Depression at work: what to do and how to identify symptoms in employees

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Depression at work: what to do and how to identify symptoms in employees

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The company may have a decisive role in identifying and assisting treatment against depression at work. For this, it is important the active presence of the HR sector, valuing its professionals and continuously evaluating them so that they understand what is happening with them and learn the best decision for the case.

The cases of depression at work – and beyond – are alarming. THE World Health Organization (WHO) has already warned that until 2030, the disorder may become the most common worldwide.

Therefore, the mental health it must be an increasingly important piece of the benefits puzzle that an organization has to offer.

And not just because human treatment can help with absenteeism, engagement and productivity rates, but because it shows the genuine concern for the person behind the badge.

Hence, the importance of knowing how to identify symptoms of depression at work and what to do. For that, we invite you to continue reading this post, in which we will present a series of measures to help employees to dealing with depression at work. Good reading!

Symptoms of depression at work: how to identify

HR specialists should pay attention to the behavioral changes of their employees, whether in terms of short, medium or long term.

For this, their respective performances must be monitored – from performance appraisals – so that these changes, sudden or not, are perceived.

In addition, it is important that your team can qualify regarding the identification of common symptoms of depression at work – and that extend outside the corporate environment, of course, as:

  • fatigue;
  • chronic dissatisfaction;
  • peaks of joy;
  • indecision;
  • insight.

It is also worth learning how employees can approach and relate to other employees. After all, not everyone wants to open up about the assunto, and every care is required for a good interaction with the professional, thus, he will accept the necessary help.

Empower managers also

Beyond the HR professionals, you managers have an important role in identify and prevent depression at work.

First, because they are the closest contact to the psychologically shaken professional – in addition to their closest co-workers.

And also because leaders can be more aware of these abrupt changes in behavior or performance more easily, which are the indicative that something may be wrong.

To this end, it is worth investing the time of its specialists in training leaders with the necessary tools to provide adequate support to employees. This can be done through:

  • training sessions;
  • sharing information from informal conversations;
  • encouraging open dialogue with everyone about the importance and care of mental health.

With education about the realities about depression at work, employees can contribute to maintaining a favorable environment, and support anyone in difficulty.

How to prevent depression at work

1. Provide a safe workplace

How about transforming the environment into a place that stimulates positive vibrations and relaxing sensations? That, in itself, can help maintain people's well-being and mood, you know?

In addition, make sure that there is no toxicity in the workplace, such as harassment, bullying and all forms of intolerance can trigger cases of depression at work.

This includes attention to management and the way leaders relate to professionals. In the end, harassment can also come from those who charge and demand results, and this tends to evolve to cases of psychological disorders, such as stress, anxiety and depression.

2. Create a flexible routine for employees

A good way to fight depression at work it is from the creation of a more flexible routine. This means, for example, establishing one home office day a week or developing wellness programs for the entire company.

These actions, although they seem to be mere details in the fight against depression at work, allow the establishment of a culture of value to the professional that encourages open conversation and, above all, the intention to seek professional help.

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3. Refer professionals for expert assistance

Finally, it is worth noting that HR does have an elementary role in this identification and help against depression at work, but the treatment is not the responsibility of industry professionals.

Therefore, avoid turning conversations into therapeutic sessions. The employee opening up is an important first step, but treatment with qualified professionals tends to be the most efficient alternative so that this employee can have a commendable performance again, with his face and behavior reorganized without the interference of this limiting disorder.

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Now, how about helping us expand this post? Has your company ever had to deal with depression at work? Tell us how was the experience, in the comments field of this post, and what were the action plans practiced to contribute to the solution of the problem!

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