Career in Y: understand what it is and its possibilities for professionals

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Career in Y: understand what it is and its possibilities for professionals

Table of Contents

When starting a professional career, most people imagine that in order to achieve a successful position or a satisfactory salary, they will need to occupy positions in the future. leadership as management or board. However, the career in Y emerged to change that reality.

Some companies have already seen this problem in their career plans and found alternatives for their collaborators.

Betting on the “Y career”, which has as its main objective to offer two opportunities for growth for professionals. One is aimed at traditional leadership roles and the other at specialist roles.

That's what we'll talk about in this article. You will understand all the advantages of applying the Y career possibility in your company. During the text, we will respond:

  • What is career in Y?;
  • Why career in Y?;
  • What paths does it allow?;
  • What characteristics are needed for each profile?;
  • What are the main benefits of offering a Y career?;
  • Does the Y career help in retaining talent?

So here we go!

What is career in Y?

The career in Y is a form of career plan, in which the company, when promoting one professional, offers two growth paths: management position or specialist in the field.

The objective is to enable the employee to grow in the institution, without necessarily having to occupy a leadership position, mainly because many people believe they do not have the necessary profile to be managers.

In this way, all professionals have a chance to achieve better salaries, benefits and working conditions, without necessarily having to develop leadership skills.

In this way, it is possible to value both the professional who performs the functions of operationalization of the service and the managerial one, expanding the opportunities within the company.

Why career in Y?

Over the years, companies realized that they needed to innovate to remain competitive in the market. For this, new ideas within the services already provided or products offered had to be developed.

It was then that some companies began to realize that certain professionals stood out in this area, always delving into some area, seeking knowledge and providing solutions for the main demands.

However, this employee, most of the time, did not occupy a position worthy of his/her work, because the traditional career usually only values ​​leadership positions.

As such, this was the only growth path understood by employers and employees. However, within this new competitive reality of the market, having specialized professionals became essential, which gave rise to the career in Y.

The model gained this name symbolically, as every employee follows a linear path to the point that allows, when being promoted, choose which side of the path you want to follow: management or specialist position.

Therefore, the Y symbolizes these two career possibilities.

What paths does it allow?

As explained in the previous item, the career in Y, in short, is the possibility of professional growth through two different paths: management or specialist positions.

  • Management positions: This is the traditional growth model, in which the professional who stands out starts to occupy leadership positions, such as coordination, management or directors.
  • Specialist: this option is for employees who have a more technical, research, knowledge and innovation profile. Allows specialization in a particular sector, assisting in the product or project development process.

These two distinct trajectories in companies allow the characteristics and skills of each employee to be used efficiently.

Not limiting the possibilities of professional growth helps not only the employee to pursue their development, but also the company to reduce turnover and increase productivity and assertiveness of the teams.

What characteristics are needed for each profile?

We have already said here that not all professionals have the profile to assume a leadership position. This is because some features are almost mandatory for those who want command a team.

Many professionals prefer to dedicate themselves to the execution of tasks and specialize in a certain area.

This second category ended up missing out on career advancement opportunities because they didn't want to become leaders or because they didn't stand out with the necessary skills.

It was against this backdrop that the career in Y was born, which creates growth opportunities for all types of employees. To find out which side of the Y you or your collaborator fits into, better understand the characteristics of each role:

  • Management position: to occupy a leadership position, it is extremely important that the professional identify with the managerial functions. It is necessary, above all, to have the ability to deal with the human being, as it will be necessary to encourage, delegate functions, motivate and identify the profile of each employee. It is worth noting that an employee who gets along well with the entire team will not always become a good leader.
  • Specialist: this professional is eager for innovation and a continuous search for Problem solving. He has a lot of technical knowledge in the field, enjoys solving challenges and usually performs the service operation with excellence.

What are the main benefits of offering a Y career?

It is not only employees who benefit from being valued with the possibility of choosing between two options for growth in the company.

Companies that choose to offer the Y career promotion will certainly have a series of benefits in the medium and long term.

The advantages range from valuing and respecting differences to increased productivity, which usually results in greater profitability for business. Below, we will explain the reason for these Y career benefits.

Increased productivity

When a professional performs a function for which he is able to identify and easily perform the tasks, the tendency is for the workday to be more productive.

In addition to doing a good job, it also usually takes less time to complete activities. Another point that increases the professional's productivity is motivation, because, when occupying a position that is compatible with their characteristics, the collaborator is happier.

Soon, a specialist will be more willing to perform their technical functions, research and development of new products.

On the other hand, if the only possibility for growth in the company were to accept a leadership position, the probability of doing a bad job or ending up quitting because of not being happy at work would be much higher.

Higher satisfaction index

One of the biggest concerns of companies is about their turnover rate, that is, employee turnover and dismissal.

Typically, a company that has a high turnover rate is often not viewed favorably by candidates and the market. In this article, on our blog, we talk a little about the turnover rate.

Certainly, professionals who occupy positions, perform functions with which they identify and feel valued by the company tend to stay longer at the job.

This is because the employee does not feel the need to seek better opportunities, whether from the point of view of salaries and benefits or performance at work.

Skills development

As we mentioned before, when starting a career, candidates imagine that the only way to grow in the profession is to occupy a leadership position in the future.

Even entering companies with technical or analyst positions, for example, the expectation is that when he is valued, he will reach a management position. However, not all people have a leader profile.

To be a manager, it is necessary to have Skills and specific skills, such as the ability to maintain interpersonal relationships. When a professional accepts this management position without having the ideal profile, the probability is that he will not perform well.

But, if the outstanding employee has the opportunity to use all their knowledge in an area to innovate, develop new products or help in the research, those skills that made him call the attention of managers will be further developed.

All this without ceasing to feel valued by the company and occupying a position that offers opportunities for financial stability. Receiving salaries and benefits corresponding to the excellence of the work you deliver.

Respect for differences

The career in Y has a very important feature that values ​​companies a lot in the market and candidates: respect for the different characteristics and skills of employees.

As in any other area of ​​life, people are different and, therefore, they should not have only one option to grow professionally.

The Y career allows people to be valued for who they are, even improving the welfare among team members.

Does the Y career help in retaining talent?

The answer is yes. A career in Y allows people to occupy positions with which they identify more, without having to give up higher salaries.

The valuation given by the company makes the professional feel motivated and contributes to the retaining talent. Changing jobs is no longer a necessity, not for better pay or unhappiness in the job.

As you could see, the career in Y arose from a need to value professionals who stood out in the team, but who did not want to or did not identify with management positions.

Hence, specialists were born, who enabled a new form of career growth, as mentioned throughout this article.

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