Corporate education: what is it and how to apply it in the company?

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Corporate education: what is it and how to apply it in the company?

Table of Contents

Corporate education is the set of strategies that aim to develop employees' skills so that they can produce more results.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of corporate education in the training and education of professionals. We will give tips on how to implement this process and will present some tools that can contribute to preparing courses, training and qualifications.

The importance of Corporate Education in companies

Corporate education is the set of strategies to develop the individual skills of employees and consequently achieve better results.

To increase competitiveness in the market, companies seek to qualify their employees with training and education. These actions seek to optimize the execution time of tasks and, consequently, bring more chances to achieve the goals.

With this, companies today, faced with corporate education, have been adopting a new market reality. They have come to recognize that they do not have 100% of the knowledge and are valuing more your collaborators.

After all, they completely depend on the performance of each professional to achieve their goals. When an employee evolves and prospers professionally, the company tends to grow with him, because his tasks are better performed.

A good corporate education management, when applied to the company's reality, can offer greater possibilities in carrying out tasks and understanding the teams. Qualified professionals work better and see themselves more willing facing the challenges.

But how to achieve this if they are not well prepared to face the challenges? Below we have selected some tips for you to correctly implement corporate education in your company.

choose the best way

define a strategic plan is the best way to choose the right tools in the application of corporate education. Being able to identify your company's needs is the first step.

From there, it is possible to define how much the company has to invest, in which areas, which tool to use and so on.

In a market that offers countless possibilities in training, it is possible to opt not only for on-site training, but also for distance education.

These distance courses provide greater flexibility in schedules, as well as an excellent cost-benefit ratio for the company.

Set training time

In corporate education the time of capabilities it's very important. When your strategy is well built, time tends to be more assertive so as not to wear down the employee throughout the course.

Dynamism can help to engage professionals more to absorb all the content that will be passed on to them.

When possible, also include coaching in this process. He will be able to help his collaborator to align his professional goals with the offered qualifications.

Take advantage of the technology available

put the technology as one of the priorities is a big step towards putting together a successful corporate education.

When your company is open to experimenting with all electronic media, the chance of growth in the market is greater.

Several tools make it easier for the employee, and consequently your company creates a digital culture within a market that is updated daily.

A well-established digital culture can facilitate corporate education, offering more opportunities and tools to empower your employees. The workflow becomes more agile and it is possible to offer more opportunities to your professionals.

Motivate and retain talent

Corporate education also has the power to motivate employees and retain talents.

When HR and managers align to create a career plan for their professionals, they are able to demonstrate their importance to the company.

Thus, employees feel valued and important in the company's goals and objectives. When a professional feels like a key player, he works more motivated and willing.

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Applying Corporate Education

Understanding the real needs of the team and which professionals can grow the most and need qualification requires working together. Therefore, HR must always be very well aligned with managers to meet the company's needs.

Map the work of your team can effectively contribute to building a more assertive and decisive corporate education.

which model to choose

Corporate education fits into three systems that can work alone or together. They are below:

    • Distance learning courses (EaD);
  • Mixed (EaD and on-site courses).

Distance learning courses

This type of model has become common in companies and has gained weight in corporate education as it trains many professionals quickly and effectively.

O DL corporate brought numerous benefits such as time flexibility and content personalization.

In this remote study system, the company does not need to give up employees and can reconcile dates and times so that it does not have to release the entire team at the same time.

In addition, you can train several employees in the same course without spending on travel, if your company has employees spread across the country.

on-site courses

This model is the most traditional and is still widely used. With the daily evolution of technology, EaD capabilities are gaining space as a more advantageous option, due to its numerous options.

But there are still some advantages for those who adopt on-site courses within their corporate education system. Below we list some of these benefits:

    • Opportunity to create new experiences (friendships, business opportunities) that can offer personal and professional benefits;
    • The ease of direct contact with the course teacher can contribute to their learning, as it is easier to ask questions and ask questions;
    • Study groups and debate among students can enrich your knowledge and help you develop professionally;
    • Face-to-face teaching is an excellent option for those who cannot organize themselves or suffer from discipline. The result for these people is more satisfactory when you are face to face with the teacher and alongside other students;
  • Adapting to the on-site course tends to be easier, since we spend a good part of our life in a classroom, attending elementary, high school and college.

The biggest weakness for those adopting face-to-face training in corporate education is the lack of flexibility. These courses usually do not have adjustable schedules for each profile and all need to adapt to the schedule.

The rhythm of the classes follows the same pattern, not always caring about the learning time of each one. In addition, tuition fees tend to be more expensive.

Mixed (EaD and on-site courses)

A hybrid corporate education, this is a reality adopted by companies that opt ​​for the mixed model with distance learning and on-site courses. This system works with training mixed with classes that are neither 100% face-to-face nor 100% Ead.

This model aims to combine flexibility with greater preparation of students when they will be in front of teachers.

With the EaD period, the employee has more time to dedicate to studies. This way they can arrive more prepared for the in-person classes, including having more time to ask specific questions.

This system tries to combine the advantages of distance learning with the traditionalism of “classrooms” to exchange experiences.

Tools available on the market

With the evolution of technologies, corporate education has become increasingly innovative. When a manager builds a plan for the professional development of his collaborator, he is faced with numerous options that can contribute to this path.

We selected some tools that have been widely used within corporate education models and in the training that encompass this process.

Mobile Learning

O mobile learning it is an excellent option for those looking to offer greater flexibility when applying the corporate education system in the company.

This tool allows the company to provide online training for employees to access via cell phone or tablet. That way they have more freedom to review the content whenever they can and wherever they want, whether it's videos, presentations or texts.


In a scenario where EaD has become an option to empower its employees, the use of videos has become a very common practice. This technology fits well with corporate education as it offers greater dynamism in training.

In addition to having a lower cost than other technologies, videos can be watched by numerous professionals and as many times as they deem necessary. In addition, it gives the employee the opportunity to watch at the best time for him.

big data

A set of data that can contribute to operational efficiency, cost and risk reduction. this is the call big data. In corporate education, having a complete analysis of your employees at hand is being assertive when defining training.

In big data solutions it is possible to evaluate “a large volume of unstructured data”. That is, there is no relationship between them. It can evaluate and cross-reference behavior data, social media posts, videos and so on.

Virtual reality

Far beyond theory, virtual reality entered corporate education as a way to put the employee in “real” situations to carry out their learning.

With a virtual environment available, the company can place the employee in a reality that can simulate some situations of their daily work. With this tool, the company can explore the employee's creativity and willingness to innovate.

Investing in corporate education

Invest in corporate education goes far beyond just spending money on your employees. Your company's greatest asset is your employee, if you still don't think that way, it's best to reassess your plans and goals.

The main objective of corporate education is to train and develop the skills of its professionals so that they are prepared for the challenges of the market.

Therefore, when you are investing in the training of an employee, you are investing not only in him, but you are thinking about the future of your company. Professionals who feel valued do more to achieve results.

Companies have been relying on numerous tools to always put themselves one step ahead of others in the market. Those that adopt corporate education as an essential point of evolution, always betting on innovation, have been standing out.

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