Culture voucher and the benefits for employee productivity

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Culture voucher and the benefits for employee productivity

Table of Contents

The culture voucher is not just another simple benefit to your company's employees. Facilitating and enabling the access of its employees to culture and knowledge means improving the quality of life of these people.

Even in the current context of social isolation, this help can still be beneficial and beneficial. With that in mind, we wrote this article that will cover the following topics:

  • Understand what the culture voucher is and how it came about;
  • Which companies can offer this incentive and what are the values ​​of this acquisition;
  • List of cultural voucher benefits for employees (and even for the entrepreneur);
  • What should you do to get this benefit for your employees?

We are confident that this information can be very useful to your company and also to your employees. Always remember that happy employees produce more and get better performances and results!

Although many employees are working via home office, this benefit can be very useful. It serves not only for accessing events, but also for purchasing items related to culture such as books, CD's, DVD's and magazines.

Therefore, investing in improvements for the company and employees is always welcome. Check out the full article and learn how this benefit can be a differential for your company.

Stay with us and enjoy reading!

After all, what is the culture voucher and how did it come about?

The culture voucher is a benefit that the company can offer its employee in the amount of R$ 50.00 per month and this amount must be used by the employee for entertainment, shows and cultural events, such as:

  • Purchase of books, subscription to magazines and newspapers;
  • Entry to museums, circuses and shows;
  • Going to cinemas, artistic exhibitions and shows in general.

The culture voucher emerged on December 27, 2012 from Law no. 12,761/12. This law was created so that companies were encouraged to offer a benefit of access to culture to their employees.

One of the positive points of the culture voucher is the possibility of accumulating the credited values. In this sense, the beneficiary can save R$100.00 to buy a more expensive book, for example.

In addition, there are establishments that allow the purchase of musical instruments with this card. After all, this is a culture tool, isn't it?

From the same point of view, even with social isolation, it is possible through the voucher that the worker buys important items for distraction and knowledge.

Other benefit options:

If you are a business owner and want to offer other options of advantages to your employees, see other tips:

Meal ticket

Food stamps are not mandatory for employees. But it is very nice to offer an incentive so that your employees can have lunch and have snacks without taking money from their salary.

Meal Voucher + Food Voucher

Some companies offer both benefits, as one can be used in restaurants and bakeries, the other is accepted in supermarkets, grocery stores and butchers.

Health plan + dental plan

When hiring a valuable candidate, offering good health and dental plans can be the differential to “hook” the professional.

Discounts for graduate courses

Currently, this can be an advantage over competing companies in your niche. In addition to encouraging studies, offering discounts on specializations can improve your employee's performance and income.

Club shares

Offer your employee and the whole family membership in clubs. This helps to generate empathy and appreciation from your employee towards the company.

These benefits can even generate some cost to the company, however, keep in mind that happy employees build a nicer and more productive environment.

Which companies can join the culture voucher?

To participate in this project and offer the culture voucher to its employees, the company needs to meet certain requirements, they are:

  • Be present in the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ) and have all your data and payments regularized with the Federal Revenue;
  • Have employees with a formal contract.

Values ​​of the culture voucher

We will now show you the costs of this incentive to your employees. Values ​​are based on employees earning five minimum wages:

For the entrepreneur:

benefit amount BRL 50.00
Value of social charges BRL 0
Optional worker discount BRL 5.00
Total cost to the company BRL 45.00

For employees:

For workers who earn 5 minimum wages, the voucher discount is optional. However, for those who earn less than that, the discount is mandatory. Check out the table for a better understanding:

Your employee's salary Mandatory discount amount
1 minimum wage BRL 1.00
From 1 to 2 minimum wages BRL 2.00
2 to 3 minimum wages BRL 3.00
From 3 to 4 minimum wages BRL 4.00
From 4 to 5 minimum wages BRL 5.00

Culture voucher benefits for employees

In addition to promoting employee leisure and outings, the voucher can offer other advantages. Check out some of them below:

more productive people

Typically, the more benefits and incentives an employee has, the more productive they are. In the end, he sees that his work is important and that's why he feels valued.

Just think of an example: Claudio works from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. Knowing that the voucher can help you go to the movies more often or go to your favorite singer's concert, it encourages you to work happier.

Culture in general, such as theater and literature, thrills, distracts and teaches at the same time. So, encouraging your employees to have this type of content present on a daily basis can be very positive for their performance within the company.

HR Consultant UK has already talked about the harms of unproductive employees and how to identify them. To avoid this type of situation, it is worth investing in measures that encourage the employee.

