow September it's the Pink October, it is important to highlight awareness of a highly aggressive type of cancer for men.

With this, it is important to alert everyone so that they know how to prevent themselves, guide relatives and friends and even how to deal with the situation.

So let's see what ideas for Blue November in companies can be applied? Just continue reading this post!

What is Blue November?

It all started in 2003, in Australia, when a group of friends decided to grow a mustache (an outdated outfit at the time) to get everyone's attention about something: male health.

The trend grew rapidly and dozens of men came together to create the Movember Foundation, a non-profit organization.

The main objective of the group is to raise funds to promote research and treatment against prostate cancer – among other diseases that affect men.

Since then, more than half a million dollars it has already been leased, which has become 770 projects and research focused on improving male health.

We are talking, therefore, about elaborating some ideas for Blue November in companies for the following reason: there are already 20 countries that join the movement, including Brazil.

Here, the Blue November landed in 2008 in an effort led by the Instituto Lado a Lado pela Vida and the UK residents Society of Urology (SBU).

Thus, in addition to awareness actions that can be established in the work environment, health institutions often offer free or discounted prostate exams.

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