Corporate University: Do you know this concept?

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Corporate University: Do you know this concept?

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Employee training is an issue that is greatly underestimated by companies in the UK. A research made in 2016 showed that UK residents companies still have a low investment in team training — just 22 hours per year per employee, 10 less than what is invested in American companies.

However, some managers have already paid attention to the relevance of trainings, especially those that meet specific demands in the business. This is the case of Corporate Universities, educational institutions fostered and developed by the organization itself and aimed at its specific objectives.

This type of resource training is growing rapidly in the country. Predominantly in the branch of industries and public administration companies. However, modern companies that want to achieve concrete results are also joining this trend.

In today's post, we'll talk a little more about the concept of Corporate University and why your company should adopt this solution. Read on and learn more:

What is a corporate university?

The Corporate University is an educational institution that is associated with private organizations or even the public sector. It offers training courses for employees of a company, according to the needs of the business and teams.

Also called the Business University or UC, it is an aspect of what we call Business Pedagogy – a great trend in human resource Management.

The Corporate University offers personalized training, developed and applied in accordance with business policy and business strategy. Always aiming to achieve goals and results.

It is noteworthy that it is not the preparation to perform a certain function or occupy a specific position. But a broad training that brings growth and perennial benefits for both the company and the employee – which will take this learning into their professional life.

Most companies that have a budget for employee training invest in formal training. However, it is not always a guarantee of good results and effectiveness.

In addition to formal training for the qualification of labor, the Corporate University enables the creation of fully customized courses. This represents a real revolution in the field of business training.

Large UK residents companies, such as the Bank of the UK, a Federal Savings Bank and the Petrobras, have already joined the Corporate University as a training resource.

THE Petrobras University is an example of how Corporate Education is an efficient resource in building successful teams. Through it, the company's human resources sector developed an efficient strategy of in-depth training aimed at employees. And the result was: an increase in the level of qualification of the workforce.

Corporate vs. traditional: what are the differences?

The concept of Corporate University can be more easily understood when compared to traditional universities. It is common for it to be confused with initiatives such as agreements with conventional colleges or educational institutions, but their conceptions are quite different.

Traditional universities are those aimed either at the academic world or focused on broad market demands. The courses are poorly targeted, as they need to cover large areas of knowledge in a very limited time. Because of this, most of the curriculum consists of superficial subjects. This means that the student does not have in-depth learning and has a general education.

The corporate university, in turn, is composed of courses with personalized and targeted content. This is because all its structuring will be done taking into account the company specifics and needs. From methodologies and teaching materials to the disciplines and teaching staff. Everything is designed with a focus on meeting certain demands.

The Corporate University is a very efficient tool, but it can also have disadvantages. In general, the problems in these cases are related to poor management, the company's unpreparedness for its implementation or the use of obsolete tools and resources.

At this point, traditional Universities in general have more experience and greater preparation. In addition, Corporate Universities are not able to offer degrees recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Therefore, it is noteworthy that one type of university does not nullify the other. After all, the traditional undergraduate degree is still a prerequisite for most companies and positions today. A higher education degree together with certifications and targeted courses can be a differentiator in the employees' career. This makes them complementary.

What are the advantages for the company?

As you can see, the Corporate University is a smart and innovative resource for companies looking to prepare high performance teams. But the benefits of adopting this strategy do not stop there. See other advantages below:

Resource saving

The Corporate University is synonymous with saving resources. It is a more agile, efficient and focused type of training. This avoids the need to invest in external training and courses, in which much of what is learned will often not suit the company's demand.

Customization ensures greater use, as the course will be tailored to specific needs. This also brings gains in agility, as it is possible to streamline the curriculum or optimize it, making greater use of the course load.

Attracting and retaining talents

The current market is increasingly thirsty for good professionals. These, in turn, are more selective and look for companies that offer more than a good salary.

The professional of the days of constant learning and intellectual growth. In other words, you want to work in a company that offers the opportunity to study and deepen in your area of ​​expertise.

Therefore, the Corporate University works as an important benefit, resulting in greater chances of attracting and retain talents.

We recommend that you download this free eBook. In it you will discover fundamental strategies for talent retention. Answer the form and receive:

Quality gains

The investment in the professional development of employees has a direct impact on the quality of their performance in the company. Consequently, it helps to build more productive and efficient teams that deliver high-level work.

The result of this is the higher quality of services provided and products developed by the company, which generates customer satisfaction and greater profitability.

Featured in the market

Having a personalized educational institution within the company also contributes to improving the business' image. This is because, by offering high quality courses, the organization positions itself as a specialist in its field.

And this can go far beyond the team itself. THE UniBB, for example, offers online courses open to the community. Another example is Hubspot, which has become an international reference in the area of ​​Inbound Marketing. Nowadays, course certifications from Hubspot Academy are a prerequisite in several companies in the segment.

How to implement this concept?

The idealization and implementation of the Corporate University is something that will require a large investment in infrastructure and professionals. It is up to the HR team to facilitate the structuring of the project and ensure its progress.

Below we list some necessary steps to create a Corporate University in the company:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to map the demands of the company and employees in order to understand how they can be met. In this case, you also need to take into account the long-term goals.
  2. Then you will need to design the project. For this, it is necessary to consider some key points:
    • the courses that will be offered;
    • the faculty;
    • how the classes will be taught (in person or by EaD);
    • the methods of proof of results etc.
  3. The next step is to prepare the cost planning. It is important to measure the return on investment and carefully analyze whether the company is able to afford it.
  4. With proven economic viability, it's time to get down to business. At this point, it is recommended to hire specialists in Business Pedagogy who will help in the development of a more consistent pedagogical project.
  5. Finally, it will be necessary to outline the dissemination strategy so that employees understand the relevance of this initiative. It is possible to adopt measures to prevent absenteeism and increased adherence by fostering participation not just as a student, but sharing their knowledge as teachers.

What to do after implementing it?

After implementing the strategy, HR will need to develop metrics aiming to demonstrate the results of the initiative. It can be difficult to measure these impacts as most improvements are qualitative rather than quantitative.

In addition to the training performance itself, it is possible to include in the reports the student satisfaction and engagement index. You can also look for associations between metrics focused on productivity or quality in specific points of the business and performance in training that have this same focus.

The Corporate University is synonymous with innovation in companies that want cultivate high performance teams and achieve the best results. In addition, this initiative also has a positive impact on building the brand's identity, making the business stand out in the market.

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