Burnouts are on the rise, and young people are most at risk

« Les arrêts maladies pour motifs psychologiques risquent de continuer à augmenter dans les prochains mois »

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Posted Jul 7, 2022, 5:45 PM

The populations most at risk remain young people with 59% of those under 29 (+5 points) (…) and managers at 43% (+10) », Indicates the 10th study of its kind carried out by questioning 2,016 representative employees at the end of June. ” 45% of teleworkers are in psychological distress (+5) “.

Although 46% of women declare themselves to be in a situation of psychological distress, this proportion nevertheless decreases very slightly (-1.5 points), note the authors who note that the indicators are stabilizing at an overall level “ very disturbing “.

For two and a half years, we have reached severe levels of burnout that are three times higher compared to before Covid-19 “, are alarmed Christophe Nguyen and Jean-Pierre Brun, the leaders of the firm Empreinte Humaine, which commissioned the survey, quoted in a press release.

Sick leave for psychological reasons is likely to continue to increase in the coming months with a cost for the company but also for society as a whole. “, they add.

Psychological distress is an internationally validated indicator of mental health used to diagnose mental disorders.

“Becoming a manager is no longer desirable”

Of those surveyed, seven out of ten say they don't want to become a manager, and a third of those who did say they regret it.

Becoming a manager is no longer desirable. Their role has become more complex and difficult. The promise of long-term evolution seems to have taken a turn for the worse in a context of uncertainty. Employees have seen the state of managers and their working conditions, many no longer aspire to become one day “, continues Mr. Nguyen.

The war in Ukraine and the increase in the cost of living also greatly disrupt employees.

Purchasing power difficulties have become a risk factor for the mental health of employees. Economic constraints weigh on the psychological health of employees since almost a third of them have difficulty finishing the month. 22% fear falling into poverty “, concludes the psychologist.


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