Chief Happiness Officer: a trend to improve the company’s climate

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chief happiness officer

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The Chief Happiness Officer has become popular as an expert focused on the quality of life and well-being of employees. It turns out that, alone, this professional does not have the ability to guide an entire company to happiness. Through good experiences for employees, the company takes a certain step towards success.

Recently, the concept of Chief Happiness Officer made an uproar in the human resources market. It turns out that, although the benefits of this type of investment are real, we agree: by itself, no professional can promote collective happiness in the workplace.

That is: for more than one Chief Happiness Officer is a real trend and with great value, the company should focus on complementary actions, such as a good employee experience.

Otherwise, you just hired someone with good ideas, but whose very low employee engagement will not yield the expected result.

How about following us through this reading, then, and understanding how to get the best out of a Chief Happiness Officer? Check it out here!

What is and what makes a Chief Happiness Officer?

In general, people who are following the development of Chief Happiness they tend to associate their definition with that of a chief financial officer (the CFO of organizations).

For example: while the CFO coordinates effective financial, accounting and tax strategies, the Chief Happiness Officer can take on effective strategies to promote the well-being and experience of the employees under its responsibility.

But, regardless of the name you prefer to give this type of professional who is part of the company’s culture, your role is to valuing your human resources.

It is worth reinforcing, however, that this it is not done in isolation. Without a good connection with the employee’s idea of ​​experience, this professional and their strategies do not go beyond good intentions.

How to effectively take advantage of this type of professional?

THE employee experience it has become the great aggregating element for employee motivation, engagement and productivity.

With the help of a Chief Happiness Officer, this journey is worked with more direction, precision and assertiveness. Below are some examples of this:

Combine the company’s culture with your leadership and communication

It is essential that all leadership understand the importance of connect all areas of the organization. To do this, start with a culture focused on collective development, inspiring employees to grow with the organization — and reaping the rewards of achievement as well.

So the Chief Happiness Officer manages to build a qualitative work model for everyone and promotes happiness and well-being in different ways, such as:

  • inserting the value of well-being in the company, valuing people ahead of the workforce offered;
  • from the understanding and close, humanized and stimulating management;
  • internal communication actions so that the entire company is aware of the objectives and challenges ahead.

This means that, regardless of whether you have a break room, video games, flexible benefits, financial wellness programs, etc., the toxic administration will contaminate all the good that the Chief Happiness Officer can plan for the valorization of its human resources. Change must therefore take place in all hierarchical layers of the company.

start small

An efficient work of the Chief Happiness Officer it doesn’t start with big revolutions, but identifying problems, solving them, and moving on to bigger and more beneficial changes.

Otherwise, it would be the same as planting more trees as a solution in an area where vegetation is dying from infertile terrain.

first understand what are the problems the company faces regarding employee satisfaction and motivation. Start small, modify and only then consider scaling up strategies.

Get inspired by large organizations

Many small businesses are scared and feel that the office of the Chief Happiness Officer can only be applied with large investments. And this is far from true.

For example: if you cannot count on the presence of an internal nutritionist to promote the quality of life of employees, invest in a menu recommended by professionals of the genre, distribute fruit once or twice a week and promote collective walks.

The interesting thing here is in consider everything that can bring employees together, awaken collaboration and strengthen relationships. Positive psychology is crucial for the work of the Chief Happiness Officer be a success — with big or small actions on a daily basis.

So, you can understand how the Chief Happiness Officer Are you a differentiated specialist in the market, and do you have everything to add more value to motivation and the consolidation of positive results for your company?

Now, how about sharing your opinion with us? Leave a comment, in the field below, and let’s extend the discussion on the subject!


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