Corporate activism: what it is and how to put it into practice in your company

Corporate activism: what it is and how to put it into practice in your company

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In the past, the focus of most companies' business strategy was just and only increase your profit margin and this was also reflected in their marketing actions. However, this behavior has been progressively changing with the corporate activism.

Brands started to worry about the Humanization of your actions and, mainly, to care about how the company is seen by the consumer. And, public behavior has also changed.

It is not enough to just offer good products and services, companies need to be aligned with the changes in paradigms. The inclusion of women in the labor market is one of them, for example.

For this reason, showing awareness of the causes that permeate society has become part of the daily lives of many companies, which reflect their corporate changes in communication with the public.

This movement is explained as corporate activism and it also raises many doubts about its impact on the market. Want to know more about it, go ahead in this article and have a good reading!

But, what is corporate activism?

When a brand takes ownership of debates on public issues, which may or may not be related to its market, product or service, we call it corporate activism.

The main actions of corporate activism are carried out with a focus on sensitive issues of society and that, normally, are being discussed by the population. This is an attempt to humanize the so formal corporate world.

Through it, companies get closer to their target audience and impact even those who are not target of business. This is because corporate activism involves social supplications that are directly related to a large part of the population.

In fact, it is quite common for this activism to be present in the speeches of company leaders, who embrace the cause not only as entrepreneurs, but also as citizens. Access that article to understand the secret behind great leaders.

What role do leaders play in corporate activism?

Recently, a study carried out at Harvard points out that more than two thirds of the research members would like to having leaders involved in social causes.

The idea is that companies also strive for improvements in society, not just waiting for government actions.

The same behavior is seen in UK citizens. 65% of respondents from a research by consulting Edelman believe in the transformative power of corporate CEOs in the country.

Social and gender equality, protection of the environment, LGBTQ + causes are the subjects most expected from the position of UK residents leaders.

It is essential to remember that by engaging in these causes, the company is at risk of encountering critics, who do not believe in this movement.

However, if the incorporation of these actions is carried out correctly and with real involvement of the company and its employees, the chances of success are great.

How to incorporate corporate activism into your company?

First of all, it is important to highlight that there is no point in supporting a cause simply because it has a socio-environmental responsibility framework among its actions. O acorporate activism have to be part of company philosophy and be fully exercised.

Thus, when choosing a movement to support all business behavior, the company must be in agreement with it.

For example, it is not appropriate to support the cause of female empowerment and to have a majority of male employees.

This support for certain causes is usually present not only in the social actions carried out by the company, but also in all its communication, internal and external. Therefore, advertising is one of the fronts that benefits from corporate activism.

Contrary to what one might think, appropriating a movement should not be a marketing attitude, but, on the contrary, the marketing that should take advantage of the new behavior adopted by the company.

What are the main examples of corporate activism?

Basically, advertising is a tool to show the public what role that company is playing in solving society's problems.

A well-known example in Brazil is the boticario, cosmetics brand. Through its publicity actions, the company strengthens the messages of gender and race equality.

With each new announcement in the main media, such as television and social networks, the play becomes an almost mandatory theme in the population.

The Avon, another UK residents cosmetics company, appropriated its target audience, women, and is highlighted for its gender policy. Including, winning the Exame Diversity Guide award in 2021.

What is the relationship between corporate activism and Generation Z?

By getting involved in these delicate issues of society, companies please an audience that increasingly cares about issues such as preserving the environment and equity of rights. This behavior is seen mainly in the call generation Z.

These young people do not usually consume any product if they do not believe in the purpose of the company that produces it. That is, the brand reputation, as a whole, it is constantly related to the quality of the product it sells.

One brand that detected this behavior was Skol. Historically, beer brands carry advertisements relating to drinking with beautiful women.

With the changing attitude of the population and the advent of female empowerment, the company removed this concept from his advertising actions and started to bet on diversity.

Placing women as objects is no longer acceptable. And whoever insists, loses the admiration of many.

What not to do when betting on corporate activism?

Not all companies already exercise the corporate activism, because it is a relatively recent movement, especially in Brazil. However, the most important message is: do not choose a cause that is not incorporated in the company values.

Today's consumers, perhaps due to the advent of social networks, are more attentive to the attitudes of brands that consume and easily detect any signs of fraud.

Therefore, never bet on corporate activism if you do not intend to apply it to the company's day-to-day activities.

The main message of corporate activism is to get involved and communicate causes that make sense to the company, its main leader, its consumer and the society in which the company is inserted.

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