Corporate health management and performance: understand the relationship

Corporate health management and performance: understand the relationship

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Corporate health management is the attention that organizations, through the HR sector, give to accident prevention and the construction of a routine focused on well-being and quality of life. To this end, it can act strategically based on awareness actions, campaigns focused on guidelines and tips, as well as practical attitudes for the development of healthy habits of its employees.

Although the corporate benefits are one of the great differentials, in the search for a new job, the health plan it is one of the most costly. This means that more people make use of this modality, which also leads to absenteeism, low productivity and reduced profitability.

Thus, there was an excellent opportunity for organizations to deal with the issue in a preventive manner. Thus, the corporate health management gained more strength in the market.

And, if you are looking for affordable solutions to deal positively with people management, this post was made especially for you! In the next topics, we’ll look at the importance of managing corporate health and how much it positively influences everyone's performance internally. Check out!

What is corporate health management?

In addition to offering diversified benefits, such as the aforementioned health plan. Companies can focus on prevention – as we mentioned. Think: any problem (be it material, physical or psychological) requires less costs and time, to be solved, if done in advance.

Therefore, corporate health management is the focus that HR and the managers of each sector can undertake, collectively, to minimize these problematic situations. Among other issues.

And we can mention the construction of a work environment free from pressure, stress and bullying, for example. In addition to an ergonomic space that focuses on productivity and improving productivity.

In other words, it is not a question of reducing and preventing accidents at work, exclusively, but of establishing a workplace full of commitment, motivation and collective satisfaction.

What is the association of corporate health management and performance?

The equation is simple: the company cares about its employees, and they respond with more commitment, engagement and motivation to continuously achieve better results.

Let's see, then, how can health management actively contribute to the maintenance of a more qualitative work space and involved in well-being?

Fewer absences and absences

Absenteeism and presenteeism are synonymous for work day absences. It turns out that the first is defined by lack of collaborator, while the second is translated by absence mental. In other words: the employee is present, but absent in the search for results and individual growth.

In addition, we have the absences that can occur for several reasons, such as:

  • accumulated stress;
  • accidents at work;
  • anxiety and other psychological disorders;
  • internal pressure for unattainable goals;
  • harassment within the company;
  • unfair competitiveness.

In turn, the focus on corporate health management shows that these problems occur with less often. And, consequently, they reduce the rates of absences and leave.

More productivity

THE productivityit is often a response from the employee to his own satisfaction with the company. And, when there is good corporate health management, it can happen that professionals give more of themselves.

It's that story that happy professionals are more productive, You know?

Improvement of the working environment

Imagine a respectful environment, in which diversity is celebrated, decisions impact everyone positively, and growth is continuous and sustainable.

It sounds like a verse by John Lennon, but corporate health management offers the possibility to make the corporate environment a second home. An area of ​​comfort, well-being, trust and appreciation.

As a consequence of this, the organizational climate it is strengthened and it is not only the health (physical and mental) of employees that benefits. The organization also acquires:

Therefore, the work of corporate health management can be a differential and both for the growth of the company, as a whole. Better results from greater care for the health and quality of life of the people who give their all, every day.

How to provide a healthy environment in your company?

Now that we understand the concept and the positive aspects of working with corporate health management, will we evaluate, in practice, how this process works?

Below, we have gathered some good practices to get it off the ground and apply it to the company's day-to-day activities. Check out!

Develop a strategic management

The first step is to understanding of the profile of its employees. How is this work aligned with the company's values ​​and also how is each activity carried out internally?

Based on the answers, the HR sector learns whether good ergonomics and comfort practices are being applied – thus preventing accidents at work due to injuries, for example.

Then, be sure to check:

  • the healthiness of the company, as a whole;
  • the organizational climate;
  • management and its relationship with employees;
  • the absenteeism index;
  • the rate of layoffs in the company.

With these HR ratios duly monitored, it is possible not only to solve problems, but to anticipate their appearance, ensuring a much more qualitative work environment.

Encourage quality of life

When was the last time your employees did a check-up? And physical exercises?

On the other hand, what was the last wellness, health and quality of life campaign promoted by the company?

Try to assess the extent to which these values ​​can be disseminated, in the company's routine, and offer ways to communicate to employees that all management is concerned with this. Some tips in this regard:

  • run vaccination campaigns;
  • attention to seasonal campaigns, such as yellow September, pink October and blue November, among others;
  • create groups of walking, cycling and other physical activities that integrate and benefit the body and mind of employees;
  • encourage periodic check-ups.

Another interesting tip is the realization of labor gymnastics inside the company. A simple and easy to apply measure, which corresponds to an elementary item in any corporate health management.

Make partnerships

Another issue that becomes an investment, of the company, in the management of corporate health: partnerships with gyms, doctors and nutritionists, among others, that can help in the promotion of more quality of life and well-being internally.

In this sense, these professionals can make sporadic visits or, even, grant exclusive discounts to the company's staff. This can stimulate their professionals' continuous search for more health.

Focus on the environment

It is undeniable that the surrounding environment directly influences our health and performance. Therefore, check and do this monitoring within the company. Evaluate conditions through the Ergonomic Work Analysis (AET), which provides all the necessary items for good working conditions, such as:

  • the appropriate furniture;
  • limits for lifting and transporting cargo on a daily basis;
  • the organization of the work environment;
  • the equipment used;
  • noise levels in each sector;
  • the lighting project focused not only on light, but on good visibility and well-being;
  • thermal comfort.

All of this, added to a organizational culture humanized, shows that the company values ​​each of its employees. And it is through each of these items that corporate health management can become one of the main allies of the entire organization.

Now, however, we would like to learn more from you, based on your experiences: how has your company dealt with corporate health management? Share your opinion with us, in the comments field below, and we will expand this discussion!



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