“Corporate lawyer, I am a wedding planner at the same time”

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Stéphanie Cazes espère devenir wedding planner à temps complet à partir de 2022.

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“Being a lawyer was not a vocation but rather a plan B. As a student, I saw myself becoming a police commissioner or a lawyer. After failing the entrance exams, I thought that a corporate lawyer was a good option. Passionate about aeronautics and defense, I managed to get a first job at Airbus Defense and Space (ADS).

I was a business lawyer in charge of negotiating contracts for the sale and purchase of equipment in London and for export. A stressful job with a lot of travel to negotiate contracts with clients, but very rewarding. I was delighted to discover the corporate world and found the atmosphere at work very warm.

After seven years of active life, I began to question myself. I no longer felt in my place, the missions were repeated and boredom won over me. I told myself that I had to do something else, but I didn't see what. Maybe it would be better by changing groups? So I joined Thales.

Coaching to take stock

The idea of ​​retraining continued to titillate me for years. I had this little voice that kept coming back to my head and that I was trying to silence. Until it takes up too much space. In 2021, one year after the birth of my son, I got in touch with the coaching agency Dare to Dream His Career. She advises those who wish to find meaning in their professional life. I opted for coaching spread over several months, which I self-financed. I gave myself this gift by telling myself that it would allow me to discover what would flourish me and thus find “my way”.

At the end of this support, an idea appeared to me very naturally: to become a wedding planner. I myself am not yet married but I have always loved going to the weddings of my relatives. I love to see them celebrate their love, party in beautiful places, beautiful outfits, with good things to eat and drink. On a daily basis, I am organized, I like to plan everything from A to Z. So it was obvious!

However, I wondered if it could match me. I had a cartoonish image of the wedding planner. I imagined exuberant women perched on high heels. Kind of like Jennifer Lopez in A too perfect marriage (laughs). In short, not me at all! And then, I did not really know what the reality of the job corresponded to. I contacted several wedding planners, who dismantled my preconceived ideas… and confirmed my desire to do this job.

Live it from 2022

Before I started, I followed a two-week training course in London during my holidays – largely funded by my CPF. I set up my company in the wake, in July 2021, under the name Bubbly Day. Between the postponed weddings and the limited number of guests, this was not the best time to start this business. So I kept my job at Thales, because this activity does not allow me to live for the moment. As an employee during the week, I dedicate myself to entrepreneurship in the evenings and at weekends. My goal: to devote myself 100% to this activity from 2022.

Some couples call on me to organize their entire wedding. We start by defining a theme, then I look for a place of reception, the caterer, the DJ, the photographer, the florist, the person in charge of the animation … Others call on my services after several months of preparations, when they realize they are running out of time and stress is mounting. Finally, some call me just to coordinate the different actors on D-Day.

“Show your added value”

This job is more stressful than it looks. Bride and groom often see their wedding as the happiest day of their life. Everything has to be perfect. In the event of a problem with one of the service providers, I must be responsive, flexible and resourceful to find a solution. My reputation is at stake. Especially since this profession requires a network, a name, because the wedding planner is not – alas! – not a must-have at a wedding. The bride and groom almost always use a DJ or a caterer; not necessarily to a wedding planner. The latter must demonstrate its added value, but I am convinced that there is a market.

The age of married couples is increasing and many already have children and a busy life. Couples contact me telling me that between their work, their family and their friends, they do not have time to take care of the preparations. Of course, going through a wedding planner has a cost – it takes up to 5,000 Pounds for the complete organization of a high-end wedding. But it is a considerable saving in terms of time, stress and logistics.

I don't regret my decision to make it my new job. I am so proud and happy for my newlyweds when I see them relieved and reassured by my interventions and the help I give them. I believe that I have found my way and I hope to keep this spark which animates me, for the weddings of my clients… and who knows maybe one day for mine. “

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