Concentrated Attention Test: what is it, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Concentrated Attention Test: what is it, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Those who work with Human Resources (HR) know that one of the most decisive steps in any recruitment and selection process is testing, and that not everyone is able to genuinely assess the candidate's subjective characteristics. Therefore, the use of tools and instruments for this purpose is a differential strategy. Among the solutions is the concentrated attention test.

The Concentrated Attention test or AC test, as its name suggests, is a type of psychological test that identifies a person's ability to remain attentive and focused in various situations, especially under pressure, for a certain period of time.

Used in recruitment and selection processes by Human Resources professionals, the concentrated attention test is a tool that evaluates cognitive characteristics.

To get to know the methodology of the Concentrated Attention test, follow this post and enhance the quality of your team's evaluations. Good reading!

What are psychological HR tests?

Psychological tests are used as recruitment and selection techniques and tools for assessing human characteristics, which may be related to diverse skills such as personality or intelligence.

Through them, the Human Resources team is able to identify the candidate's facilities or difficulties as:

  • team work;
  • speak in public;
  • to relate;
  • lead;
  • react to specific situations;
  • use logical reasoning;
  • seek innovative solutions;
  • employ emotional intelligence and so on.

In other words, their behavioral and intellectual tendencies are evaluated to validate their compatibility with the vacancy offered in question.

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Psychological HR tests help the recruiter to better understand the candidate's profile, as they consider characteristics that methodologies such as interview and curriculum analysis are not able to point out. For example, subjectivity and social values of the individual.

Therefore, the concentrated attention test brings more assertiveness and security to the selection process.

These assessment tools work with different methodologies that change according to the objective of the test.

Therefore, whatever the position, the application requires experience and training of the Human Resources team.

What is the Concentrated Attention test?

Concentrated Attention Test or AC test is a psychological assessment used by recruiters in selection processes to measure candidate's ability to remain attentive and focused.

Mainly involving pressure situations, in which the test execution time is counted, the candidate, who can be alone or in a group, must dedicate himself to recognize and identify images specific information.

On a sheet, sequences of very similar symbols are presented, they are usually types of triangles.

Based on 3 of them, the candidate must be able to check all the times that the equivalences of the 3 elements appear in the presented sequences.

The correction is due to the total number of correct answers, which may reflect compatibility or not with the demands made for the position and / or the organizational culture of the company.

It is important to note that the AC test is essential to know the candidate's most intimate traits, as it addresses his cognitive skills.

However, the candidate must be in a position to mental and physical appropriate for the results to be safe.

How to apply the Concentrated Attention test?

Here are some important tips for applying the Concentrated Attention test effectively.

1. Set an appropriate location

First of all, it is important that the place of application of the Concentrated Attention test is adequate.

Since the candidate's concentration will be assessed, it is essential that the environment allows him to remain focused on the test.

Any external interference may compromise the results, including:

  • lighting;
  • temperature;
  • noise, among others.

2. Enhance the analysis with complementary tests

The market is demanding more and more talents dynamic, proactive, flexible, with good leadership; and just performing the Concentrated Attention test may not be enough to identify all of these qualities.

Therefore, harnessing complementary psychological tests to assess other interesting features is a strategic decision.

3. Ensure the accuracy of the test by calming the candidate

Interviews and tests can generate some nervousness or anxiety, so it is important that the candidate feel calm so as not to compromise the evaluation. Therefore, try to transmit to him calmness and security.

The candidate needs to understand that the Concentrated Attention test is only one of the stages of the selection process and that, at this moment, it is not something definitive with absolute answers.

With it calm, HR work gains more security and quality.

What are the advantages of the Concentrated Attention test?

Now that you know what the Focused Attention test is, here are its main advantages in the recruitment and selection process:

  • identifies the candidate's genuine profile;
  • enables the formation of teams aligned with the business goals;
  • predicts the candidate's behavior in different situations;
  • identifies the candidate's level of interaction with the team;
  • favors the maintenance of the organizational climate;
  • decreases staff turnover or turnover rates;
  • increases productivity.

What are the disadvantages of the Concentrated Attention test?

Also check the disadvantages of the Concentrated Attention test:

  • it cannot be applied as the candidate's only psychological indicator;
  • personal problems can compromise the test results;
  • the analysis can only generate one-off results.

This methodology allows the recruitment and selection processes of your company to be innovated, seeking to evaluate much more than the technical capacity of the candidate, but also his intimate and subjective qualities.

In other words, applying the Concentrated Attention test is an efficient solution to ensure more assertive and profitable hiring for your company.

Conducted with responsibility and consistency, the AC test generates essential data for the approval or elimination of a candidate, so the HR sector must always be attentive.

It is worth mentioning that there is a need to align it with other tests for recruitment and selection, which will require qualification on the part of recruiters.

Now that you know what the Focused Attention test is and the main benefits for the organization, implement it in your HR routine!

So, did you like it? Does your company's HR sector know or perform the Concentrated Attention test? Tell us in the comments!

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