Digital marketing for retail: 9 steps to build your strategy

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Digital marketing for retail: 9 steps to build your strategy

Table of Contents

The online market has grown substantially. It is estimated that by 2021 e-commerce sales are expected to exceed $ 85 billion, according to a Google survey. The retail trade is not lagging behind and has been betting on digital marketing strategies for retail to grow.

However, many companies do not know how to take advantage of their market potential to sell more. In Brazil, 80% of companies that admit to investing in digital marketing assume that they are in initial stages, according to the Digital Marketing Readiness study.

Only 5% consider their digital marketing strategies to be efficient, revealed another Maturity survey of Digital Marketing and Sales in Brazil. However, to improve these investments 73% of them direct investments to this area.

Digital marketing for retail has resources as good as any other industry. Tools such as email marketing, content production for social networks and influence marketing are among the most used.

But how to optimize these resources and use them correctly? In this article we will talk about the main digital marketing tips for retail:

  1. Use content marketing
  2. Use the email marketing feature
  3. Log in to social media
  4. Invest in ads
  5. Bet on influence marketing
  6. Rely on specialized professionals
  7. Improve the brand look
  8. Use automation tools
  9. Work with metrics

If you work in retail check out our tips and learn how to maximize the results of your company.

Digital marketing: why invest?

Digital marketing is a series of actions developed to promote a brand or product. Its main objective is to attract customers, build a good image of your company and boost sales.

In the midst of digital marketing, several strategies and tools are used to improve communication processes.

Key features of digital marketing in retail

We can highlight a multitude of means for the application of digital marketing for retail. Below we have made a list with some of the main features of the market:

  • Content marketing;
  • E-mail marketing;
  • Social networks;
  • Adverts;
  • Influence marketing.

Tips for building digital marketing for retail

In the midst of the great alternatives that we saw above in digital marketing for retail, now we will know how to take advantage of them in the midst of other tips that can help in this challenge.

1. Use content marketing

The Content Trends 2021 study indicated that companies that invest in content marketing boost consumer visits by up to 1.3 times and generate 1.4 times more leads. 67.3% of organizations in the country admit the use of this resource.

This is because content marketing or inbound marketing is able to create a closer bond with customers. Since relevant content on different topics about your market can attract potential consumers.

After all, if people like your content, whether on the blog or social networks, they will become more active to read and interact with what you post and even indicate to others, increasing the chances that someone will buy your product.

For example, if you sell clothes you can include content related to the combinations for each season of the year, what to use in meetings, what colors are in fashion, among other content for your digital marketing for retail.

2. Use the email marketing feature

92% of the adult audience uses e-mail as the main means of online communication. 61% say they use it every day, revealed a study by Pew Research. Therefore, email marketing is one of the great digital marketing tools for retail.

With it, it is possible to bring consumers closer to the company, strengthening communication ties. It is widely used to promote promotions, launches, newsletters and purchase confirmations.

In fact, 72% of consumers say that e-mail is the best channel for companies to send them some type of communication, said MarketingSherpa.

Just by these numbers you can already see how valuable the email marketing tool is and that if well planned it can be a sure shot in digital marketing for retail.

3. Get on social media

Data from Media Trends show that 96.2% of UK citizens have some social network. Given this number, we can easily highlight this medium as one of the most effective actions in digital marketing for retail.

Not only because of the number of people that such communication can reach, but because of the proximity with which the company can communicate with its followers and potential customers. Many retailers even use social networks as a space for SAC (Customer Service).

An important point in this case, before deciding to enter social networks, is that the company first analyze which network its customers are in and do not leave opening an account at all.

If your product is visual, bet on Facebook or Instagram. If the goal is to do other business, look at the possibilities of Linkedin.

But if you want to bet on SAC use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp itself, giving priority to quick service and creating a positive image for your brand in the market.

4. Invest in ads

A survey by Cenp (Executive Board of Standard Standards) compared investments in digital media ads between the years 2017 and 2018 and the increase was 20%, reaching R $ 2.92 billion in 2018.

This number shows that the ad is one of the main resources within digital retail marketing. Since the retailer has the opportunity to focus on his target audience. Investing in ads with keywords and terms that have to do with your product.

