Books on People Management: 7 Works for Becoming a Good Leader

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Books on People Management: 7 Works for Becoming a Good Leader

Table of Contents

The current market presents a great need for Good managers. People who can handle the team needs and that they go out of their way to engage employees and motivate them. Keeping up to date is a good way to do this. In this article, we talk about the best management books about people, and how they can help you in the difficult task of managing.

And achieving management excellence is a challenge in HR and requires dedication and a lot of study.

For this reason, we have prepared a list with the best management books about people to help you on this journey. Follow up!

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – Stephen R. Covey

Synopsis: This people management book is considered one of the most important business books of the 20th century. A bestseller that presents principles and ideas that can lead people to lasting success. Offering tools for personal and professional evolution.

How can this book help in managing people?

“Every time we think it's not our problem, that attitude is the problem” (Stephen Covey).

Managers essentially need to see the team as an integral part of the company success.

the good leader is the one that walks side by side with your employees. At no time does he give up on facing the problem together with the team.

Covey offers on his book on people management some habits for professionals to become more and more effective in performing their function.

Habits ranging from being proactive, create clear goals, even the importance of knowing how to deal with the team and recognizing that nothing can be done without help.

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” it is not a work whose focus is management itself, but it enters the list of people management books for offering important insights. Issues that can contribute a lot to the professional evolution and success.

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” – Dale Carnegie

Synopsis: with more than 50 million copies sold worldwide, this book on people management highlights and places the relationships as an important source to achieve fulfillment.

A book that offers methods and techniques so that anyone can reach their goals.

How can this book help in managing people?

“Instead of condemning others, let us try to understand them. Let's try to find out why they do what they do. This attitude is much more beneficial and intriguing than criticizing; and it generates sympathy, tolerance and kindness” (Dale Carnegie).

Relationship that's all when it comes to managing people. Managers who know how to listen to their collaborators are more likely to engage the team in tasks and projects.

And that's exactly the line covered in Dale Carnegie's book.

“How to make friends and influence people” can be seen as one of the best books on people management. most successful in the world. There are more than 50 million copies sold.

The book offers techniques for dealing with people. Highlighting the importance of the praise honest as a way to bring the team to your side.

He also highlights how essential it is to make people feel important in a project through gestures, attitudes, speeches. Since this is in our nature, wanting to feel useful.

“People Management: the new role of human resources in organizations” – Idalberto Chiavenato

Synopsis: The people management book talks about the challenges in the area within companies. A work that addresses issues ranging from the selection stage to talent retention. Also giving notes on the future of HR within organizations.

How can this book help in managing people?

“The main objective of People Management is to form and consolidate teams that are increasingly productive and committed to the objectives and strategies established by the organization” (Idalberto Chiavenato).

Among the books on people management, the one by Idalberto Chiavenato is one of the most important for being completely focused on this theme.

The work presents a new concept on how manage and dealing with people.

Based on six actions:

  • add;
  • to award;
  • to develop;
  • to monitor;
  • keep;
  • apply people.

Chiavenato presents paths on the importance of a joint management. Realities where everyone helps each other and fights for results side by side.

“People management” is a real study guide for those who want to improve their leadership and need cases and insights to get inspired.

The book on people management, brings even more than 500 quotes from successful companies, in addition to presenting numerous cases.

“How to say? The art of giving and receiving feedback” – Eliana Pita

Synopsis: Is giving feedback bad? In the book, author Eliana Pita ends the myth that giving feedback is a mistake, pointing out that it can be a excellent tool for skills development.

How can this book help in managing people?

“As leaders we need to improve every day our ability to communicate and provide feedback. Only then will we be able to develop, mobilize, develop and engage people” (Eliana Pita).

Motivate and engage employees is one of the great missions of people management.

Managers are all the time trying to guide employees along the right path and a great tool in this daily work comes through feedback.

“How to say? The art of giving and receiving feedback” points out the paths that leaders must follow to apply good feedbacks the team.

The author presents tips on how to transform the feedback culture in support to increase productivity and enhance skills.

Feedback is a great weapon for the development of companies and in people management and that is what Eliana Pita wants to show in her people management book.

Synopsis: The book on people management is a textbook on improving interpersonal relationships and communication. Showing how good communication can avoid conflicts in any situation, whether in daily routines or even political conflicts.

How can this book help in managing people?

“Peace cannot be built on the foundations of fear” (Marshall B. Rosenberg).

A didactic work that offers examples and stories of conflicts that can be avoided if you use good communication strategies. In people management the Communication it has complete influence on professional engagement.

Therefore, Marshall B. Rosenberg points to empathy and sincerity as being pillars for communicating well.

According to him, in a business universe, the manager needs show the team a communication through sincere requests and not authoritarian demands. So, the chances of professionals accepting the ideas and dedicating themselves to the tasks are much greater.

“Non-Violent Communication” is a book about management, which shows that there is no more room for demands and coercive orders in today's market.

“The Monk and the Executive” – James C. Hunter

Synopsis: The management book presents some of the fundamental principles to become a good leader. Featuring a group of distinguished people who strive for personal and professional excellence. The work focuses on the importance of virtues when managing people.

How can this book help in managing people?

“Authentic leadership rests on authority, not power” (James C. Hunter).

Manager is necessarily a leader. That professional that people respect and who drags everyone by example.

“The Monk and Executive” gives practical examples of what it takes to become a good leader.

Respect, responsibility and care are some of the essential characteristics of a true leader according to Hunter's work.

If you want to achieve excellence in treatment with your team, leading them to engage them towards lasting success, the book on management is indeed mandatory for enhance your skills. And consequently positively influence and develop your team.

“Discover Your Strengths” – Marcus Buckingham; Donald Clifton

Synopsis: This book on people management is a warns companies about the importance of looking at and valuing strengths of its professionals. The content is based on a Gallup Institute survey carried out with more than 2 million people.

How can this book help in managing people?

“The best companies focus on their strengths and make weaknesses irrelevant. It works well for people too” (Marcus Buckingham).

The role of the manager in companies is mainly in the challenge of enhancing the team's skills and not just focusing on weaknesses.

“Discover Your Strengths” it is about exactly that and is part of a vast list of books on people management.

He questions companies that have high turnover when they should actually pay more attention to their own workforce and invest in their employees. So that they develop and contribute to the results.

“Discover Your Strengths” is one of the best books on people management. Since it alerts managers to see the Strong points of professionals so that the company achieve more satisfying results in the market.

Books on people management: the importance of professional improvement

The best books on people management can be an excellent alternative to:

  • study;
  • professional improvement;
  • generation of new insights.

Relying on market references can inspire and offer new possibilities to managers, leaders and so on.

At 7 tips from books on people management that we brought in the article can help you to have a new vision of the market and the team you have at hand.

Is valuing a professional's weaknesses the way to go? Question the author of “Discover Your Strengths”.

How about listening to people more and understanding your team's differences? Highlights the book “How to make friends and influence people”.

Inspiring works that have the power to open the minds of managers and leaders. Contributing so that they increasingly value their labor, which is the company's most important material.

Want to know how to engage your team more? Motivate your employees? Deepen your understanding through the books on people management we cited above.

THE HR participation as leader of the implementation of a new people management format, it is essential, however, for the department to be able to devote to strategy, ideally, it can count on the support of a management platform, such as that of HR Consultant UK, which will reduce the time of activities and bring efficiency to its execution.

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