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There is a big difference between work and career. A person can work all their lives and not have a career. Just jobs.

Making a parenthesis, the word “work” comes from the Latin tripalium, which referred to an instrument of torture made of wood. That is, originally, “work” meant “torture”. There are a lot of people who still think like that. When you work only for financial reward, without aiming for personal growth, you feel less satisfaction and have an infinitely smaller return than those who bet on a career and plan their life around it.

Like a journey, a career is a professional path. It will take you somewhere different than where you are now. Preferably to a better position. There are two ways to conduct your career. One is what we call career Y, when the professional improves himself technically in an area and grows within it, in this case, he becomes a technical reference in his area of ​​competence. The other is the executive career, which aims to rise in the form of new positions, moving, for example, from assistant to management and from there to management.

The career gives the professional a perspective of the future. Add skills and financial gains. And usually personal satisfaction. It's much easier to change jobs than careers, although there's nothing stopping you from changing careers when you think the time has come.

So, think about your professional life and analyze how to grow in your career. And if you don't have one, seriously consider building one. This can only be done with planning and acquisition of knowledge.

When choosing where to work, consider whether the company offers a career path, prospects for new knowledge and networking. The professional growth of employees is taken seriously. And where can you get inside and after it.

Remember that your career is your responsibility, not your employer's. So, take the reins of your professional life.


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