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“It is much more anchored in manners,” she rejoices. Even if some still tend to reduce us to a makeover, our business allows for in-depth changes. “For the past seven years that she has worked as an image coach, Caroline de Vige has had the leisure to see her profession evolve, touching more and more people and changing lives, especially with job seekers.

“Few of us are aware of the image they project. However, being well in your body, in your clothes and in your posture, you can learn.”

Understand what we are giving off

When she leads groups at the request of Pôle emploi or integration associations, for example, she always starts with a role play. “I organize simulations and I ask the participants to come dressed as for an interview. They then describe their outfit, recalling their professional project. And, often, there is something wrong. When it comes to a collective session, it is the other participants who, in an always benevolent way, express their impressions.. The recurring remarks are often the same. For example, he or she is not serious enough or on the contrary seems too dressed for the job. She is too makeup or on the contrary … could have made an effort. Or, even more commonly, he or she does not seem very comfortable in his or her outfit… “All of this is quite normal,” Caroline de Vige puts into perspective. Few of us are aware of the image they project. But being well in your body, in your clothes and in your posture, you can learn. And, above all, that changes everything.

Regain self-confidence

Aude Roy develops a similar approach and discourse. “In the morning, before going to a job interview, you have to ask yourself four questions and always in front of a full-length mirror. Do I recognize myself? Am I credible with regard to the position I want to occupy? Is my look strategic in relation to the people I will meet? And, finally, is my outfit comfortable? To answer his four questions correctly, a little training can be necessary and make the difference. The exercise is not necessarily unpleasant, far from it. “Part of the job consists of helping everyone to develop their strengths,” continues this image consultant. A complete make-up, for example, takes only 7 minutes as soon as you know how to enhance your eyes, your mouth or even, whether you are a man or a woman, to have the good complexion that will give a good glow, make it attractive and give others to meet you. “For lack of knowing how to put on makeup, Caroline de Vige observes that many candidates prefer to remain natural. Likewise, men, for the most part, do not always feel concerned, wrongly, by this aspect. “A little make-up for an interview is a minimum, assures the coach. There are codes to follow and it is always important to give the impression of having made a little effort. »His training includes a self-make-up course based on lipstick, mascara, blush and foundation. “When they look at each other, the candidates are always happy and regain a little confidence. But this also applies to the gentlemen to whom I give tips for maintaining skin and hair and for a good shave. All this contributes to the aura that we will release. “

Learn the grammar of colors

The difficulty, then, is to choose the right dress code according to the target company. Sylvie Estrade's agency is not called “Finally me” for nothing. “I have been practicing this profession for nearly ten years and I have witnessed an awareness, testifies this coach in images. When people come to see me today, it is clearly to assert your personality and regain confidence. »During the first session, the coach explains to the client what she perceives of him, without knowing anything yet about his life or his projects. “If the customer thinks I'm wrong, I explain to them that they are often the one sending the wrong message. And we can start working. These tips are invaluable in the context of a job search. “We can already teach the grammar of colors which all give off something. Because if a suit or a blue suit seems reassuring and goes everywhere, and all the touches of color are not equal. “Blue is calm, consensus and the favorite color around the world,” says Aude Roy. But if you wear or add a touch of red, you will want to stand out. Orange, warmer, gives pep's. Yellow clearly marks an originality. We also learn this visual vocabulary, and especially to measure it in contact with a coach. “

Avoid false notes

In the end, we understand that the image of oneself emerges in many ways. “Self-image is non-verbal, from what you wear to your posture, including any tics,” adds Caroline de Vige. But if you can't change, you can take some good habits. “We can learn to keep a countenance, avoiding jewelry and accessories that we would be tempted to triturate during an interview. You can take care of your hands with a cardboard folder to channel your stress and, above all, stop looking up or down. ” Be comfortable with your image, look the recruiter in the eye and, finally, create a real exchange on an equal footing.



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