In addition, ads can be made not only on Google, but within websites, other search engines or even on social networks.

These ads are worthwhile, as 74% of UK citizens prefer online shopping over purchases in physical stores, as a survey by NZN Intelligence showed.

5. Bet on influence marketing

Certainly you have seen some influencer talking about the advantages of a certain product, as you know that most of the time there is a company that is investing in influence marketing for him to speak well of the product.

Influence marketing is a strategy where the company invests in digital influencers to publicize its brand. With the wide reach that these people have, they advertise the brand and products in an effort to engage the public with the company in question.

These celebrities have a great power of influence and that is why companies bet on this model of digital marketing. In digital marketing for retail, this can be a great alternative for brand and product exposure, in fact, many retailers use this strategy.

A survey of the Tomoson marketplace revealed that 51% of companies consider influence marketing to be extremely effective in attracting qualified customers.

6. Count on specialized professionals

Digital retail marketing does not just require a willingness on the part of the company to implement it. It is necessary to have specialized professionals.

In other words, it is necessary that your workforce has the necessary skills to assume this area and that you provide constant training so that these professionals are aligned with the company's objectives.

Some of the profiles that best fit the area are:

  • creative professionals who like to write,
  • those who know the retail sector,
  • those who are familiar with content marketing techniques such as SEO, blog content, choice of keywords, etc.

7. Improve the brand look

Have you ever heard that the first impression is what remains? Well, make sure that in digital marketing for retail it is essential to invest in the look of your brand.

This means that you need to convey a good image of your business in the market. After all, this can be decisive for the client to choose to close a deal with you.

The look can also be a competitive advantage so that you do not go unnoticed among countless companies that offer the same service. We can cite as an example companies like Nike and Apple, in which you catch your eye and know who they are right away.

In addition, the visual identity when well elaborated gives more credibility and professionalism.

8. Use automation tools

The TechTrends study points out that more than 80% of organizations that apply digital marketing strategies in their routine use at least one software or automation tool.

This type of tool is a hand in the wheel in digital retail marketing for companies that want to optimize team time and productivity.

These features eliminate bureaucratic steps and facilitate communication with the customer. We can highlight, among the main ones in the market, the following automation tools that can be adopted in a digital marketing scenario for retail:

  • Hubspot: ideal tool for those who want to increase website traffic, generate more leads and make a complete analysis of strategic campaigns;
  • MailChimp: reference in actions focused on email marketing. This tool allows a wide view of the campaigns and points out which ones resulted, showing who opened, read or deleted the email. In addition, it facilitates the construction of your mailing and contact network;
  • SharpSpring: present in 26 countries, this automation tool allows the creation of its own CRM, creation and definition of personas, construction of landing pages and also allows integration with Google Adwords;
  • RD Station: considered one of the most complete automation tools in the market, it allows the company not only to work with e-mail marketing, but also with scheduling of publication on social networks, creation of landing pages, contact management and analysis of leads.

9. Work with metrics

Metrics are essential for companies that want to succeed in the market. In digital marketing for retail, working with metrics is not an option, but an obligation on the part of the company.

Everything needs to be measured so that it is possible to assess which type of strategy or campaign has been effective and which need to be corrected or canceled.

It is essential to analyze the numbers and results periodically through KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as:

  • ROI (Return on Investment);
  • Conversion rate;
  • CAC (Customer acquisition cost).

We talked about the importance of metrics in the article: How to create productivity indicators: 7 examples of KPIs and their benefits for the company.

Digital marketing for retail requires planning

Starting a digital marketing plan for retail requires not only planning, but an intense dedication throughout the implementation and management process. Many companies believe that they can deliver this task to any area or to employees who already have another role.

However, this is a big mistake for this plan to fail. Because, it requires an exclusive dedication so that all the investment goes as expected.

It is necessary to define what resources you want to adopt: email marketing, social networks, influence marketing, etc., before investing in everything and not being able to dedicate yourself to anything.

Throughout this article we also gave some tips for you who want to start digital marketing for retail in a solid and grounded way.

Always betting on specialized professionals, on the visual identity of your company and on automation tools that will help you to facilitate management processes, optimizing time and increasing productivity.

Innovate not to lose talents!

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