Company culture in recruitment and selection: understand the relationship!

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Company culture in recruitment and selection: understand the relationship!

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When you start implementing the company's culture in recruitment and selection, the assertiveness is greater, guaranteeing the organization the necessary commitment for daily life, as well as the human skills that add more motivation, engagement and productivity in the execution of tasks.

Forget the punctual and not very comprehensive view that you should only evaluate the technical skills of the professionals who are applying for a position at the company. Nowadays, it is crucial that you also know how to apply the company culture in recruitment and selection.

There are many reasons for that, too. After all, the profile of the person evaluated says a lot about how she acts, reacts and behaves in the work environment, with colleagues and with their goals and frustrations.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg that make up the importance of aligning the ccompany height in recruitment and selection. Check out everything on the subject below!

What is organizational culture?

There are, in the corporate environment, different culture models that must be observed. But in general, they are all an elementary part of organizational culture, which is a kind of Organization's DNA.

It is through it that the project positioning in the face of issues social, sustainability policies, tone of voice to relate to your target audience and even the colors of the visual identity of the brand that accompany it in advertising materials.

But this also influences the relationship with your human resourcesbecause it defines the behaviors and attitudes expected by each collaborator in the face of all possible predicted situations.

And that, in itself, should already vehemently highlight the relationship between the company's culture in recruitment and selection, but it is worth pointing out the importance of this, specifically.

What is the importance of the company's culture in recruitment and selection?

Its staff is the most valuable asset in the organization. It is he who represents the organizational culture when approaching and interacting with a consumer and potential customer, and gives his opinion on the most varied subjects at an event.

Only, internally, the relationship of company culture in recruitment and selectiono is more present, since similar profiles will allow a more fluid alignment of expectations and results.

Want an example? Companies that constantly preach the importance of collaborative work only have to lose when hiring without the minimum of planning, bringing to the organization individuals who are individualistic and take selfish attitudes on a daily basis.

This is a common scene, including, and one that affects a number of issues in the company, such as the organizational climate (which is the way in which employees see the company they work for) and even its external image to the market.

What are the consequences of not planning the profile in the selection process?

In addition to the factors mentioned above, your company may suffer, in the short and medium term, by the following factors:

  • lack of engagement with the company's actions;
  • demotivation for not being aligned with the same values ​​preached by the institution;
  • low productivity on a daily basis;
  • low commitment to stand out and ascend in the career – also stagnating the collective results of the team;
  • constant layoffs, thus increasing the turnover rate and also the direct and indirect costs that the company has to bear with this.

Now, how about we see the positives in align company culture in recruitment and selection?

What about the benefits of planning the professional profile for the selection process?

When this aspect is considered in the recruitment and selection process, the company receives people whose professional expectations are similar to yours. It is similar to those friends with whom we have more affinities, you know?

Because it works the same way: this close relationship and with similar objectives generates more willingness to work, productivity is constantly high and the feeling of belonging is mutual.

Not to mention the possibility of adding a collaborative spirit among employees – who will also have similar behaviors and attitudes on a daily basis. The positive climate, in the end, is essential for high performance, and with promising results.

Therefore, we invite you to understand, now, how apply the company's culture in recruitment and selection of your company!

How to optimize recruitment and selection?

The task of recruiting it's never easy, but this alignment of company culture in recruitment and selection offers a greater chance of assertiveness in the decision of its HR specialists.

Therefore, start by considering, in the process of analyzing candidates' resumes, an extra filtering that considers the analysis of people's behavioral profiles.

They are called soft skills – those skills that most relate to the personality of each individual, and directly influence relationships.

Unlike, for example, hard skills, which are the Technical abilities and, therefore, that they can be modeled and developed more easily by means of trainings.

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What other ways can we explore this?

Other tips to optimize the process can be found below. Are they:

  • define, in advance, what is expected from the professional profile. Think, to facilitate, the medium profile that your company already seeks to reconcile with your “identity”;
  • in the job description, take the opportunity to describe what are the human skills expected to fill the position;
  • in face-to-face interviews, try to test candidates so that they understand the importance of the company's culture in recruitment and selection. This shows how serious you are, on the subject, and helps to filter out those candidates who ignore the importance of this issue;
  • show what the organization offers, in return, so that the challenge and the reward for results are balanced;
  • make constant evaluations with employees – after being hired -, reinforcing the importance of maintaining the values, attitudes and behaviors both for the beginners in the company and for the veterans.

That alignment of company culture in recruitment and selection it is essential to ensure more organization, motivation, productivity and engagement. Everyone benefits from this quality relationship.

And, if you want to implement more quality in your selection process, obtaining a valuable relationship of complicity and development with employees, take the opportunity to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and in LinkedIn. Thus, you will know firsthand all our tips and news!



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