Search for information and knowledge

A motivated employee and who feels valued, will be someone in search of constant improvement. In addition to using the value of the culture voucher for books and magazines, he will feel motivated to study and qualify.

Another essential aspect: culture and arts in general help:

  • Improve people's aesthetic and even spatial sense;
  • Critical thinking development;
  • Improved interpretation of texts, data and documents in general;
  • Increased interpersonal relationships within the team.

It is also important to emphasize that this benefit can be used to take some courses such as photography, video editing, audiovisual, among others.

Employee turnover tends to fall

One of the most important and worrying points for entrepreneurs must be the loss of talent on your team. Unfortunately, many companies have lost great employees for lack of incentives and benefits for them.

In this sense, it is essential that you and your company have differentials in relation to your competitors.

In addition to a fair salary or even a little above the market, offer benefits and advantages can be right when building a successful team.

See also other positive points in offering the culture voucher to your employees:

    • Companies that offer it have good visibility by the general public, in addition to being liked by employees;
    • Positive marketing generation, as it contributes to the entertainment and distraction of the employee, even outside the company.

tax exemption

This type of benefit falls under the tax incentive category, that is, it does not need to be paid as a social security contribution or FGTS. Let's take a practical example so that you can better understand this advantage (also financial) for your company.

If you give a raise of BRL 50.00 to your employee who earns 5 minimum wages, you will pay around BRL 84.00 for him to receive BRL 50.00 net.

However, with the culture voucher, you will pay the R$ 50.00 and your employee will receive this amount. This is because there are no social or labor charges on the benefit.

If you want to save even more, it is possible, as shown above, to charge your employee a discount on the voucher.

Bank incentives at some institutions

Some banking institutions, such as Federal Savings Bank, offer some advantages for companies that provide this incentive to their employees.

According to Caixa, the more employees you have with access to the benefit, the lower the bank fees charged. For more details it is necessary to go to an agency.

However, other institutions also encourage these measures. Talk to your accountant or bank manager for more information.

I want to offer the culture voucher. What to do?

After seeing the advantages for your employees and for the company, we are sure you are interested in this theme. However, if you don't know where and how to join the voucher, don't worry. See now a step by step that can help you:

For the implementation of the voucher to occur safely and correctly, an operator accredited by the federal government must carry out this process. See the list of operators on official government website.

Afterwards, follow the instructions below:

  • Request your company's registration on the website mentioned above;
  • Then, select the option “register beneficiary”;
  • Finally, fill in all the data that will be requested and enter the number of workers and their salary range.

It is noteworthy that the process is all online, simply and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Culture Voucher

We know that even after so much information, it is possible that you still have some questions. We made a short Q&A guide to make you 100% aware of the subject. Check out!

I am MEI. Am I entitled to culture vouchers?

No. The Individual Microentrepreneur is not entitled to this benefit. However, he can offer it to some employee of his company, the MEI itself.

I am a student, can I apply for the voucher to my company?

You are not entitled to the voucher just for being a student. Your company must be registered with the government for you to be entitled to the benefit. If she doesn't have this option, talk to a manager or supervisor and talk about the benefits of this project.

Are retirees also entitled to this benefit?

No. Retired people have other advantages for accessing culture and travel. know more in this article from Folha de São Paulo.

In this way, You must be employed, with a formal contract and working in a company registered as a beneficiary of the voucher.

Changes in 2021 and social isolation

In 2021, there was the interruption of tax incentives by the federal government. This means that beneficiary companies can no longer deduct up to 1% of the amount owed.

However, this is not an impediment if companies wish to maintain or start making culture vouchers available to employees.

As you can see, this is a tool that can be beneficial for both companies and employees. If you are an entrepreneur and want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, invest in this type of initiative.

In addition to being a differential, this type of attitude contributes to the acquisition and permanence of quality professionals in the company.

Same with social isolation, caused by the new coronavirus pandemic, we believe that the valley can be beneficial to the worker. In the end, he can purchase books, e-books, magazines and items that help with entertainment, learning and distraction.

In fact, with the changes in labor relations and the increase in the number of self-employed people, it will be necessary for companies to renew themselves and offer better working conditions even after the pandemic. Otherwise, having talented employees will become increasingly difficult.

Still on this topic, we have already written an article related to this, the “Culture and leisure worth: it is worth offering this benefit?”, check it out now!

And if you liked our article today about the culture voucher, share this content. Send it to your friends and family, as culture is one of the main tools for individual and social improvement.


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