Digital admission process: how technology has been transforming this routine

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Digital admission process: how technology has been transforming this routine

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Traditionally, hiring employees is a bureaucratic process, which involves a lot of paperwork, validations and signatures. However, the advancement of technology has come to change this scenario. At the digital admission process, everything is done in a more agile and efficient way.

With that in mind, we explain in this article everything you need to know about this concept, from its advantages to the main tools. Interested? Check out everything below!

What is the digital admission process?

Digital Admission Process it is the hiring of employees carried out with the support of technological resources. Among these tools are specialized software, social networks, digital signatures and file storage platforms in the cloud.

Modernizing admission routines brings several benefits to HR, such as the automation of bureaucratic processes. As a result, the volume of manual tasks in the department decreases significantly, causing managers to dedicate more time to strategic activities.

With more agility in the processes, the productivity increases and the professionals of the sector start to use their time more efficiently. In addition, relying on technology reduces the risk of human error, such as erroneous data and loss of documents.

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What tools can be used in the digital admission process?

All stages of the admission process can count on the help of some technology. Just know what tools are available and apply them in the most appropriate situations. Below are the main resources that HR can implement to modernize admissions.

Recruitment tools

To make admissions more efficient, you need to optimize recruitment and selection. The selection process is the company's first contact with future employees, so it is important to provide a fluid and modern experience right now.

Online job posting platforms are the main tools to facilitate selection. They allow the automatic screening of resumes, using filters such as keywords, training and professional level. Thus, HR does not need to print the resumes and analyze them one at a time, as was done in the past.

It is also possible to perform behavioral and technical tests over the internet, applying online questionnaires or even assessments that involve sending text, image, audio and video files. With platforms like Skype, the recruiter can even do the first interviews from a distance.

All of this helps to reduce hiring costs, making the process much faster and more effective.

Social media

Still talking about the recruitment process, social networks have become a great contact channel between candidates and companies. The main one is LinkedIn, a network of professional connections that already exceeds 600 million users worldwide. On the website, HR has access to everything you need to find the right candidates at the right time.

It is estimated that 90% of higher education professionals are part of this social network, which makes it one of the best places to find qualified candidates. In it, it is possible to evaluate resumes, publish vacancies, generate content and participate in discussion groups.

There are also specific tools for recruiters, which further facilitates the search for professionals and the creation of long-term professional relationships.

Cloud file storage

Use the cloud file storage is essential in a digital admission process. In this way, HR is able to keep all employee documents in an unlimited online space, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

The advantages of adopting this model are many, starting with the space saving. As digital documents are stored on the internet, there is no need to occupy the physical environment of the office with stacks of paper, bookcases and drawers.

Another benefit is increased information security. Physical documents are easier to lose and more difficult to organize.

With online storage, there is no chance that an important contract will disappear. When HR needs the file, it will be there, ready to be accessed in a properly protected virtual environment.

Digital signatures

Cloud storage takes us to another important feature of the digital admission process: digital signatures style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

The modernization of admission involves the creation of natural digital files, documents that are originally conceived in a virtual environment, without having a physical version. The digital signature is the tool that guarantees the legal validity of these documents, allowing them to be used as evidence in eventual legal actions.

This technology uses encryption and links a digital certificate to the document being signed, which attests to its integrity and authenticity.

To be legally valid, the entire process must be carried out in accordance with the rules of the Instituto de Chaves Públicas (ICP), a body created to regulate the digital documentation of UK residents companies.

Digital admission software

Automation software is one of the most important tools in the digital admission process. THE HR Consultant UK platform, for example, has several useful features to streamline the HR routine and ensure that hiring is done in accordance with labor laws.

In the system, the employees themselves fill in their data and send their scanned documents to the admission register. It is advantageous for both HR, which reduces the department's operational work, and for the employee, who informs his data to the company in a much more dynamic way.

Right on the home page, the user can see the total number of employees on admission. By clicking, it is possible to check the progress of each admission and the details about each professional in that situation.

The platform also has the integration of data between HR and accounting. In this way, the exchange of information between departments becomes simpler, ensuring that the new employee is correctly included in the payroll and in the benefits plan.

Now that you know everything about the admission process typesl, it's time to put what you've learned into practice. Evaluate your company's HR routine and study implementing the tools mentioned throughout the article. Thus, you will surely be able to have a much more dynamic and strategic department for your business!

Did you like the post? Leave a comment telling us about the admission process at your company. We are available to answer all your questions on the subject!



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