Coaching in the company: what is it, how and why to adopt it in your business?

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Coaching in the company: what is it, how and why to adopt it in your business?

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O coaching in the company can be applied in different ways. One of them, for example, is for the development of leaders and training and development of employees, which generates better retention rates and talent attraction.

However, the coaching professional in the company can also be used for the motivation and even for generate self-knowledge in all, which can promote better development indexes in the organization.

In order for you to understand in practice how much coaching in the company can be beneficial for everyone involved, we have prepared this post.

Follow us throughout this reading and understand how coaching in the company can be an interesting differentiator!

What is coaching?

Coaching is a development process that can occur in the areas:

  • personal;
  • professional;
  • business.

For this, an expert (the coach) works with the coachees (his students) based on a series of knowledge, techniques and tools to assist them in achieve their goals.

It is not by chance that this development is carried out based on the individuals' self-knowledge.

And what about coaching in the company?

Within this context of learning and the continuous development of skills and abilities, coaching in the company aims to observe and evaluate the performance of employees. professionals and production processes.

From this initial diagnosis, the coach:

  • identifies the strengths and points of improvement of employees and processes;
  • it creates constructive feedbacks so that each individual achieves better results and gradually improves.

However, this is only one of the parts that make up the work of coaching in the company!

What is the coaching work process in the company?

In a collective work with the participants, the coach has a methodology based on the steps that we will see shortly!

1. Objectives

As we highlighted above, coaching in the company starts from the identification of the proposed objectives – in an idea that can be defined collectively between HR and the company's leadership.

Thus, the specialist has at hand all the elements to reflect on the best strategy to be applied. As well as the techniques and tools that will guide the realization of a successful project.

2. Action plan

With a defined north for coaching in the company, it is time to define the action plan.

Here, the idea is to establish the company's goals and also the strategic path to be followed – whether individually or collectively – so that the problem identified is resolved and guarantees the expected results.

3. Other strategies

In-company coaching can point out a number of other points of interest to be developed. Some of them, which we have already highlighted, but which should be reinforced, such as:

  • leadership development, which is reflected in the qualification and training of employees. Thus, the company reduces costs to attract new talent, and retains its human capital;
  • self knowledge, which are punctual actions for people to diagnose their strengths and improvements. For a company, this translates into significant training so that work remains constantly evolving;
  • efficient communication, something elementary for internal and external actions and also for personal and professional growth;
  • team work, which provides the company with the necessary means to build (and maintain) a productive, collaborative and harmonious work environment;
  • feedback culture, which starts with the return of the coach and, later, will be worked through the performance assessments designed by the HR sector.

So, were you able to identify some crucial points that coaching in the company could define as a model of work in your organization?

In this sense, it is worth noting the outstanding participation of the HR sector in this process.

With that, we recommend that, after reading this article, you check out our post on the concept of human resources and their performance within companies!

Where else to use coaching in companies?

In addition to the work and specific aspects mentioned in the last topic, coaching in the company can also be applied in other situations, such as:

  • process of hiring new employees;
  • general improvements in the performance indexes of its professionals;
  • promotion evaluation inside the company;
  • crisis management and conflict management internal;
  • improvement in communication and interpersonal relationships in the organization.

It is, therefore, a process of continuous improvement and development to give a more qualitative status in all areas and points of attention of a company.

What are the benefits of coaching in the company?

As you may have noticed, coaching in the company can serve as a multi-layered development tool.

Not for nothing, the term coaching – a term that is very present in the HR dictionary today – offers benefits that extend in a broad and diverse way in your day to day. For example:

  • encourages the individual's self-knowledge, making him desire continuous development;
  • improves employee performance;
  • it serves as an instrument for the development of capacities, skills and behaviors, even;
  • it helps in adapting to changes and, even, in the composition of a positive work environment.

Consequently, it can also help to reduce the turnover rate in the organization, and add more value to your brand in the market. What also proves to be quite an asset for retaining talent.

Thus, having a coaching process in the company internalized or even outsourced, can serve both for short-term goals and for ongoing projects.

However, in addition to coaching in the company, other strategies can be used to improve employee productivity, decrease turnover and attract talent for the organization.

An example is the adoption of a training program financial support for employees, like HR Consultant UKy, a new HR Consultant UK product that helps companies offer wages on demand as corporate benefit to employees.

Integration is quick and simple. As soon as your employees register, they can make withdrawals immediately.

Talk to an expert and discover even more gains that your company can make by offering a benefit like HR Consultant UKy.

Share your ideas with us in the comments field of this post!

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And now, we would like to hear a little bit about your experiences on the subject. Has your company ever worked with a coach within your organization? Share your impressions, below, in the comments field of this post!


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